David Henrie Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

David Henrie Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

David Henrie‘s new Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped, premieres next week and JJJ has the pleasure of interviewing the 19-year-old actor very very soon!

From Wizards of Waverly Place and his magical family to Dadnapped and teaming up with Moises Arias — JJJ needs your questions!

Dadnapped, which also stars Emily Osment, premieres THIS Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on DC. Be sure to tune in!

TELL JJJ: What would you ask David?

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  • listen To mayday parade

    Have you dated any celebrities?

    Ps. He is pretty cute

  • Casey

    Who is your celebrity crush?

  • E

    i justsaw dadnapped and it was cutee, i liked it!
    so you and lucy hale, is that the real deal!?

  • Leanna

    Do you like playing in Wizards or would you like to move on to more difficult roles?


    Whos your favorite band or singer?

  • http://www.justjared.com/ Just Jared

    E, how did you see it already?

  • jake777

    do you consider Selena your lil sister?

  • [other] sam

    Are you coming to the UK to promote anything, ever. Please. We beg you.

  • anonymous

    what are you planning to do this summer?

  • melanie

    If you could be in a remake of any movie, what movie would it be and what role?

  • Mels

    How close are you and selena?

  • Dee

    What is your favorite song of all time?
    and your favorite show?
    haha and maybe your favorite movie too?


  • Jessica

    What do you look for in a girl? (Personality traits, habits, looks etc.. things like that, and describe the look you like: long/short hair, tall/short, blonde/brunette/redhead etc)

  • michelle

    Whats your favorite TV show?

  • Jo

    hey jared are you associated with disney? how do you get interviews with celebs?

  • Laura

    How was working with the other disney channel stars?
    did it feel like a disney channel games reunion???

  • Monaliza

    How did you get the role of Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Terry

    Do you look at videos of yourself on youtube?

    For example, someone made a video of you to an “ipod” commercial. Have you seen it?


  • Monaliza

    What did you get Jennifer Stone for her 16th birthday?

  • Jessica

    What was a day like on set for you?

  • ashley

    who is your favorite rapper!

  • http://youtube.com/daniellesmusic Danielle (henrie!)

    are you a very religious person- being that you do come from an italian family?

  • Emily

    If you could be any kind of fruit, what fruit would you be and why?

  • marissa

    how often do you and selena hang out, off set?

  • elli

    What kind of roles would you like to play in the future?

  • Lucy

    I love David Henrie!!! ♥
    He’s an amazing actor!!! and he’s really handsome too ;)

    From where his passion for acting came?
    In how ways he can relate to Justin Russo?
    What is his dream role?
    What carreer would he like to emulate?
    Would he like playing a dramatic role?
    What does he like the most, drama or comedy?
    Any interesting story he can share to us on the set of WOWP?
    What’s he’s favorite episode of WOWP?

  • Taylor

    Where do you see yourself after Wizards of Waverly Place ends? Music? Still Acting?

  • Camille

    what’s your favorite episode of wizards?


    Were you and selena really playing those instruments on that episode where you were in a band together?

  • elizabeth marinas

    who’s your favoraite movie actor and actress and are you and lucy hale dating?

  • elli

    Which actor would you pick to play yourself?

  • Celine

    Who is your favorite costar that you ever worked with to this date?

  • Stefanie

    what was your favorite part about being on thats so raven? and do you liek wizards much more than thats so raven or are they just not even comparable?

  • ms

    will there be more promotions for wizards of waverly place?

    can you come to new york city ??!

    will you be taking on more serious roles in the future?

    what are some crazy fan encounters you have had?

    what are you doing for your 20th birthday?

    will there be a wizards of waverly place movie?

  • :]

    will you try to pursue a music career in the future?

  • Renita heng

    How does your character in Dadnapped differ from you cute and witty character in Wizards of Waverly place?

  • marissa

    who would your dream cast consist of?
    from marissa from maryland!

  • ashley

    who is the funniest Wizards of Waverly place cast member?

  • http://www.keeyahjanae.blogspot.com N’keeyah

    1) Did you and the cast of both Dadnapped and Wizards pull any pranks on each other? 2) Are you and Selena Gomez going to ever record a song like you did for the ep, Make It Happen?

  • http://myspace.com/elizabethwhitelaw Elizabeth Whitelaw

    Soo cute…

    Anyway, what are some things about being in your industry that most people don’t know or realize?


  • francesca

    my question would be..

    what has been the most rewarding thing that has happened to you since being on the disney channel?

    i love david henrie! he’s so hilarious!

  • shayyrian

    What stores in LA do you shop at?
    What car do you have?
    what kind of music do you listen to?
    Who is your celebrity crush?
    whats your favorite movie?
    what are your favorite songs?
    whos your role model?

  • Chlorissa

    what do you see yourself doing in the future??
    do you consider yourself as the 4th Jonas??
    what do you like to do in your sparetime??

  • kelly

    Are you really close the Jonas Brothers? How did you meet them in the first place?

    And will you marry me? :D

  • lymia

    what are youre guily pleasures?

    if you could switch places with another celebrity, who would it be?

    if you could be on(or guest start in) another tv show, what show would it be?

    what did you do for valentines day?

    and ask about his brother lorenzo!

  • Samantha

    What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Food?!
    && What Is Your Favorite Food?

  • piinkyprinxcess

    he´s cute ^^

  • lindsay

    if you could emulate anybodies carrier who would it be?
    i know your a musician, do you plan on pursuing a music carrier? and if you could put together a dream band that you would be in who would be in it with you?

  • Virginia

    if you weren’t an actor, what would you like to be?

    Is singing in your future?

    (since basically all the disney stars eventually have singing careers)

  • randa

    -what is your favorite wisards of waverly place episode?

    - If acting wasn’t your thing what would you be doing? ( I’m horrile at asking questions.. but I hope you know what I mean!)

  • The Fourth Russo Bro

    David ur the coolest dude on TV!! I’m a HUGE fan of Wizards and have a couple of questions about the show:

    1) What can you tell us about the upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and when will it be released?

    2) Since the movie is coming out, alot of fans are afraid that this means the show will end. Will there be a third season of Wizards?

    4) This ones from my niece: Will there Wizards merchandise coming soon? (She REALLY wants to decorate her room Wizards style lol)

    Hope you’ll answer these questions :). You and Selena RULE!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    1. Do you think that you would pursue a career in Music since you play the guitar very well and you do have a attractive voice? and if not you should at least play around with it because you seem very talented.

    2. You should have an autograph singing in Los Angeles because you haven’t done that.

>>>>>>> staging1