Emily Osment -- "Hero In Me" Music Video!

Emily Osment --

Emily Osment shows off her singing talents in her new music video for “The Hero in Me.”

The song is part of the soundtrack from the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped.

In the flick, Emily, 16, plays Melissa who is frustrated with her dad because he’s obsessed with the hero of his best-selling spy novels. While on vacation, her dad goes missing and now Melissa goes on a wild adventure to find him.

Dadnapped premieres on Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Emily Osment – “The Hero In Me” – Official Music Video
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  • 13girl


  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    Awesome she is dso pretty and has a good voice a like the song

  • Kristina

    she is awesome……… i loove herr

  • HSMFan

    The song is catchy!

  • Anika

    Like it :D

  • b chick

    eww. her voice sucks
    she is nasal and its an ugly song.

    all of u saying she is good: listen to some really good singers, like taylor swift, jordin sparks, hayley williams (paramore) and then youll see how a good singer sound like

  • Adrianne

    Love her outfit.

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    Its OK nothing too great though.

  • LILY

    awesome !
    she’s way better than miley !!


    I dunno if I like this song

    I mean, I love Emily, but…

    Meh, maybe it’ll grow on me

  • stephanie

    She looks absolutely pretty in this music video! And I love this song!

  • katie

    sorry she just cant sing…:/

  • Amy

  • Billythekid

    I guess she needs to be doing something besides Hannah because I just saw Mitchell Musso doing some interview with something called Bop something or other, basically saying they are wrapping up season 3 and that it may very well be the last one. I have never seen an organization more convoluted and vague about what the heck is going on than Disney. No consistency and no defined structure. I guess you can get away with that strange strategy on a paid cable station, that you could never get away with on a network station.

    Miley will probably have some sort of career outside Disney if she chooses to move elsewhere, or just stay within Disney for whatever movie roles they toss her way, plus her music. Emily is a natural for the made-for-disney movies and should be ok there for awhile. Dont about the rest of the cast (minus Billy Ray, who is always in demand on the country circuit). Well nothing lasts forever, except Disney is just incredibly cheap and shortsighted with their 3 seasons and done scenario. Spring is almost here, so to heck with TV anyway :)

  • heheh

    What singing talents??

    Agree with #12. I can’t believe the world can’t see that she stinks.

  • Ashlee

    she looks great
    but she cant sing

  • http://audiofe.pl magda

    “ll of u saying she is good: listen to some really good singers, like taylor swift, jordin sparks, hayley williams (paramore) and then youll see how a good singer sound like”

    haaha, thats are good singers? Good singers were in the past 80′ & 90′

    her voice is annoying

  • http://myspace.com/zip_zap_zop MileyRayLover

    wel,,i’m from indonesia. and that music is like a music in my country that called “dangdut”… yeah,, for me the verse of the music is really like a dangdut…

    but i love emily osment. she is an awesome girl.. actually,,she is really good at acting but in singing she is not that good…

  • me

    All those actress/singer disney girls are starting to be a little bit annoying.

  • Sabina


  • vanessa

    Disney need to stop pumping out actors that THINK they can sing. Honestly peopel call it the “Disney syndrone” when actors think they can also sing. A few have done it successfully and I’m not saying you can’t be multi talented….but I mean come on..Does she really think she can sing? Honestly you cant possibly listen to this and be like “OMG WHAT AN AMAZING VOICE!”.
    Idk I just don’t get it. Shes a good actress I dont think she should embarass herself by attempting a singing career, but what do I know? by all means she might become the next Miley Cyrus…but lets not get started with that one.

  • ladygaga

    some people are meant to sing, shes not one of them. who ever got her into singing should get fired asap, this is some sad sh*t.

  • gigigigig

    wtf…how can someone allow this girl to record!??

  • caw

    all u people sayin that she cant sing dont no what your talking
    bout so SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  • angela
  • h0nu 28

    wtf!!!!! all u peoples that say she sukz r rong!!!!! she has 1 of the best voices and this is a very isperatoinal song!!!!! i luv this song!!! so all that thinks differnt is rong!!! rong!!! rong!!! rong!!!! but… taylor swift does rock!!! anyways….. emily osmey is gr8!!! plus…. if u dont like her… y did u get on this site in da 1st place? so i agrre wit #23! EMILY U ROCK!!!! ^_^

  • emo lee ozzymaunt

    shes so hot.

>>>>>>> staging1