Miley Cyrus -- "The Climb" Music Video!

Miley Cyrus --

Miley Cyrus jams out on her guitar in the music video for her new song, “The Climb.”

The 16-year-old starlet performs the song in her new flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie, out in theaters April 10th.

The movie follows Miley as she travels to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tenn., and she makes the ultimate decision to choose between her popstar life as Hannah Montana and her country upbringing.

Check out the vid below!

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb” Official Music Video
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  • abc

    luv her

  • ammmmmze

    I love MILEY! She’s the BEST! And I just love that song. =]

    Keep up the good work Miley!

  • ammmmmze

    Love MILEY! And love this song so much.

    Good job Miley. Keep up the good work.

  • Jo

    usually her voice annoys me but the song and video are pretty decent.

  • devyn

    i HAAATTTTTEEEEEEEEE this girl buutt i gotta admit…..this song is awesome!

  • GIGI

    i douth shes playing the guitar

  • sam

    i love how she looks natural


    I don’t like Miley too much, but I really love this song.. it’s beautiful. ♥

  • sienna

    It’s different but it’s feel so sincere

  • marie

    great video music!
    miley is looking beautiful!

  • marie

    great video and music!
    miley is looking beautiful!

  • will

    She’s so hot

  • zanessa suporter

    amazing song
    and i love the video

    miley has an amazing voice and i have always been a fan of hers and always will be

  • ariana

    wow i kinda like this…kinda weird but i like it she looks pretty, not to done up

  • swe3t23

    the song is such an inspirational song….love it love it.

    nothing fancy…. raw and real………….fyi…she does play the guitar…

    that is her personal guitar same one she played on the Best of Both Worlds tour….and the guitar her Dad gave her…. you can tell cus the fret board is peal customized and her tuner is on her guitar.

  • N’keeyah

    Miley has an amazing voice. I love her and SHE IS playing the guitar here. Talented girl and the haters need to stop. Jared you have to get an interview with her. <3

  • Rochel


  • neelmani

    i love this song, miley was great, she looked really pretty especially in the clips with her hair up. I swear her vocals are totally different from the songs on Breakout, its not raspy or edgy ( not that the song is edgy) but its just different and i like it. you can tell that her voice is growing and getting better and better. THIS JUST PROVES THE GIRL HAS TALENT (like crazy), no what what haters says, which this soon will be flooding this comment section. proud of you miley, just keep GROWING!!!

  • carlos

    miley i love her voice and this video is fantastic is kind of reflects the tought skin she has had to deal with on her own without anyone defending her this girl is raw power! she had been thru so much and is still standing tall with a smiley! i admired that she keeps moving forward and she is just admirably, fantastic and so young and so positive and energetic and talented! she wants fans to go after their dream even if they are a few obstacle on the way if you face them head on and deal with them and stay honest and fight for what you want and were you want to be you can accomplished. what better role model than her the best thing disney ever did was hired miley she strong and she is fierce i havent seen that in a long time on a disney girl not like her the girl is special! she is just admirable wow! this is great!

  • Jacks_Mannequin

    I don’t know why people feel the need to put this girl down. She is simply makes the world shimmer and is nothing more than herself. The most benevolent qualities anyone could ask for.

  • jessica

    so natural !!
    so many stars claim to be real but in their music videos and every where they go they have so much makeup on and all done up… i love how miley is SOOO comfortable with herself she can put on very little makeup and do a music video or go out ! i can definitely respect her for that! She has definitely went up 10 notches in my book just for that, not caring what people think and doing what feels right for herself! Go Girl!

  • crystal

    i luve dthis video her best by far and it didnt show on disney 2nite it got leaked disney doesnt show it til monday! i luved her playin the guitar and its just an amazing song! my favorite

  • MileyRayLover

    omg!!!! speechless….

    that girl really knows how to sing!!!!!! she is amazing!!!! miley is so waow!!!! I LUV HER…. AND SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY AND CUTE….

  • MileyRayLover

    ou,,and the music video is so cool!!!!! the pictures in the music video were like a video game….. love it…


    ohhhhhhhh myyy goood she’s gorgeous on this music videooooooo

    the concept is cool too, (i mean the dream) –> it’s softer “start all over” (in the music vid’ she was dreaming too !)

    Mileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks


  • Bee

    i honestly really love that song lol
    surprised it was a HM song && not one of Miley’s own personal songs

    i’ve liked it since she performed it at the Kids Inagural <33

  • 251458

    love love


    but this song is making me feel better about her!
    it shows the less GLAMOROUS-her.
    peace out xD

  • Seaturtlesrock

    I’m addicted to this song, and I looove the video.
    Go Miley!

  • http://. Vic2763

    I agree that this song is more a Miley song than a Hannah song. Maybe it hints at what Miley’s choice will be in the movie. Does she hang up the wig? This song is very inspiring. A song of hope. Just like Miley’s life. I luv it.

    Miley<3 xoxo

  • ginx

    Nice video, Miley is amazing!

    … and yeaa no negative comments yet..

  • Anne

    I LOVE IT!!!! the song, the video and her! just gorgeous!!!

  • serena

    this song is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Miley really did an amazing job with this one!!!!

    I love love love love it!

  • Anna

    Very original video clip, this song is perfect!

  • joecool

    Love the song,love the video,love Miley!!!!

    #6 She plays guitar,also the piano where have you been in a cave!!

  • joss

    i don’t like her, she’s too immature for her age, but I do like the song, that’s probably cuz she didn’t write it..or any of her songs. Still in a video, horrible singing..she can’t sing, she’s better off as just being an actress. Even Taylor Swift can sing better than her, that just shows how bad she is

  • mari erthal

    perfect song .
    you is wonderful ♥

  • Billythekid

    Joss (#36),

    Stop contradicting yourself and looking like a complete idiot, ok? How can you like the song if you dont like her singing? No one else has sung this before, so all you have to reference this by is her singing, which you obviously liked if you liked the song. Now, if you said I hate her singing but loved the lyrics, then you would have made some sense, though I would still have STRONGLY disagreed with you. At any rate, she CAN sing and she DOES write many of her own music. This is a Hannah song so we don’t know who wrote this particular song. And at the end you take a swipe at Taylor Swift and her music, which had been on top of the charts for 9 weeks, so I can only say A LOT of people disagree with you there as well.

    Anyhow, be a real man and please do tell us all what you take for good music and good singing, ok? This way i can judge and see if you are truly a connoisseur of music, or just a jack*** making moronic comments.

  • joecool

    #36 Go back to your lip singing world and stay there, because there is
    no need for your kind here.The only talent you have is putting people
    with talent down, what a lonely world you must live in.

    Miley and Taylor are good singers thats why there at the top of their
    game, and you are looking up through an ocean of jealousy from the bottom!!

  • Karla ^^!

    This song makes me cry T_T
    I love it!
    and it has a beautiful meaning!
    and the video give more sense to the song!!!!
    I can’t believe I’m still crying!
    Miley sings it so good!
    I love this song <3!!!!!!!!

  • msfreek93

    i liked the song it’s amazing :]

  • sweetbella

    I heard that some lady in LA is filing her for $4 billion for that racism foto.

  • sweetbella

    If only we could help MILEY.
    I’m half chinees and i don’t live in America, i don’t hate her.
    We should be there for her. come on miley fans, we got to support her so she won’t feel so down.

  • Cozy

    Love that song and love her.

  • Billythekid

    Sweetbella (#42)

    Yes, some crazy person in the greater LA area is suing her on behalf of the entire greater LA asian community at large for approx. $4,000 per person, or around $4 billion total. An absurdity to the last degree. First of all let’s just ignore for a moment what the photo is about; racism or just kids with bad taste taking a photo. They have to prove some malice was intended toward a particular individual or EVERYONE at large, which would probably be impossible. The photo was never published by Miley, and assumedly was a private photo someone sold to someone else, who then published it.

    Now if she took the photo and then purposely published it to disparage Asians, then someone could possibly have a case. But its not that; its a private photo of questionable intent. Mel Gibson some time ago made a huge rant against Jews in general; Kramer (from Seinfeld) made rants against blacks. Neither was the subject of any lawsuit on behalf of the offended parties.

    I think this is just a case of certain Asian-Americans ( and the media soaking it up) trying to make bank or publicity off a situation that is really much ado about nothing.

  • neelmani

    total crap…she should not be punish because people are idiots and for having fun with her friends. She should find the person who sold that pic and sue them for defamation of character or something. this girl just get hate on for no reason. people should just stop making her life hell and worry about their own life. 4 million dollars, my god!!!

  • Custom T

    Good thing I couldn’t even watch the video. This is upsetting =(

  • piinkyprinxcess

    wOW!!! most of the times i don´t like miley but i have to recognize this is wonderful.
    such a powerful song and positive lyrics
    KUDOS 2 miley… her best video yet
    here she looks naturally pretty without the crazy make-up and the hyper dancing i like her this way quiet and peaceful :)

  • jimmy

    It’s hard been Miley Cyrus. This song tells it all.

  • me

    #45 i agree

    I love this song, but the video says it’s no longer available because of copyright claims from Hollywood records :(

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