Behind The Scenes of Spectacular!

Behind The Scenes of Spectacular!

Simon Curtis is ready to premiere his new movie-musical, Spectacular!, on Nickelodeon and he just put up some new behind-the-scenes vids on his YouTube!

The up and coming actor says on his MySpace, “I am in the process of sharing several of my exclusive, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks (i.e. during the shoot I just handed my camcorder to Victoria‘s [Justice] mom and had her tape whatever she was able to). I just posted the first two today, and there will definitely be more tomorrow.”

Spectacular! premieres THIS Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

“Lonely Love Song”

“Wings of a Dream”
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Photos: Michael Courtney/Nickelodeon
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  • go go go madi

    yeah, of course they just thought of this idea by themselves. Seriously though, this is a High School Musical rip off, big time. Nick needs there own original ideas, this is pathetic

  • ariana

    yeah i agree with number one its a hsm rip they think they are going to make it big like hsm i think not haha

  • Lindsey

    disney wannabe, they are so copying high school musical

  • christa

    Its good but it does seem like nickelodeon keeps copying Disney but hey it looks good

  • cc27

    I rather watch dadnapped :) with david henrie, emily osment, moises arias and phil lewis :) !

  • vanessa hudgens HUGE fan!!

    they are NEVER gonna be like HSM!! NEVER!!!!

  • me.

    hah, they’re sooo desperate to be as big as hsm.
    but the difference is, the stars of hsm didn’t even need to put 638752 yt vids of themselves, just for promoting their movie. sad, sad, sad.

  • Custom T

    This is a total flop waiting to happen.

  • erika

    Wow….. Nick is trying so hard to copy and beat HSM that it’s funny. This stars are like promoting themselves. Also HSM is always gonna be #1! I’m gonna watch Dadnapped instead of this crap.

  • Ashley

    Agree with #9. I’m going to watch the New Hannah and Wizards episodes plus the premiere of Dadnapped.

  • Emma

    The song reminds me of the song High School musical from HSM3 :)

  • Anne

    i think they’re better dancers!

  • Mosta

    i thought the same thing as anne.
    i thought the dance moves are really cool n smooth.
    mayb it’s better seeing as theatrical musical not a movie.

    still seems hsm though

  • mykamicks

    HSM Fanatics…. Let give them a chance to show their talents…

  • soulie

    waaiitt. So just because its a musical its automatically a HSM rip off? Get over it…..

  • josie

    Its stupid how you even guys judge how its like high school musical when you guys havent watched it even. & spectacular is totally differnt from hsm because in spectacular theres this guy named nikko who wants to be a rockstar so he has to join this group named spectacular. & theres soo much more.
    honestly you guys stop hating on the hard work people put in.Just think about it what if you put in something you did really hard and someone was like oh your totally coping me when your not.
    how do you think that makes you feel? come on you guys be mature
    life is not supposed to be full of hate.

  • Anna

    Um, don’t overreact people. It’s not like people want to kill the actors, they’re just saying that this was an idea sparked by HSM. I agree. As soon as HSM became a huge success, here Nick is with it’s musical. Jump In! on disney channel was another HSm rip off (only it was okay because they took the plot from their own channel).
    Personally, I’m gonna watch it. Maybe not the whole thing, but the cocky rockstar falling for the prep sounds cute. I like his voice too. I’m sure it won’t be as big as High School Musical, but that doesn’t mean it will suck and utterly fail. So, rip off? Sort of. Utter fail? Possibly, possibly not.

  • Spectacular

    i watched it like all 3 times its been on haha. it wasnt anything like hsm, it was BETTER. the only thing they have in common is that there’s music in it, but the music in the two movies are different, and i like the singing and dancing in spectacular a lot better. spectacular is also less cheezy than hsm and the storylines are also different. so yeah, in my opinion spectacular was a lot better, and could possibly have been SPARKED by hsm, but it’s not a rip off of hsm

    and for all of you who predicted it to be a “FLOP” or “FAIL”, you were wrong, there is so many people who loved it, and it got so many views, fans, and good reviews that they’re already planning to make a sequel.

  • Twilight43

    i agree, i dont think there copying disney channel, they just wanted to make another musical movie. and to be honest nick did alot better than disney. spectacular was sssooo much better than high school musical and camp rock.
    it has way better singers who can actually sing, good dancing, and the acting is acutally good, the guy who plays nikko is hot haha but overall it was rly good, good plot and the whole movie was cute
    so ya dont judge it if u havent seem it and its not compying disney

  • maxzone5

    I am a huge HSM fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy other movies. I have to say I really enjoyed Spectacular. It was a great movie. The acting, singing and dancing and the story were really good. Nikko and Courtney (Noland and Tammin) have great chemistry. I would really love to see a sequel. For those of you who didn’t watch spectacular because you felt like you were being disloyal to HSM then you really missed out on a good movie.

  • go go go madi

    Hey, what’d you know, the movie flopped. But think about it, if HSM hadn’t come out, do you think Nick would have this movie out?

  • go go go madi

    I watched it and felt like I wasted my time thank you very much!

  • laila

    wow!! nikko is so hot!! i love the soundtrack of this movie…nolan gerard funk rock on

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