JoBros: Big Apple Brothers

JoBros: Big Apple Brothers

The Jonas Brothers look a wee bit exhausted after a long day’s work as they return to their New York City hotel on Wednesday night (February 11).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — recorded their Moviefone Unscripted interviews to promote their upcoming flick, The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience. Be on the look out for those soon!

Did everyone see the sneak peek of the movie?

15+ pics inside of The Jonas Brothers returning to their hotel…

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Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • lauren

    ewww joe is such a creeper omfg. why do ppl think he is good looking?! ew ew ew ew he looks like a peodophile with that groose smile he always does. the only attractive one is nick. kevin is fug but atleast he seems like a sweet guy. joe is fug AND seems like a jerk. FAIIIILLLLLL

  • Kimberly

    gah! they are so adorable!

  • ella

    joes smile always gives me shivers. he really creeps me out. oh and btw these 3 are the most overrated brothers EVER. even hanson wernt this overexposed.

  • tia

    hahahaha kevin and joe are so creepy looking in pictures hahahahahahaha. nick is really the only normal one. the other two should quit the group and let nick and his model worthy features go solo. i mean, he is the only one with actual talent afterall, even though he doesnt even have much of it.

  • sammi

    is joe dying? he looks like hes starving to death

  • holly

    i agree joe is creepy when he does that no-teeth smile thingy. they are kinda annoying the crap out of me for some reason. maybe thats because i cant escape them.

  • Gabriella

    awww Joe looks so tired but still cute
    and im lovin’ Nicks jacket
    and well Kevins whole outfit :]

  • Kayleane

    nick looks like hes saying gimme that camera! haha. Theyre promoting the 3D movie too much just like camp rock and their last cd. I’m sure it would do really good anyways w/out all the overpromotion. I mean alotta people say theyre schedule is too demanding but i dont think alot of it’s necessary in the first place.

  • Just Jono

    WOOOO :)
    Go JoBros.

  • Ellie

    Joe and Camilla just had sex, unfortunately.

  • Lauren

    #8 they did not he wears a purity ring that promises that he won’t have sex till marrige ur stupid

  • http://none judy

    joe looks so hottttttttttttty
    fuck to all hater
    joe is naturalllllllllllly beauty

  • Seaturtlesrock

    Hopefully they’re not too tired….can’t wait for the 3D movie, I’m seeing it at midnight and it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!

  • Tiffany

    Awww! They don’t look creepy, they look EXHAUSTED! Give ‘em a break, guys.

    I <3 JB!!

  • Lauren JONAS

    Nick, you look amazing, the only way you can look better is I was next to you! haha lol! only in my dreams!

  • brooke

    they look so exhausted!

  • yoo

    does joe jonas eat anymore?

  • katiee. (:

    what hotel is this? lol (:

  • listen To mayday parade

    joe looks anorexic… eat boy eat

  • claire

    what? he does not look anorexic. they’re all just exhausted and joe’s still Hot.

  • cc27

    All you haters stop making fun of Joe’s weight or looks. Thats just him, He’s cute and awsome no matter what .

  • randa

    aww they look soo tired!
    and they have a long week ahead of them!

    poor boys!!

  • randa

    aww they look soo tired!
    and they have a long week ahead of them!

    poor boys!
    get some sleep!


    Ok, but joe’s really with some problem. maybe with his personal life, we dont know. but he do. :/

    nick, I LOOOOVE YOU!


    he does*

  • melissa. *

    come on you guys. they probably just came back from a long trip or something. i’m sure not all of you people look oh so pretty after a hard day. give them a break. there working their butts off.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Whoa they look rugged but still sexy. Nick is sooooooooo beautiful if you read this Nick 3 words I love YOU!

  • kate

    haha what’s with everyone talking about joe’s weight? really really weird. oh and i’m guessing lauren, ella, tia..maybe a couple others…same person right? yeahh

  • cc27

    Nicky Jonas is kinda annoying me :S ‘o’ lol

  • cc27

    Hmm lol Never Mind NIcky Jonas :) ur not i just figured that i also have an obssession with the Jonas brothers like u have with nick lol :)

  • Custom T

    They’re really weird.

  • Ella

    Aww they do look tired.. But Joe is still HOT! Haha! :D

  • amelia

    haha i saw the whole movie! i won the team jonas contest to go to the private san francisco screening!

    for those who haven’t seen it, get ready to fall in love with the best 3D movie in the whole flippin world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BRIanna

    Aww. They look exhausted! Poor guys!

    They looked wonderful at the Moviefone taping, though.

    Completely gorgeous & totally hilarious! We were laughing through the whole thing. :)

    & The movie…it’s incredible.
    If you thought the Hannah Montana 3D movie was awesome…you’re in for a HUGE shock with this one. This one is 10x as brilliant. The opening sequence, especially, is just AMAZING. It’s got everyone, too. From Big Rob to Frankie Jonas. :) & The new song is probably one of the best the Jonas Brothers have ever written.

    I honestly can’t wait til EVERYONE can see it…it’s just that amazing.

  • Katie=]

    @katiee. (::

    The Trump most likelyy<3

  • kassandra

    love u nick add me on myspace ok i added u plz apovve me my name is kassandra last quintana love sexy


    So if your a True JB fan you realize you should love all of them the same?
    That includes Joe And Kevin
    and you think Joe is a fail dude if i met you in real life you would friggin be on the ground!!
    Never say it again please

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