JoBros Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

JoBros Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Nick Jonas squeezed in just a little time to update his personal blog about the crazy promo tour he and his brothers are going through.

Check out what the 16-year-old musician wrote, “This month my brothers and I have a lot of ‘firsts’ planned. The Grammys were this month. We performed, but are even more thrilled that we were nominated! Both things are really a dream come true. Did you enjoy our performance with Stevie Wonder? It was truly an honor to grace the stage with such a living legend.

“On February 14th we will be performing on Saturday Night Live. Most of that week actually we will be in NYC doing press letting everyone know about our 3D movie which comes out February 27th. This month will round out with lots of promo for the premiere of our 3D Movie, continuing to record our TV series, JONAS, appearing in the ‘Barbara Walters Oscar Night Special’ and much more. Have you decided where you are going to see the 3D Movie? Remember it comes out the 27th! I hope that you enjoy it.

“My Simple Win this month? Being able to manage my diabetes well enough to be performing at the Grammys and premiering our 3D Movie! Happy Valentines Day. -Nick.” will be interviewing the Jonas Brothers very very very soon!!! If you have any questions for them, sound off in the comments!

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  • felicia

    My question is: How tall are you?

  • Emily

    If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

  • Nick jonas

    Hi I am Lindsey and I wanted to know from the Jonas Brothers did you ever experinced a worst teacher if so explain how she/he was bad

  • 13girl

    Kevin, when u went to Malaysia who came with you?

  • Holly

    1) What is your favorite country

    2) because you guys are really famous , sometimes do you ever wish you could be normal for at least 1 day?

    3) what is the most inspiring thing to write about

  • Lauren

    Hey guys! You guys are such an inspiration to me and a whole bunch of other people, I just want to know how does it feel to know that you guys are an inspiration to us?

    Love you guys!!!! Love Lauren!!!!

  • ArianaJonas

    i cant live with out

    sunglass or tie???

  • Francesca

    If you could trade your lives with any other celebrity, who would it be and why?

  • Emily

    What part of the world are you most excited about visiting on you upcoming world tour?!?!

  • Nicky Jonas

    My question for Nick is WILL YOU MARRY ME? haha :D .

    I’m not kidding will you?

  • ArianaJonas

    who is your new asisten

  • Erica

    1- How do you guys deal with haters?
    2- Can you give us any details about your next album?
    3- When (approx) will your world tour dates be released?
    4- Any funny experiences on the set of J.O.N.A.S?

  • rawya

    are u coming to the middle east on your tour and when is the movie available in theaters in Egypt???

  • breannA

    Will you ever go into country music after performing with some of the country music stars?

  • ArianaJonas

    who was the last person to email you?

  • breannA

    Where do you find inspiration for your music?

  • Jill

    whats your favorite childhood memory?

    what can a fan do to really catch your attention?

    have you even asked for a fans number?

  • ArianaJonas

    last time you went to a fair and piged out

  • listen To mayday parade

    JOE WHY ARE YOU GETTING SO SKINNY ARE YOU OK?? You were bulking up so well, you looked so fit and now I am worried..

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    1) why are you and your brother so annoying?
    2) why are you on the cover on every magazine and on every tv show?
    3) do you admit that yous have no talent?
    4) will you guys ever f*ck off?
    5) finally, when will your annoying chipmunk voice is ever break?

  • Nicky Jonas

    Question #2 for Nick you couldnt go a month without
    1.) Chocolate & soda?
    2.) Your ADORABLE puppy Elvis?
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    -Nicky J

  • victoria

    my question is what has been the funniest thing you’ve done since you’ve kicked off your music career

  • Patricia J

    Hi Boys,
    Your careers have skyrocketed so much in the past year or so, you’ve been able to experience so many events that artists strive to fulfill in their whole line of work. You have a massive fan-base and have been compared to many other bands. How does it feel to be compared to the legendary phenomenon of The Beatles?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my question,

  • tb

    You guys say that you would date a fan, but have you ever actually asked one out?

  • lisa:]

    that is so awesome that you are interviewing them! they are amazing performers.

    1) you guys always talked about you purity rings and said you were gonna stay sexually pure until marriage…there was a report on a website that apparently was in a magazine that you guys didn’t mean that but you meant it just had morals. are you guys going to stay sexually pure until marriage? PS. I don’t care either way, I’m still gonna be a fan, haha but I just thought it was really awesome that you guys were gonna stay pure.

    2) Do you guys read Jonas Secrets on Facebook? :]

    3) What’s your favorite type of food? — chinese, italian, mexican, thai, etc.

    4) in a crowd full of fans and during a meet and greet, what makes one girl stick out from the others? haha :]

    please ask them any one of those questions….or all four…that’d be awesome.

  • Jbloverforever

    When is your next tour, and can you please come to San Diego!!!!!

  • amanda

    When you come to Brazil?

  • Nicky Jonas

    Question #3 for Nick,Joe & Kevin
    Are you guys coming to Fresno CA on your world tour? Ya’ll
    where there 2 years ago on the Best of both worlds tour with Miley
    wich by the way ROCKED!. It was also Kevin’s 20th birthday :D . So yet again are you guys going to Fresno?

  • Netanyaxo

    Can you ask them how much
    say do they have in making JONAS ?

  • Holly

    ooh another one

    1) do you really mean your dream girl is from australia?

    (btw im australian , I need to know. ha ha )

  • Sally


    What is a favorite backstage moment from the burning up tour??
    Are you excited to film Camp Rock 2 with Demi and everybody???\


  • Beatriz

    Nick, i remeber interviews from 2006, and you ALWAYS said that your fave song was ”Superstition” by Stevie Wonder… How was it to actually perform with your idol?!

  • Beatriz

    would you ever do an episode of ”Cribs” if approched for it?

  • vanessajonas

    are you still dating SUPERANNOYING SELENA?

  • sarah

    What’s your favorite song at the moment?

    What’s your idea of a perfect day?

    What is one place you’ve never been able to visit that you would really like to?

    What are some funny moments on the set of J.O.N.A.S?

    Who is someone who’ve always wanted to meet but haven’t had the chance to yet?

  • Alex

    Why do you guys always have to hide the fact that you’re dating someone when it’s so obvious? Why not just admit and be proud?

    Oh and Do you have any personal myspace?

  • mollybee

    Have you ever been pranked by a fan? Like through your Myspace?? :)

  • lala :)

    do you guys like metal music? it’s a wierd question, but i’ve always be curious. ;P

  • Beatriz

    favorite accent? latin, british or french?

  • jobro lover

    what do you do with Elvis when your on the road?
    oh and you are super amazing HOT :D

  • Cynthia

    what has been ur craziest fan experience?

  • Rachel :)

    you boys are so amazing :)

    a question I’d like to ask you boys is:
    When are you coming back to Kansas City to perform?


  • Beatriz

    Nick, i remeber interviews from 2006, and you ALWAYS said that your fave song was ”Superstition” by Stevie Wonder… How was it to actually perform with your idol?!

  • Nicky Jonas

    And a question for the freak that just put jimmy choo in front of it why dont you go start over in school and get an EDUCATION! cause it seems like you didnt get enough of it. Also are you seriously that bored with your own life? I can not believe how pathetic and ignorant you are I cant believe you think that the Jonas Brothers are actually gonna answer those pathetic questions. You’re a JoKe GET A LIFE sweetie you could use one.
    And another question
    jealous much?

  • :)

    1. Which song is Nick’s favourite on A little bit longer.
    2. Who their song ” Can’t have you” is about.

  • Cals

    Nick, why are you so HOTT????

  • Edmarie

    Hey Jonas Brothers! =D♥

    Have you guys ever been to a concert? If so, for who and did you enjoy it?!

  • Nicky Jonas

    Question #4 for JB is do you guys wish you could ever work with Miley again. I wish that. So how ’bout you guys?

  • Bia-love-jonas

    From the countrys you’ve already visit ( on tour or not) which was your favourite??

  • nicole

    What advice can you give someone if they want to get in the music business?

    What advice can you give someone if they want to teach themselves guitar?

    What do you miss most about New Jersey?

    - Nicole, New Jersey

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