Kristen Stewart: I Salute You!

Kristen Stewart: I Salute You!

Kristen Stewart suits up as a 1950s retro girl in this shot from Vanity Fair.

The 18-year-old Twilight leading lady dishes to the fashion mag about her first project, swing music and college plans. Check it:

On her love for big bands: “I love big-band music, and I’m taking swing classes now. I can’t wait till I’m going to be able to be tossed up in the air.”

On her first project, Panic Room: “There was this one scene we must have done, like, 80 times. I didn’t know that it wasn’t the norm. Now I wouldn’t be as chill with it …”

On college plans: “I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do, but it’s not all I want to do—be a professional liar for the rest of my life.”

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Photos: James White
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  • L

    I love the way she phrased it – “be a professional liar for the rest of my life” (and that wasn’t like sarcastic or being mean or anything, I meant it genuinely).

  • Ashley

    kristen is amazing

  • kenzie

    She looks gorgeous! (:

  • lilaaa

    she’s gorgeous!!! i LOVE her!! she’s an amazing actress!! :D

  • ash rockz

    She is amazing <3
    I luv her (:
    Keep doing your thing Kirsten!

  • xara

    she’s pretty.. :)

  • Pop

    That one is old

  • listen To mayday parade

    shes gorgeous, but she is not an amazing actress… well she wasnt in twilight at least.. she was good in panic room, and i saw the land of women but at the time i didnt realize it was her.. and the movie sucked even though adam brody was in it…

    but yeah she hasnt even graduated high school yet.. she is 18, most actresses graduate by 16.. at home learning takes way less time and she needs to graduate in order to go to college! come on KStew complete high school, its boring but so worth it.

  • Coii

    i love that pic of her! she looks so pretty!! she’s an amazing actress!! i luv all her movies!

    team KStew forever!! :D


    Aiin quee lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)) rs

  • ali

    looove kristen!!! lve the pic also!

  • pATI

    I love this picture but it is so old, like, two years ago!

  • samantha

    she looks really pretty!

  • emilie

    she looks gorgeous!

  • Dany

    well, she is cute.

  • bellamor

    Love Kristen, but isn’t this picture old? I’ve seen it a thousand times before–she looks stunning as always.

  • emily

    she is really pretty. i love that pic, and she was AMAZING in Twilight. and just to let you know Listen To Mayday, She actually did graduate. she just graduated late.

  • jessica

    she sucks

  • Mariana

    shes amazing! =)

  • Cyn

    this is really old

  • Maria

    Both the interview AND the pic are old.

    # 8 – She has finished high school, I think she even mentions it in her David Letterman appearance…like I said…this is old.

    Kristen rocks. She’s one of the best young talents out there right now.

  • kris

    i don’t like her.

    she just comes off as thinking she’s above everything…
    if you’re so above this industry, why are you in it??

  • joss

    she is just simply gorgeous!

  • jaime

    #22, she doesn’t think she’s above. she doesn’t go around taking pictures and doing all that stuff. everything she does has its purpose.
    i think your statement applies more to someone like miley cyrus, who think she’s “in” in the industry..she’ll be done before she knows it…just like hannah montana

  • Nancy

    KStew rox!!
    Her movies are all amazing and she’s just so talented!
    Is this in the new edition of Vanity Fair? :)

    JJ Hope u post more on KStew!

  • kate

    Jared, you’re gonna kill this girl. please stop posting her on “justjaredjr,” she deserves to be on a more mature website. she’s not a disney kid.

  • edith

    wow this pic and quote is like 2 years old…

  • Amanda

    She’s an idiot. Seriously – you have the best role ever written and you complain about everything!! She can’t even put together a complete thought when it’s not scripted! She should start writing – and STOP acting!

  • Danielle

    #26 Kate, duh! She’s on JJJ not because she’s a Disney kid. Remember she was made even more famous by teens because of Twilight? And that’s what JJJ is all about — teens. And I agree with ” #8 listen to mayday parade,” she’s not a good actress.

  • Danielle

    Oh Amanda, you are so right!

  • ATwilightKiss

    This is a great Vanity Fair interview when she was 17 years old. And, her college plans have been shelved for the moment.

  • lily

    K I think she is an amazing actress and she is gorgeous! She is nothing lk a disney kid and I really don’t think she acts lk she is above everything I just think she is mature and not lk all of those other celebrity bimbos who only care about money and clothes! I really lk that about her that she is just a simple down-to-earth girl! :D

  • Custom T

    I so love Vanity Fair! They always have the best photo shoots with the hottest people.

  • Capri


  • arantxa

    she can do whatever she wants
    i hate peolpe that dont even know people
    and start saying things about them
    i bet she is better than all of you !
    i love her .

  • Cody

    Hot and smart, what a combination.

  • Brianna

    this is really old, from April of 2006. don’t post old news! it is not new!

  • Ella

    Haha wow this girl has some ‘haters’

  • ana

    she is gorgeous and i think she is really cute! i don’t care if she is “here”(justjaredjr) or on “justared” but i really wanna know new things about her!

  • Nannin

    I love her soooo muchhhhh! specially when she’s with Rob

    For me she’s an amazing actress… She really rocks and I like her being truthful….

    Wish her more movies and blessings!

  • chris

    Kristen should wear skirts that short all day, every day.

  • http://justjaredjr dee

    i LOVE kristen!!!! she is sooooooo talented and she is such an amazing actress and is really pretty!!! i love her personality!! she’s perfect for the role of Bella and she is perfect for TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

  • catzzz

    BTW, the retro look she is portraying would be from the 1940′s, you know, WWII? NOT the 1950′s!

  • tania

    Wow she looks So gorgeous in this outfit n makeup! She MUST be cast in a role of this sort!!!

  • Amanda

    She made it well known that she hadn’t even read New Moon – as of November! Wouldn’t you take the time to read the book? You’re Bella!!! Wouldn’t you want to know what she’s like in the second book? I just don’t get her at all. It’s like she doesn’t even care or want to be a part of all this. I hate her attitude and the whole “I’m smarter than everyone” act.

  • Camila

    Ela está ótima, como sempre!!!!

    Ele Ă© muito talentosa!!!!!

  • anaaaa

    i think that kristen stewart is wonderful!

  • Riley

    Love that pic of her! She looks awesome.
    Kristen’s amazing,and real.Which is kinda rare in ‘Hollywood’ these days.
    She’s witty and intelligent and amazingly talented,can’t wait to see more projects from her.

  • Violette

    She looks awesome.

  • celia

    I think she’s a great actress…it’s too bad she got sucked into doing something ridiculous like Twilight. But I still like her.

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