Miley Cyrus is Purple Pants Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Purple Pants Pretty

Miley Cyrus scrunches up her nose at the paparazzi as she leaves pilates class on Wednesday afternoon (February 11).

The 16-year-old starlet and big sis Brandi stopped off at Starbucks coffee after class.

Miley just premiered her new music video for “The Climb,” tonight on Disney Channel. The track will be featured in her new flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus leaving pilates class…

Miley Cyrus leaving Starbucks, 02/11

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • http://- sarah

    she’s so cool 1st

  • devyn

    ew. thats all.

  • ammmmmze

    MILEY… I love her!

  • b

    first??? :-)

  • queen b


  • natasha

    eww she looks gross 2day for sum reason

  • elizabeth marinas

    i love miley’s pilates outfit she so beautiful and veryn lovely

  • swe3t23

    all these allegations towards miley is stupid. People need to worry about the economy instead of a freaking picture..

    asias=ass…. i said it so sue punks.

    Asians should go and pick some rice in the field, once down do on a boat and get the hell out of here

  • lauren

    OMFG jared u need to delete the number 8 comment how racist!!! seriously jared, please delete that.

  • andrea

    why does she always make faces like that she is really pretty but she always makes stupid faces
    and i get why people r taking offense to the asian photo thing come on you guys can’t just say its not bad meanwhile asians are hurt i think they should decide if it is bad but the asian lady sueing miley for 4 billion is crazy she doesn’t even have that much shes not a billionaire

  • Tayla ward

    omg amazing!! love her hair!!

  • b

    how does she get her hair to be like that? does anyone know? it’s so pretty.

  • holly

    she looks like a demon

  • Vote For Miley

    Miley’s hair is so pretty. She looks cute. I wish the paps would leave her alone.


  • bernz

    her hair is so pretty. does anyone know how to do it?!

  • :)

    #10, You’re so freaking stupid. Maybe the paps asked her osmething weird. And she looks beautiful with out no makeup. I bet you haters are the ugliest girls in town and trying to take it out on Miley

  • Kelly

    I’m Asian and that photo didnt offend me..
    #8 -
    Geez calm down O_O”

  • b chick

    purple pants PRETTY? really JJ is this pretty…??

  • Sarah

    Everyone who is upset with the pictures needs to get over it. People do it all the time and it’s not being racist. Other people were in the picture too, so if she needs to be sued so do they. And what is suing someone going to do anyway?? Nothing. It’s completely pointless. Get over it!

  • 251458

    i love miley

  • Seaturtlesrock

    Love her.

  • ashnessafan

    swe3t23 #8

    how dare you call Asians an ass!!!

    well as far as you don’t know bitch, Asians are great people, and hard-working!
    at least Asians are working very hard for them to earn a living and you maybe just sitting on your living and act as a princess or stupid person

    what the hell is wrong with you! i doubt you cant even plant your very own rice!

    why dont you try it and see how hard for it to plant, we asain people are proud for who we are, and even if were not rich as yours there in US we still have hope for us to survive, we dont need your pretty damn green dollars!

    why dont you try come here, and live here for like a year, let’s see if you dont get on the boat to sail back to your country!!!

    remember kiddo, asians are very nice people okay, and if asians do the same thing as miley do, what would you react?

    maybe asians will laugh on you!!!!!

    i know that this is a free country but try also not to cross the line and hurt asian people!!!!

    dont you ever say something like that to asians again you racist!!!!!!!

  • mileyfan

    Miley, we love you….but you can’t sing!

  • estefi

    is the best

  • 13girl

    haha. :)) that girl is so care-free.

  • ginx

    Miley is cute, as always. Check the video Alison take on her.

    And I’m really against the lady who suing Miley for 4 billion.
    The person she should sue is the #8 (swe3t23) up there!

  • joanne

    miley looks nice in anything bec she Knows style and music peace miley love her wooow

  • 13girl

    8# ur way offencing to me rather than miley pics. it’s a shame ur not popular. or u would be like miley.
    though, i dont really care bout the pics. it’s just a 16 year old kidding. but YOU, you’re really an insulter.

  • Billythekid

    Someone is actually sueing Miley over that photo? I hope they have a lot of money to burn because while the photo may be in poor taste, whatever context it was made for to begin with, they don’t have a chance in hell of winning anything. What could they possibly prove? That the photo did some personal harm to some individual? They have to prove that and I be shocked that someone could. That the photo did some collective harm, and that they want reparations to the Asians as a whole? Thats a joke considering it took over 50 years for Japanese-Americans to receive compensation for forced internment during WW2.

    Oh, and by the way, the snicker face you see Miley with here? Its a reaction to Alyison (Hollywood TV) telling Miley that this is his girlfriend (never shown), and her “really?” reaction. Oh well, I am sure every person on the planet has silly face to capture every day of their life.

  • lilix


  • joecool

    #30 Quit looking in the mirror,because it sure isn’t Miley thats ugly!!

    Miley doesn’t have to look like a star all the time, and she still looks good being normal.


  • 251458

    selena is ugly

  • teteu

    i don’t think she really beauty..

    but she steal cool ^^

  • lilix

    selena is beautiful that’s why she’s dating Nick Jonas! Ya she’s not a star that’s why she doen’t have to look like a star! she’s a little sl*t who takes tons of nasty pictures n put them on the net, she makes fun of her disney pals, she sleeps with a 20 yr old guy and she’s racist!!!

  • sweetbella

    not that i don’t love miley but i do, it’s just that there is a diffrence normal people like us is that we can do these thing everyday but Miley is a celebrity so news travel faster. I guess that’s how it is.
    Plus i was not even offended by that picture. Heck MY math teacher use to do that to me once in front of the class. I was like pffft stupid teacher. My math teacher is funny and goofy all the time so yeah, i’m don’t even care about it.

  • Mandy

    lol ya im asian and whoop de doo.
    and friggen margret cho has to calm down
    im pretty sure she does/says more racist thigns about our own race.
    but yah i like how she looks
    cute and pretty
    andi have that sweater:)
    lol and i dig her hair

  • Mandy

    oh and shes so funny and corky in the vid.

  • queen b


    I can’t say that I hate miley, because I don’t, and actually I like some of her songs. But she’s not THAT pretty. She is pretty, but let’s face it girls, those theeth are awful! And when she pouts I want to cut her lips with a scissor ¬_¬
    She’s pretty, but she always act like she’s Angelina Jolie’s resurrection. Face it Miley, YOU’RE NOT!

    She’s the new Lohan girl in Disney.

  • basketca

    Purple Pants “Pretty” ?? Are you serious ?? She looks like she just woke up and went to pilates with the pijama. And that hair is horrible. Make-up makes mirackes …..

  • vanessajonas

    ew miley… hope she goes to a hole

  • michy

    i love miley and all, but why do the paparrazii take a picture of her when shes making a bad face?

  • Lizzy

    she always has the cutest outfits

  • Custom T

    Velour is soo not cute anymore. It just looks too cheap.

  • Victoria

    loveeeeeeeeeeee her!

  • Jen

    hideous & disgusting = Miley Cyrus

  • a fan

    # 30 if you think Miley is fat you have a problem. This whole fat thing that people try to put on people like Miley & Jessica Simpson – that’s is just crazy. These girls have beautiful figures & are both beautiful girls. It is so sick to try to make young girls thing that size 0 and thinner is normal. Those terrible comments are what caused another great singer, Karen Carpenter to take it to heart & crash diet & get so thin that she threw off her whole system & even though she was on the mend it killed her (she had some sort of heart attack and died at the age of 32) – that was such a loss. I would encourage all young people to eat healty & stay fit – don’t listen to these crazies who think everyone should be skin & bone.

  • me

    She seems so happy lol :)
    I done pilates today! I think that’s what it was :S haha.

  • me

    She seems so happy lol :)
    I done pilates today! I think that’s what it was :S haha

  • Ashlee

    what a mess she a become…..

  • amanda

    hey, #8
    what the f*ck do you think you are saying?
    you’re amazing, yes you are. You have directed all my hate to you. All those who were offenced by Miley’s picture, LOOK AT NUMBER 8. How rascist are you? What the hell do you think you are saying?

    about Miley, that picture WAS about asians… yeaaah. the guy at the back doing the peace sign and covering his mouth, yep, that’s a really asian pose. whatever, i’m used to being picked on because I’m asian.. but i’m not used to the rudeness directed to asians by number 8. jared, please delete that comment… or better yet, leave it up so other people can hate on him/her.. because that was offending