Mitchel Musso: Emily & Miley Are My Valentines

Mitchel Musso: Emily & Miley Are My Valentines

Mitchel Musso recently lounged around with Seventeen mag and gave a special shout-out to his two fave girls.

Check out what the 17-year-old actor had to say: “Hey guys, I’m in New York and I’m recording my album. I wanna give a shout-out to Miley [Cyrus] and Emily [Osment], those two are my homegirls. I’m not doing this whole Valentine shout-out thing because I don’t really have a Valentine. So I’m going to say that Miley and Emily are my two best Valentines.”

Mitchel Musso on Valentine’s Day
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  • NIca

    He is sweet :)
    I love Him ;D

  • J oE u u

    that’s pretty awesome !!! <3 <3

  • Veselka

    Cool I love Miley,Mitchel and Emily.They are best friends.I still think that Emily and Mitchel are dating.And I elieve Niley still Love each other

  • :)

    Aaaw, I love Miley, Emily & Mitchel.

  • Margaret

    Ohh, how sweet (=
    I love Niley too, and sometimes it seems like they still in love but “othertimes”, Miley seems so in love with Justin ! Well, I just want to see her happy with she wants too (=


  • Nicky Jonas

    Awwwwwwwwww hes soooooooo sweet thats cool.

  • Custom T

    Aww what a sweetheart! He’s a cutie.

  • hannah

    mitchel and emily could never date because it is way obvious that he doesn’t like her that way and vice versa. The only reason people think they should be/are together is because of their characters on their tv show and even that pairing is unbelievably stupid. Besides from what I’ve seen he’s got it bad for miley. He’s always raving about what a wonderful person she is and defending her, even when she doesn’t deserve it.

  • Lovelie

    Aw his two homegirls! Two best girls! I love it!!!

  • Darlene (:

    i just noticed that if you move the letters around in emily’s name it spells out miley (x
    buahaha .

  • denise gaskins

    I just wanted to know what you thought of Britney Spears.

  • Mitchleyfan


    Well you’re 100 % right and it looks that Mitchel has a crush on Miley.
    Even though he’s one year older than her so? It doesn’t mean they can’t be in love! Besides, they look cute together.


  • marissa

    I don’t know where you guys are getting that he likes Miley he doesn’t even like when people bring up hannah montna and he has said good things about Emily too not just Miley.

  • marissa

    I meant Montana.

  • Denise

    I do hope that Emily dates Jason Dolley, Cody Linley, or David Henrie she would be cute with those guys!!!

  • Denise

    Emily is soooo pretty and underrated!!!

  • Tutie

    When did he have a crush on Miley I heard he had crush on Jessica Alba and what’s wrong with him liking Emily?

  • denisa

    they really great friends. miley and emily is his ‘homegirls and two bestgirls’ wow… that word show us that they really have great relationship for each other. love them all especially miley

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