AnnaLynne McCord: Rosalie Runner-Up

AnnaLynne McCord: Rosalie Runner-Up

AnnaLynne Mccord recently dished to MTV about the rumors circulating around her and New Moon.

The 21-year-old 90210 actress shared her hopes for the role of Heidi and how she was almost Rosalie Cullen (now immortalized by Nikki Reed). Check it:

On the role of Heidi: “There’s some scheduling conflicts, and we’re trying to work that out now. We’ll see what happens with it, but hopefully ” fingers crossed ” it’ll smooth over and we’ll be able to work it out. I love Heidi. She’s obviously very sexy. She’s the fisherman; she’s the bait. It’s a fun character to play. But she’s also a thousand-year-old vampire, so that’s kind of badass.

On almost nabbing the role of Rosalie, the most beautiful vampiress in the world: “They wanted me to play Rosalie. I met with the producers when Twilight was casting, the original. I was on Nip/Tuck at the time. And they were like, ‘We’d love to have you in this little film we’re doing called Twilight, but the family only has small roles.’ They were like, ‘It shoots in Oregon, so you probably couldn’t do it anyway.’ And I was like, ‘If it shot [in L.A.] that would be cool.”

On friends and fellow Twilight-ers, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz: “I love Ashley, I’ve known her for awhile. It’s really cool that we all know each other. We’re all friends, and we all spent New Year’s together ” and it would be really cool to be in Vancouver together shooting. I hope it all works out, and [Kellan] definitely, definitely hopes it works out as well.”

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  • riana

    ew- she just wants the fame

  • Listen to mayday parade

    So glad she wasnt in it

    I hope they dont fix the scheduling conflict so she stays OUT of new moon as well!

  • Vanessa

    She would have been PERFECT for Rosalie.
    She’s tall, “naturally blonde, and gorgeous… I like Nikki Reed as Roasalie, but let’s be honest, casting a 5’3″, brunette, with olive skin who had to go to extensive measures to portray the character was, let’s face it, nepotism all the way.

    Sorry, don’t mean to rehash what already been cast:)

  • sin

    is she as vapid as she sounds? ugh

  • camz

    i love love love nikki as rosalie, but i did kinda picture rosalie more like annalynne when i read the books.

  • Mandy

    I don’t think she would be a good Heidi. Or Rosalie for that matter. Sure, with a little bit of money she can look the parts but it doesn’t necessarily mean she can act it.

    Just because she acts well in 90210 doesn’t mean she will succeed to every Twilight fan, including the author herself’s standards.

    The Twilight saga is about the tragedies and adventures of myths and legends actually becoming reality.

    AnnaLynne McCord plays a part in a popular everyday drama and ‘reality show’. Other cast members like Robert and Kristen just popped out of nowhere and dazzled us all.

    They made their fame from this movie. She’s already got hers so why should she join them?.

  • New Moon fan

    I think she would have been better than Nikki Reed as Rosalie, seriously her blonde wig and pale skin in twilight looked SO FAKE!

  • chrissy

    ugh… go away AnnaLynne McCord…

    she’s talking like she’d be in so much of the movie “shooting together in vancouver”?? she has like a 5 second walk on role in the movie and then she’s gone forever… get over it!

    and leave twilight to the people who are actually fit to play the roles… she’s way too famous anyways…. itd look like too big of a cameo… PLEASE DON”T CAST HER!! :( :(

    and I’m so glad she didnt get cast as Rosalie.. Nikki was much better!

  • Maria

    Though I’m not a complete fan of Nikki Reed as Rosalie…I’ve kind of grown into her. Can’t really think of anyone playing that character now other than her.

    The only thing I really don’t understand is why everyone (including herself) is making such a big deal of this part, and her playing it. If they stay true to the book she should be onscreen a total of 5 seconds. I mean…she has like 2 lines…LITERALLY. I wish she’d stop talking about it as if she was being cast as a main character.

  • Lynn

    I a not a fan of neither of them. But i think Nikki makes a better Rosalie.

  • Erin

    Dear. God. NO!

  • chelsey

    og course Kellan hopes it will work out!!! shes dating him!! hahaha this is great! haha but she can play heidi i don’t really care!

  • chelsey

    of course Kellan is wants her to be heidi! their dating! hahahahaha but idc if she is heidi!

  • gwen

    ohhhhhhhh she so would have been BETTER as rosalie then damn reed!

  • Russian girl

    Oohhh Please Noooo! AnnaLynne Mccord is BAD actress….And how she will be play “Beautiful” vampire if she is really ugly. Sorry but it’s true. She looks like monkey. And I’m not fan of Nikki Reed…But now I’m glad that she is Rosalie Cullen. Reed better than Mccord. And I agree with #8. We want UNKNOWN cast in film. Without Tv-Show actors!!!

  • laylay

    ugh, i’m so over her. the role is super-small, so she should just get over trying to attract so much attention to herself and the part. seriously, GET OVER YOURSELF. just b/c you’re on the new 90210 doesn’t make you a super amazing actress. ugh. go away.

  • laylay

    oh my GOD! i didn’t watch the video before, and now i think she’s so much worse! how annoying was that!?! good lord. she sounded so…fake.

  • krista

    ok, I’m glad someone else had the same thought as me…if it’s just a “cameo” role, why is she talking about going up to Vancouver to shoot…cept to spend time with her bf/bff Kellan (whichever it is). And what’s even the point saying they wanted her to be Rosalie. I used to like her but she just seems more and more like an attention seeker.

  • jaime

    she just wants to be a big movie and get all the fame…it’s not like she’s really good at acting…i hope she’s not in new moon…

  • Shannon

    I wouldn’t have minded her as Rosalie but the Heidi caracter would fit her very well IMO she plays Naomi very well in 90210 and before ppl start saying ish about her it’s some of the same ppl who were badmouthing the origianl cast before the movie came out, so I aint gonna judge until I see New Moon becasue right now im replying to a topic in a trend and she is said to be up for the role the hating on her is pointless IMO

  • jilli

    she should totally NOT be Heidi and I’m glad she’s not Rose!



  • Camille

    “She’s also a thousand-year-old vampire, so that’s kind of badass.”

    Just to clarify, the character Heidi is not a vampire. She is a human who is a so-called secretary for the Volturi. Heidi wants to become a vampire. I don’t understand what the hype is about this role seeing as it isn’t significant in New Moon. AnnaLynne McCord needs to get her facts straight.

  • queen b

    And maybe yes, she’s too famous, like Dakota, but her role it’s not so big, so it’s ok.
    I’d love to see her playing Heidi, even if it’s just for two seconds.
    I love love loved Nikki Reed as Rosalie, she was really great, but I’d loved a Rose played by Annalynne too, she absolutely has the bitchy thing, and she’s more look like the Rosalie I pictured.
    She’s gorgeous, and she’s a pretty good actress, so yeah, GO ANNALYNNE!
    You girls are SO jealous just because she’s dating Kellan, ugh!

    But… but, I have to say that #23 you’re right, she really needs to get more into the Twilight saga, and not just act, even if her role it’s little.

  • baybee.

    Ugh. Are you serious?


    Hilary Duff wants to get into New Moon too.

    Seriously, both duff and this chick would fail at being in New Moon.

    I agree with #1 SHE JUST WANTS FAME.

    Stick with unknown actors, or not that well known.

    We don’t want Big stars in it.




  • Sara

    Um, no Heidi IS a vampire. She’s the one that lures all of the people into the tower. The secretary is an entire different character named Gianna.
    Heidi is an even smaller role though.

    I think it was quite cocky of her to say she could have been Rosalie. Like she threw Nikki Reed a bone by allowing her to play it. Whatever. She is pretty, but not nearly as pretty as she thinks she is. Who knows what they’ll do though.

  • Maria

    # 24, Whether some people think she’s attractive or not has nothing to do with if she’s dating Kellan Lutz. I personally don’t care who he or she are dating, and I still find her to be a bit vulgar on the looks department.

    And please, one thing is to say that you find her beautiful (which is a personal observation and opinion. The book of tastes is always blank.)and another completely different thing is to say she is a good actress whick is a universal opinion…you either are or you aren’t…and Annelynne isn’t.

    Also to number #23, Heidi is a vampire. There’s a full description of her in the second book (THE ONLY PLACE SHE APPEARS).

  • Violette

    Kinda agree with sara – she comes off as a little cocky, not sure why but really wouldnt like her to be in new moon, sort of feels like she’s intruding, or she only wants to be in it cos Kellan is.

  • Danielle

    #23 please please please read the book and get your facts straight before criticizing anyone. Heidi is a vampire, she even has the violet eyes to prove it. Gianna is the human receptionist =\ Just to clarify . . .

    I personally could not care less is she plays Heidi, she seriously gets 2 minutes of fame. I think looks wise she would be good for the role, I don’t know about her acting as I’m not really tuned into the American tv.

    Nikki Reed was a very good Rosalie, exactly how I pictured her.

    I wish all these Hollywood “stars” would stop trying to jump on the twi-wagon. It seems like everyone wants to get in on it after seeing the success. And they haven’t even bothered to read the books, I understood that the Twilight cast didn’t read the book,s cause not many people knew of it, but there is no excuse for New Moon.

    I have a terrible feeling that Summit are going to ruin this film. I think they will try get all these big names in, and go totally over the top, they don’t realise that we don’t care for the big names, we just want to see an amazing book made into an amazing film.

    Well that’s my rant over for now :)

  • giselle pattinson

    I think nikki is a goo rosalie, just how I pictured her;
    beatiful, though in the book they say she is tall I coulnd imagine her tall, beatiful face and beatiful everything

  • Ted

    I hate her

  • Cut!3B@b3h

    To Meh I dont think she would be a gudd as Rosalie
    Heidi maybe she not gonna get that much lines anyway