Miley, Selena, Demi: Koi Cuties

Miley, Selena, Demi: Koi Cuties

Miley Cyrus and special friend Justin Gaston have a relaxing evening off, sharing a romantic dinner together at West Hollywood’s Koi eatery on Thursday (February 12).

The pair was joined by two of Disney’s starlets, Wizards of Waverly Place actress Selena Gomez and Camp Rock cutie Demi Lovato. Both carried around their trusty Blackberries!

FYI: Justin‘s shirt reads “Please direct all comments to my representative.”

15+ pictures inside of Koi cuties Miley, Selena and Demi

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • bob

    Selena looks pretty grumpy compared to Demi and Miley heh.

  • Mary

    OMG !!!!!!! Comon is this rell I can not blive it LOL !!! Selena and miley together !!! What happen in this world ?????

  • nikki

    Its cool they go all together! Im so happy to see them that they are on PEACE not on WAR!

  • Major

    selena and nick have definitly broke up! YAAAY! :D
    Love you Nick!

  • sfs040

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessafen4e


  • sfs040

    w0w..first paparazzi pic of 3 of them !

  • marshmellowxx

    Wow all 3 of them together! That’s cool (:

  • daphne


  • Charlotte

    Selena and Justin don’t look very happy. Demi and Miley are the only ones in the pictures that truly smiled. But I’m happy that they’re all out together. I love Miley, Selena and Demi.

  • marg

    miley looks the most gorgeous haha but wow i cant believe they finnnally did this! selena kinda looks left out but oh well

  • jom

    OMG!!! d four of them… went out together uhmm… i mean 5 … wow so now at least there well be peace on [comment boxes]….

  • http://. Vic2763

    Well Miley and Selena look like the’re trying. The pic of those two looks a little strained. Demi and Miley seem to both have that ‘cheeky’ personality, where Sel is the more layed back type. I saw Justin talkin to Sel. Miley better keep an eye on them =D lmao.

  • Emma

    Poor selena :( she’s in the background :P

  • 13girl

    MILEY AND DEMI FOREVA….ft selena.

  • 251458

    love miley

  • 13girl

    to be honest…i cant see Selena. i only see her hair and her closed eyes. MILEY,SEL, DEMI ROCKS! though, i dunno Selena dat much.

  • zee

    Acting in thier REAL life!
    It’s all a LIE!
    selena is not even comfotable!

  • http://. Vic2763

    I luv Miley and Selenas outfits. Demi a think could have done a little more.

  • tori

    i would be grumpy too, do you see the number of paps following miley? and she back because theres no room to even walk. demis just the type of person whos always got a grin on her face, and mileys used to it.

    so happy theyre together!
    selena,demi, miley<3

  • Babyvfanforever

    That’s so cute.
    I’m happy to see the three of them together.
    Just love Miley & Demi though.
    Go DEMI & MILEY!!

  • What

    It looks like Miley is trying to take Demi away from Selena.

  • kim

    yayyyy! :D
    ew, i hate selena though. -__-

  • lilix

    miley is the ugliest among them three. look at her fat cheeks and how she sweats! she’s like a christmas tree not well odecorated.

    SELENA is perfect and Demi too!

  • lilix

    also let’s note the different attitudes of the girls towards paps!
    Miley smiles to paps so that she can be the centre of attention; selena’s head is bowed, she won’t encourage paps! MILEY YOU’RE A BI*CH

  • wowwowowowo

    selena is pretty even she’s not trying too.
    she’s not even smiling but she can make you smile

  • anonymous

    this is kinda unbelievable
    but true

    haha love them all
    and i think i dont hate selena at all now

  • angel

    It’s great they can all be friends. (:
    I love Selena & Demi. <3

  • sfs040

    miley looks like shes in her 40′s.

    team Disney !

  • angel

    #20 : she’s like a christmas tree not well odecorated.

    I don’t know what that means, but it made me laugh. Lol.

    & I agree with what someone said up there, Selena doesn’t even have to try to be pretty, she just has that natural beauty. <3

  • lisa:]

    i think selena may feel like she’s losing her best friend to miley. aww.

  • LOL

    Maybe selena was sad cuz of the breakup. Both Demi & Miley have a boyfriends. Or she didn’t like the paps

  • I_Love_miley

    And again the Miley haters proves that they are the most immature people here. There was like no hate until you guys started to comment, but hey i guess you can’t help it… Haters are idiots..

    Oh well Miley looks awsome beauitful and i am happy that they are all friends!

    See you can comment on your favorit star without hating on someone else;) But haters are to immature and insecure to know how to do that i guess.

  • Farrah

    My goodness, now girls can’t go out to dinner without people criticizing them? Please, children. They are allowed to be friends with whomever they want.

  • What

    I don’t know why but I feel bad for Selena.

  • Billythekid

    Hey Lilix (# 20 and 21)

    You are just a jerk plain and simple. I am glad I don’t know alot of jerks like you in my world that are filled with such hatred and envy. You can’t even pick reasonable things to dump on a person about. LOSER

  • swe3t23


  • Giselle

    yes to moving these 3

  • Nelly

    Don’t they all have same necklaces?

  • mcftd8

    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  • babys

    you are all like “:O they are together! it’s a lie” and everything cause everybody thought there was a feud between them when there wasn’t!
    so it’s just normal to them hang out together, just the fans are surprised. posers

  • Giselle

    honestly i think they could build a great friendship these 3

  • andrea

    selina rocks!!!!

  • Keirah

    ok i like the idea of them hanging out together but i have to admit that i still dont like miley.something fake about that girl i cant seem to figure out yet

  • :)

    Exactly, Miley is used to the paps, maybe that’s why selena is looking down.

    Her & Nick Asshole Jonas broke up,so she’s maybe sad about it.

    It’s okey selena, you’ll find a REAL man.

  • http://selenaweb Sebastián


    Ican’t belived is soo cute
    Selena and Demi look pretty and miley not
    Miley don’t heat Selena for Nick Jonas

    Team Demi and Selena 4ever


  • china


  • shanna

    isnet that nice hanging out with three 16 yrl girls…lol

  • Just Jill

    So, just because Selena is hanging out with Miley, she’s broken up with Nick? Seriously? Couldn’t everything maybe thing that there really isn’t a feud …. and never was. ??? Just thinking outside the box here.

  • Megan

    awwhh! yay im soo happy demi sel and miley are all out together!! haha poor justin…i night with the girls! miley looks soooo pretty!!! so great to see them all hanging out.