Joe Jonas: Happy Valentine's Day!

Joe Jonas: Happy Valentine's Day!

Joe Jonas opens up a package of chocolate hearts to promote his upcoming flick, The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The musical trio — Joe, Nick and Kevin also posted a very special message in their MySpace today.

They write, “We wanted to wish the best fans in the world…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would love to hear from you. – Kevin, Joe and Nick.”

TELL JJJ: How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

Joe Jonas – Happy Valentine’s Day

Kevin Jonas – Happy Valentine’s Day

Nick Jonas – Happy Valentine’s Day
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  • ano

    They are so sweet. :)

  • riana


  • Gerty Hilton

    Oh my, how I love these boys! Absolutely lovely!

  • Karina

    OMG , joe is soo perfect !!

    Love him to death, really !!

  • [other] sam

    LOL aka

    ‘hey valentine, give us MORE money’

  • Thejonassister

    well watching this
    and i’m sick so nothing that much really
    watching sappy chick flicks

  • Emily

    They are awesome!

  • lacey

    lol, i love him

    yeah all go see the move :):) xx

  • JennyJONAS

    there so CUTE!

  • ace*

    joe’s wearing a guam, u.s.a shirt. i’m from guam! =] it makes me love joe more!


    Aww just LOVE the wasy Joe say’s, ‘HEY VALENTINE’! xoxo



  • reginna

    i want him to be my valentine 8-)

    so sexy..

  • reginna

    i want nick jonas to ve my valentine (L)(LL)

  • leli

    I’ll spend it in home,,, thanks Jared

  • Krissy

    these boys are so sweet & really adorable to wish us a happy valentine’s day =]

    & 3-d movie?
    I think, that’s the best VD’s gift ever, for everyone (L)
    Totally got me smiling ^_^

    hmmm, i wonder what there doing for this special day ;)
    i hope they have fun as well, even with working and promoting there movie, which means alot to them & fans :D

    # 5
    give us more money?
    HAHA! more like, here’s a gift from all of us to you!
    just cuz it may seem annoying all the time, just to promote there movie
    can you blame them for being excited for us ( the fans) to see it & wishing us the best day in the entire world?
    Happy valentine’s day + 3d concert experience= best gift ever!
    IF people wanna see it, they should. it’s there choice, wither to spend there money on it or not.
    There not forcing us too!

    Besides, they have many other projects coming up..and i don’t think, there all for money purposes. They could stop, but decided not too?
    you know why? they keep going for people like us the fans, cuz we keep supporting what there doing!
    fans+ jonas brothers= big hit!
    get it NOW?

    Can’t celebs just live there dream and have fun, without having ppl( haters) thinking it’s only just for money?


    for valentine’s day
    i’m watching videos from my fav celebs
    and having fun- dancing and going crazy :D

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    He is sooooooo sweet but my heart belongs to Nick.

    -Nick J’s girlfriend 8)

  • Anonymous

    More promoting their movie…?

  • http://justjared shamilah

    joe is soo cute :P

    i want him to be my valentine …so hot

  • demi lovato’s biggest fan.
    i want demi lovaot to be my valentine.

    ;)- katelyn lovato,

  • vanessajonas

    krissy the intense is back jaja..
    joe youre a douche btw

  • Taylor

    I am spending Valentines Day watching the Jo Bros on Saturday Night Live!
    Can’t Wait!!!

  • Disneyrigamarole

    SNL is my only plans.. outside babysitting.. for valentines :D

  • Rachel

    Nothing during the day… but tonight… IT’S SNL WITH THE JONAS BROTHERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahaha. I’m just a little over excited… :D can’t wait!

  • cc27

    Joe He’s soo cute! xD I would like them as my valentines lol :)

  • Ok

    He looks short. Why does it always seem that there’s a booger stuck in his nose?

  • Krissy

    # 21
    oh yeah, i’m the one who’s intense, cuz i actually am i fan & ill do w.e do argue about the jonas brothers.

    your a douche, cuz you can’t take a hint to get lost!
    haters your pathetic!
    i dont’ care if you think you have a right to be on here
    or is entitled to express your own opinions
    stop trying so hard, and learn to handle the truth once n’ a while, then say things don’t make sense!!!!
    hate them so much?
    take your own advice and start your own hate the jonas. blog, then writing back towards people, who’s just voicing their own opinion, cuz they love the JB, and some don’t!
    # 26- maybe the video is bad quality and that’s y it looks like he HAS a booger in his nose=/ IDK O.o

    i would love to date one of them
    or all three, since there all so amazing!
    SNL is tonight! can’t wait! thanks for whoever who mentioned that :)

  • harmonygrace

    I’m doing nothing except watching SNL
    They sound so hot when they say “Hey, Valentine”
    especially Nick. I think I almost died….


    haha joee soundss HOTTTT! withh thee
    “hey valentinee”
    ughhhhh,, joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:]]]]
    love hiiiimmmmmmmmmmmm

  • tara

    wow :) i love them

  • queen b

    I really don’t see what the hell the other girls see in him. I don’t like the JB at all, but if they were like the last boys in the world, I’d definitely chose Nick.

  • randa

    how I spent v-day?!

    I hung out with the ppl I love! my family we made and decorated cookies and cupcakes
    and watched some movies
    and then watched SNL!!
    JB was hilarious!

    happy V-day !!! JJ

  • FineTakeYourBanana

    Thank you my Baby!!

    I hope to meet you soon then you wil get a big KISS from meeeee!!!!

    Love ya =)

  • juliana

    XD !!
    sooooo cute!!!!!!

  • Caroline

    ILY Joseph!


  • Tina

    Thanks for the valentine’s wish!!! I love you guy’s work and I love Joe most of all! Sorry Nick and Kevin!

    Anywho, How did I spend my valentine’s day? While let me think. I went to the bank. Than went to the bowling place. Than I went to the book store. Than I went shopping for food at Jewel. Than I went to the post office. Than I went to the gas station. Than I got myself something to eat at Wendy’s. Headed home after all that running around and just spent the rest of my day at home!!!

    How about you guys???

  • http://yahoo Amber

    i think they are sow hot

  • jessyinlove

    oh my jonas, joe jonas is soo hot!! i cant wait to see the 3d movie its gonna be like the most awsome thing ever!!

  • monique

    cutee!! on valentines day i watched the notebook and ate ice cream(:

  • jenny

    You do know that is the new song from the movie in the background right?
    I already saw the movie :]
    It’s amazing.

  • http://Theyaresosweet NAma

    They are so sweet

    I love joe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M@RO

    What nick jonas is the most beautiful man on the planet?hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • alex

    hey he’s wearing a guam shirt.i’m from there.
    well i hope you know thats a girl guam shirt.ahahah

  • http://google Jonasgirlfriend

    i love the jonas brothers mostly nick. he is the person i want to spend my whole intire life with.I love him so much. i hope he would want to date me i am 15 and alot of people say i am sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Google Jonasgirlfriend

    girl what you should not of put the but in that . His name is not nick jonas it is Nicholas Jerry Jonas!

  • Floresa

    this is soo cute

    thats soo cool how joe jonas is wearing a guam shirt

    n im from guam

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