Miley Cyrus Forgets 'Fly On The Wall'

Miley Cyrus Forgets 'Fly On The Wall'

Miley Cyrus rocked out the stage on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Show on Saturday night (February 14) in London.

The 16-year-old performer sang her hit song, “Fly on the Wall,” and missed a few of the lyrics. Miley even mouthed to BFF Mandy Jiroux after her performance that she forgot the words. It’s okay Miley — you still did an awesome job!

You can check out a few pics of Miley signing a few autographs after the show. Check out the full performance below:

Miley Cyrus – “Fly On The Wall”, 02/14
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    1ST COMMENT §§
    C’MON ppl she is a HUMAN she CAN forget HER lyrics it’s normla !!!

    did you NEVER forgot something ? or wait.. you are a PERFECT person right !!! pff

    i love you mile

    love from MOROCCO

  • cc27

    Amazing!! :) Miley Rocked it!

  • claire

    it’s okay miley! we still love you! and you recovered quite well

    team miley 4 ever

  • Babiivfanforeva

    OMG poor Miley..oh well her performance was still good :)
    she’s an awesome singer

  • Lorraine

    Hahahaha…mistakes happen. It was an okay performance. It could have been better without her flipping her hair up and down like every 5 seconds.

  • ammmmmze

    Aww…. that’s sad. But at least she performed it wonderfully.

    Keep rockin’ miles =]

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    it ok. she has done 100′s of perfomances and it was like the first time she stuffed up!

    she did an amazing job anyway

  • hello!

    forgetting the words is one thing…she recovered well.

    BUT AT THE END OF THE SONG SHE TURNS TO ONE OF HER DANCERS (mandy maybe?) AND TOTALLY SAYS “I FORGOT THE WORDS” during the applase for her performance on stage while all eyes were still on her…

    now..if somebody had not noticed, they would have noticed then, cause she pretty much told everyone “hey…i messed up guys”

    …unprofessional my dear..wait until u step off the stage honey…

  • ChristinaRenee

    i dont see why this is a big deal. it was a tiny flub. seriously. haha but anyway people don’t watch miley because she has a great voice, they watch her becasue she puts on a show which she did.

  • megan

    nawwww poor babyyyy
    i still love you :D

  • rii

    yah miley still performed like normal after that mishap. so i find that respectable and commend her. im just surprised this is making news, she has messed up lyrics before. perhaps its because it was on tv that its a big deal. oh, she did say that she is most nervous singing on tv – not performing live, just being filmed live.

  • 13girl

    Miley FTW!

  • Holly

    Exactly. She did an awsome job.

    Everybody forgets the lyrics at least 1 stage of there career.
    they have so many lyrics in there head forgetting some isnt uncommon.

    She did great. :)

  • chelsea

    she got to perform on Ant and Dec? Lucky….

  • jaime

    LOL wow, she forgot the lyrics to her OWN song…well it guess that covers up her horrible singing ability to sing live or at all

  • alanah

    awee miless !! still loved it !! great performance.
    btw- i love hhherr outfit !! :)

  • Lee

    I’ll pay money to whoever shows me one singer who has never ever forgotten the lyrics to a song.
    Miley’s performance was great, she recovered really well.
    I’m not a huge fan, but I like her, and it’s not a problem at all that she forgot the lyrics – everyone does it once.

    lee_ xx

  • emily

    her outfit is so cute on wont it!!!!!! she did AMASING!!!!!

  • Anna

    What’s the big deal??
    Miley did an amazing job ; and her outfit was so cuteeeee !!!
    Miley if you are reading this ; don’t let any of the haters get to you!! You did an amazing job and we are humans and humans are NOT perfect. It is normal to make mistakes ; I’m sure everyone does it.
    Miley <3

  • giselle

    i think that miley is asome she is not perfect she is a human an d everyone cant have mistakes
    you rock miley
    you are asome
    i love you

  • b chick

    hahah . she is terrible live.
    she should listen to hayley williams’ performance live, hayley can sing live just like she can recorded.

    i dont care about her forgetting the lyrics.

  • sara

    ………….. are you guys seriously tone deaf?
    that was AWFUL.
    this girl should NOT sing live, ever.

    and don’t even get me started on her ‘dancing’

  • 13girl

    blah, u say she messed up, how about the jonas bros? they did lots of mistakes. just cuz they’re boys(and ur in luv with them) and she’s the same gender as us doesnt mean u could judge her like that.

  • Anonymous

    jaime, Everyone messes up at some point in their life. Even Nick Jonas forgot the lyrics to a song at the Grammys.

  • zanessa luvr 4ever!!

    she rocked it!!! love you miles!!

  • vanessajonas

    how can she forget a song thats her single and that she has sing it a lot of times?
    she is terrible live btw.. boo!

  • Emily

    Miley looks real pretty there.

  • harmonygrace

    Aw it’s ok, even the best of the best forget the words sometimes.
    She looked great and sounded great!

  • Melissa

    that would have been one of her best performances if she didn’t mess up the lyrics, but everyone makes mistakes. She has memorized sooo many songs and has had to perform sooo many songs, it’s okay if she messes up every once in awhile!

    but she totally had an AMAZING recovery after, she rocked!

  • Lorraine

    #24, that wasn’t one of his own songs that he was singing. He was singing a Stevie Wonder song. And #23, you say that people judge Miley and not the Jonas Brothers because we apparently love them and obviously hate her. No, I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but they didn’t forgot lyrics to their own song on tv, she did.

    And what was going on with her “dancing.” On other websites, people are saying that she was dancing like a stripper…hahahahaha.

  • sophie cyrus

    Miley did Amazing! Love her Hair!
    Princess Pet Celebrity Dog Breeder.

  • sophie cyrus

    Miley did Amazing! Love her Hair!
    Princess Pet Celebrity Dog Breeder.
    Home of Miley Cyrus NAVY GIRL DOG

  • bad… NOTTT


  • DelfiEfron

    Like a chapter off Hannah Montana , on the firsst season,

  • sophie cyrus

    Miley did Amazing! Love her Hair!

  • joecool

    sh#t can happen live,and everyone knows she doesn’t lip sing which is good.

    Unlike some other stars,if it sounds to good to be live then most likely its not.


  • Kristina

    I love Miley even more. This mishap just shows she doesn’t lipsynch, and is the real deal. Mistakes happen, no problem.

  • tory

    That was awesome.

  • 13girl

    Lorraine. let’s just say that they did forget their lyrics too. just type something involver the jb’s forgetting lyrics. then u know it. im not a fan of the jb too but i love their song and KEViN.

  • Victoria

    love miles!
    she looked amazing
    she sounded amazing
    and she didnt panic

    if it was me, i would have been freaking out haha!
    love her, she is the best!

  • jonneeea

    well at least it proves that she doesn’t lip sync.

  • caitlin

    yay miley is human!
    wow she recovered very well im impressed!

  • andrea

    mot like its her first time she did it on fnmtv to its always such a big deal with anyone else but with miley she gets treated like shes the amazing person on earth

  • Doris

    Miley did awesome but jared you do know that wasnt mandy who she was talking to right? Mandy was wearing a beanie and the girl that miley was talking to at the end was the dancer in purple dress the one that starts dancing in the beginning with miley and mandy!

  • McKenzie

    Mandy was down on the floor,
    she didn’t mouth it to her.

    BUT! at least she continued to KILL IT!

  • cristal

    miley did amazing and she looked really pretty! i dont know why everyone comment on her using her hair and dancing i love it! she going along the drums beat dont you people have any rhythm! leave that to professional dancers because she is going by the beat and she pretty much keeps up with it! i love the way she dance to the beat and i like her hair fliipping!! she has beautiful hair! also so she forgot the lyrics no big deal she covered pretty good by dancing! she didnt panicked and she rocked out afterwards! she did a great job she looks so pretty with her alfit! is funny but when she goes to that country she becomes more rockish! i didnt know she was going to another country for valentine wonder if justin went!!

  • Ami

    How the hell could she forget those lyrics?!
    She performed this song like a million times and she just sang those words that she some how couldn’t remember??
    And what’s up with her bad dancing?
    All she does is throw herself around, flip her hair and slide on her knees, then flip her hair wildly some more
    Uh she always does the same thing
    She hit those notes at the end pretty well tho

  • gloriaaaa[:

    OMG so what if she forgot a few lyrics to her song?
    build a bridge and get over it.
    shes amazing and talented.
    and she sings really well.
    stop hating on her and get over it.
    everyone makes mistakes and forgets things.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Miley got to perform on the Ant and Dec Show ?
    …OMG. SHE IS SO LUCKY !! I love Ant and Dec !! Their accents always gets to me. Love them :D

    Aw, well. At least she kept going. She didn’t stop, she kept on going with a smile, so kudos to her. …Even if that performance was…bad. Just saying..

  • Harriet

    When did she forget the lyrics? I wasn’t able to catch it ’cause it didn’t seem that obvious. She rocked the performance though. I just wish she wouldn’t head bang that much.

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