Emily Osment Interview -- Send In Your Questions!!!

Emily Osment Interview -- Send In Your Questions!!!

Emily Osment is starring in the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped as Melissa Morris, premiering TOMORROW!!!

The 17-year-old starlet is meeting up with JustJaredJr.com VERY SOON and we need your questions. From her role in Hannah Montana to her first lead role in Dadnapped — ask away!

Dadnapped (up against Spectacular! on Nickelodeon) premieres tomorrow @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Emily?

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Photos: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel
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  • dan


  • Rachel

    what was your favorite moment on the set of dadnapped?

  • suuzy

    What is it like working with other disney channel start that you’ve already worked with and are friends with. Does it make it easier. ?

  • thanh

    is there a season 4 for hannah montana?

  • Lauren

    What is something funny that happened on the set of Hannah Montana: The Movie Set?

    What was like filming a movie with co-stars from Hannah Montana on Dadnapped? (Jason Earles & Moises Aries)

    Who is someone that you look up to in the music industry?

  • gina

    Emily is amazing!

  • bizzy

    are you friends with selena, demi, or the jonas brothers? do you help miley or mitchell write songs? have you ever helped write a script for hannah montana? thank you! <3

  • Mollie

    Who are your musical influences??


    Who is your favorite band??

  • Kiara

    What Kind of movie would you do in the future outside of Disney?

    Whats it like bieng on the Hannah Montana set? Working with you costars Miley,Mitchell,Jason,Billyra??

    WHats is you favorite movie?

    Whose your favorite band?

    What kind of music do you listen to?

  • Emily

    What is your favorite memory you had while filming Dadnapped/ hannah montana?

  • Emily

    What should we be looking out for in terms of your music career?

  • Dan350

    What has been your most embarrassing moment in your acting career?

  • Tina

    are you and miley bestfriend in real life?

    when is your cd coming out?

    are you friends with the jonas brothers?

    what is it like to flim on the set of Hannah Montana?

    is hannah montana really ending?

  • anna

    what was it like when you found out you got the role in HANNAH MONTANA?
    & this is a veryyy tough business, have you ever thought of dropping it?

  • swe3t23

    It seems that you and Miley have on screen chemisty and great comedic timing people compare you two to Laverne and Shirley…Are you guys like that off screen?

  • swe3t23

    What did you get miley for her 16th birthday and what did she give you for your 16th birthday?

  • Heather

    Are there any colleges/universities you’re thinking of applying to yet?

    What other types/genres of movies are you interested in doing?

    How many pets do you have?

    What are your favorite hobbies off the set/when you’re not working?

  • Megan.

    What’s your favorite show from the like 90s/early 00s?
    What is your favorite “classic” Disney movie?
    What’s the last song you bought on iTunes?

  • =]

    what was your favorite movie/tv project you have worked on and why?
    what advice do you have for other girls with acting dreams?
    do you and your brother get along a lot or do you fight?
    are you going to have your own album and pick up singing or stick to acting?

    please ask her one or all of the questions. that would be amazing :]

  • Ashlee

    Who’s an actor/actress that you would love to work with someday?

    I lovee, Emily! :)

  • 13girl

    when you were little what nursery ryhme song do u love most?

  • ANdy

    Any other special projects coming up for you?

    How has your brother influenced your career?

    Maybe a project with your brother (or is that out of question in Hollywood..lol)?

    Any special/unique hobbies/skills/talents?

    If you could guest star on any other show in the world what would it be?

    What reality show would you like to join?

    Do you drive? If so what car do you drive?

    What’s your go to fashion accessory?

    How was valentines day for you?

    What’s your room like (plain, crazy, messy)?

    What’s your schedule like?

    How hard is it being a working actress?

    About how much time do you get aside from your acting career?

    Have you ever done theater work?

    Haha I think that’s about it!

    Thanks Jared!

    - AJ, 17, Los Angeles

  • Jacky

    I wonder if shes Friends with Demi, Selena and Jonas Brothers. And what she thinks of them (:

  • http://www.myspace.com/vale24696 ValS!

    Are you friend with Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift?

    Did you like the relationship that Miley shares with Justin Gaston?

    Why you are not always surrounded by paps?

    What’s your favorite band?

    Why you don’t like the Jonas Brothers music?

    What’s a normal day in you life?

  • omg

    What kinds of acting do you hope to do in the future?

  • Ally


  • jenny

    how old was when had your first kisss?

  • http://myspace.com/zip_zap_zop MileyRayLover

    Are you friends with jonas brothers?

    What do you think about miley cyrus now?


  • emma

    where do you like shopping?
    are you and miley close?

  • Ami

    Are you friends with the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato???

    And also, are you good friends with Miley like you guys are on the show?

  • amelia

    when you want to splurge on candy, what’s the first thing on your list haha

  • Sammy

    Who is your role model?

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Some 1 U Dont Know

    How would you deal with pimples? cause I sometimes get random blemishes here and there and they wont go away for the longest time. Got any advice Emily? BTW BIG fan.

  • http://www.loliver.2ya.com era

    Will there be any interesting thing going on with Hannah’s sidekicks, Lilly and Oliver on the show in the future upcoming episodes?

    Do you guys have blooper reels on the set of the show?? Why don’t they release any blooper takes on the DVDs?

  • ariela

    have you ever met up with the jonas brothers?

    what will you do when hannah montana is over?

    do you have a myspace, facebook, bebo, etc.?

    what kind of cellphone do you have?

    would you ever dye your hair?

  • Lizzie

    I have a personal question or two for her, ehm,

    1.Emily, what happened with you and your boyfriend last month? Did you two break up, if so im sorry.

    2.Emily, why did you screenshot my webchat with you when im a stranger? Thats very strange and uncalled for!

    3. why did you talk badly about me and steph to jennifer stone and then creep us out?

    4.Why do you talk to Lucas Till, even though he has some very bad “habits”?

    5.Why was your icon so depressing where youre like crying in sepia? Are you suffering from mild depression?

    6.Your nickname is quite strange, can you explain?

    7.What ist he song in your profile about pillars of sand? i could not find it.

    8.Is your dog’s name luna? or is it tor? im confused. or is it nado? youre a strange one.

    9.Did you ever hug your ex boyfriend hard?

    10.Have you talked to Lucas Till recently on ichat?

    thankyou, that is all. atleats pick one of these!

  • Lizzie

    (: ask her my questionssss ^^^^

  • Kylli

    What songs are on your Ipod right now???

    Are you goning to be doing any guest spots on the Miley and Mandy Show?

    I love your new music video!

  • REbecca

    Are you and Miley close in real life?

  • randa

    if you didn’t have acting or singing
    what would you be doing?

    do you write songs?

    what instruments do you play?

    what is your fav. hannah montana episode?

  • http://www.keeyahjanae.blogspot.com N’keeyah

    1) How was shooting The Hannah Montana Movie different from shooting the series? 2) Will there be a season 4 of Hannah Montana? 3) Do you have plans to record an album? 4) What type of music would it be?

  • ally

    what was your most memorable moment on the set?

    any embarrsing moments?

    who do you look up to in the celebrity industry?

    as an outsider.. what do you say about the whole miley/mandy selena/demi fued?

  • retah

    1. If you could travel back in time and meet any one person, famous or not, who would it be and why?

    2, If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    3. Any regrets in terms of choosing acting as a career?

    4. Best piece of advice you ever received? You ever gave to someone else?

    5. What do you want to do in the post-Hannah Montana era? College? Rest? Travel?

  • http://loliver.2ya.com Camy

    What’s the latest exciting thing that’s happened while shooting HM?

    What’s your favorite HM episode in each season?

    How was shooting Dadnapped different than the HM movie?

  • santa nibedita

    heyyyyy emilyyy……do u have any message for your fans?

  • Emily

    I have a couple, hope you don’t mind, ahah.

    1. What was your weirdest fan encounter?
    2. What is your favorite gift(s) that you’ve received from a fan?
    3. Who would you like to guest star on Hannah Montana?
    4. Were you a NSYNC girl or a BSB girl?
    5. Will there be a 4th season for Hannah Montana?
    6. Do you plan on attending college after you complete high school?
    7. What was the funniest thing that has happened on the set of Hannah Montana recently?
    8. What is the most played song, album, or artist on your iPod/MP3 player?
    9. Out of all 4 books of the Twilight saga, which is your favorite?
    10. Do you like frozen yogurt?

  • Jane

    What roles would you love to do once Hannah Montana is over?

  • Andy

    What was the last movie you watched?

  • LOVEato

    What other roles did you audition for before you got Lily in HM?
    How close are you and Miley in real?
    Are you a lot like your character Lily in HM?
    What more do you want to do on TV after Hannah Montana ends?

  • http://MILEY-n-hannah.skyblog.com MILEY’S FAAAAAN

    What do you prefer the most, or what do you want to do next, ACTING or SINGING ?

>>>>>>> staging1