Emily Osment Interview -- Send In Your Questions!!!

Emily Osment Interview -- Send In Your Questions!!!

Emily Osment is starring in the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped as Melissa Morris, premiering TOMORROW!!!

The 17-year-old starlet is meeting up with JustJaredJr.com VERY SOON and we need your questions. From her role in Hannah Montana to her first lead role in Dadnapped — ask away!

Dadnapped (up against Spectacular! on Nickelodeon) premieres tomorrow @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Emily?

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Photos: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel
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  • shafira

    do you guys have lol-moments on your set : D?

  • kara

    something funny that happened on the set of dadnapped?

    Who do you look up to and why?

  • Rebecca

    Hey!!! I wanna ask in Hannah Montana you have worked with the Jonas Brothers and Cody Linley who are the most fun to hang around with? and How are you different now to when you were in Spy Kids?

  • Disneychannelfreak

    what do you think about Dylan and Cole Sprouse
    and who is your best frien from Disney??

  • Kat

    Do you have any hidden talents?

    A while ago i was watching some kind of behind the scenes video with you and miley, she was teaching you how to play guitar
    how is that going, can you play?
    are you any good? lol

    From Kat Lego
    Manchester, England

  • Amy

    Who do you get along with more on the Hannah Montana set?

    Did you enjoy getting closer to the other disney stars like David Henrie and Phil Lewis on the set of Dadnapped?

    Will you be flying to the UK for Hannah Montana: The Movie Premiere?

  • mod

    how was ur life before u become a star?

  • http://www.miss-roberts.gportal.hu gerty

    what was the weirdest/craziest rumor you have ever heard about yourself?

  • mcftd8

    1- Is Miley Cyrus your BFF In real Life?

    2- Hows a tipical day in your life?

    3- Whats your favorite episode of HM?

    4- How many episodes of HM season 3 are filming already?

    5- Is HM the Movie the end of the show?

    6- Do you have a favorite place in the world?

    7- Can you tell us 3 things we dont know about you?

    8- Do you know Taylor Swift? If so, Are you friends with her?

    9- How close are you with Demi & Selena?

    10 – Who is your celebrity crush?

    11- Do you have BF?

    12- What is the last song you listened?

    13- What kind of music do you listen to?

    Ok… Thats all :D
    I hope you can chose one of mines :D
    That would be really awesome!
    Oh & btw JJJ,
    I was wondering if you can do an interview with Cole & Dylan Sprouse? I love them & im sure u can do it :) ´

    Thx JJJ :)

    -Sophiieee From Argentina.

  • Ashley

    Are you close with your brother Haley Joel Osment?

  • mm

    Is season three the last season for the show?

  • Katie

    What is on your ipod? if u had one.

  • Danielle Gray


    Danielle Gray, 16, Los Angeles

  • Ammarah

    1. How is it like working with muley cyrus?
    2. Do you have a celeb crush?
    3. How is your relationship with miley OFF SCREEN?

  • Very

    Emily, what is your height?

  • Zanessaloveforever

    How is your character in Dadnapped different to Lily in HM ?
    2) What was the best thing about filming Dadnapped ?
    3) Are there going to be more HM episodes after the movie ?

  • lolwut

    have you ever heard of Bulgaria?

  • Shailene

    Do you have any plans on getting an album?

  • Marla

    what would you do if you didn’t have you brother, haley, to guide your way into show buisness?

  • ,,LAUU+

    What is the best part about acting?

  • ,,LAUU+

    What is your celebrity crush?

  • Rachelle

    Do you think someone your age can make it in the business without any support from their lily?
    -rachelle from Pittsburgh,la

  • Natalia

    Does it annoy you the fact of being compared with your brother?

    What would be “the perfect day” for you?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

    What is the thing you can’t live without?

    BTW, love you Emily!!! you’re awesome

  • Erica

    Describe some cool experiences being on the set of both Dadnapped and Hannah Montana.

    How did the filming of the Hannah Montana movie go? Was it cool to finally see Miley’s hometown?

  • Tulsi

    Would you like to have an album?

    If Miley wasn’t Hannah Montana, would you like to be Hannah?


  • Lindsey

    Hi Emily! I have a few questions for you:

    1) How do you stay grounded while constantly being in the media with the huge success of your acting career?

    2) How do you choose the right scripts for you? Do your parents or brother have a say in the projects you pick to work on?

    3) Who do you admire as an actor/actress? Who do you look to as a role model?

    4) Who is your celebrity crush?

  • Clarebear

    Emily, when does your album come out and can you give us an idea of whats on it? …..Can’t wait to hear it!!!

  • Clarebear

    A few more questions…

    Who are you closest to on the set?

    Are you friends with selena, demi, the jonas brothers or taylor swift?

    How old were you when you had your first kiss?

    When you found out you got te part of Lilly, who was the first person you told?

    Is it weird to see yourself on TV?

    What do your friends and family think of your stardom?

    How many pets do you have? What are their names and species?

    Who do you see more Miley or Mitchel?

    Do you still hang out with your friends from when you were still in school?

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • caroline

    I read in an interview you (Emily Osment) gave to MSN TV recently that says that Lilly’s got a relationship this season on Hannah Montana. Could that boyfriend perhaps be Oliver Oken played by Mitchel Musso?

  • Jake

    After Hannah Montana, are you looking for another TV show to do (maybe not on Disney Channel) or are you looking to do more film/movie?

  • Sara

    Hello !

    I speack with you on Msn you remember ? it’s me Sara !

  • Robyne

    C`est vrai que tu es FRIEND ist Emily-Osment-source ??

  • emlover

    If you were to go to another country for a holiday, where would it be? I hope you get this. Have you ever visited Australia or will you ever visit Australia?

  • Anne

    Dear Emily,
    you are also in germeny because i am a germen. i love you. Fan anne. hope you respond fast.. YOU ARE SO COOL!! =)

  • astronomius

    i heard you like Alternative and Indie Rock; do you also like 60′s and 70′s Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, as well?

    who are your favorite story and songwriters?

    favorite illustrators and painters?

    have you started driving yet, and do you like it?

    with the success of “Dadnapped”, are you gearing up for leading, dramatic roles?

    do you have any plans to appear on other Disney Channel shows as a guest?


  • talar

    this movie dadnapped was the best movie i ever saw its fabulous so are you Emily osment you ROCK!

  • permeet

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • m.t.o.n

    how tall are you (what’s your height)?
    how tall is miley cyrus (what’s her height?

  • Denise gaskins

    I was curious about what you think of Britney Spears. I like her almost as much as I like you.

  • victoria

    Hi, i have been looking for your email and this is the 14th time to write something! ohh well im your bigest fan i love your music and your acting it just rocks. but you probably have a lot of stuff to do, and i just wanted to say your my best friend even if you dont know me. oh yeah im 14

  • http://yahoo.ie Elva !!!!!!!!!

    Hi em wats up u r so cool. who wud u go out wit jason or michael. u rock.

  • gabriel

    Any new projects to do this year?

  • http://emilyosment rich

    What movie did you do when you have a black hair?
    And is hannah montana have a season 4?
    Are you dating with Mitchel Musso?
    please answer this questitions.

  • http://JustJaredJr.com rich

    Emily what movie did you do when you are in black hair?
    And is hannah montana will have a season 4?
    Are you dating with Mitchel Musso?
    please answer these questions.

  • http://JustJaredJr.com rich

    do you love dadnapped?
    are you dating with Mitchel Musso?
    is Hannah Montana will have season 4?
    who is your closest co-star in Hannah Montana?
    Who is your closest co-star in dadnapped?

  • Heather

    Why doesn’t Disney make you “bigger”? You are so talented – are they waiting for something? I mean you are big – but I am talking you should be Hannah Montana big!!

  • aimee laura

    How well do you get on with the cast of Hannah Montana in Real life?

    Like Miley? Mitchel?

    I love Emily !! Wooh!!


  • http://alexmcginley@sky.com alexmcginley

    dear emily osment please send my fanmail soon lots of love alex mcgnley xxxxxxx

  • http://sites.google.com/site/ali4participate/ Ali Khan

    Emily I saw you in the Hannah Montana show. You are so sweet cute and like frack and amazing. I listen one of your’s song it is gud.
    I just wanna say that you are so much unique in all disney . You have your own style.

    Wating for your Album

    Best of Luck
    Emily are you cool and frank in your real life as you are in the shows.? Do you believe in love and who is the lucky one ………..?

  • http://sjfffy monique

    hi i just wanted to say hi

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