Jonas Brothers Rock Out SNL

Jonas Brothers Rock Out SNL

The Jonas Brothers rocked out the Saturday Night Live stage in New York City on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — performed their hit songs, “Video Girl” and “Tonight” and also participated in a few skits. One even included them becoming a hair band!

Check out “The Fourth Jonas” sketch below, where they poke fun at their own purity rings and shoot down the idea of forming a new musical group called “The Donut Brothers.”

Check them all out below!

Jonas Brothers – “Saturday Night Live”, Part 1, 02/14

Jonas Brothers – “Saturday Night Live” – “Video Girl”, 02/14

Jonas Brothers – “Saturday Night Live”, Part 3, 02/14

Jonas Brothers – “Saturday Night Live” – “Tonight”, 02/14
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Photos: Dana Edelson/NBC Television
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  • Maria-Chiara

    So cute! (L)

  • biggest fan of vanessahudgens!

    second :D

    it was so cute

  • Katie

    That was hilarious! Wow! Good Job JB! I love yall. [:

  • Taylor
  • LAuren

    aww i love jb… they did so good last night. nick looked hot of course

  • listen to mayday parade

    we watched it last night…. even the boys thought it was funny… and they encourage me to go for the youngest so i can mold him ha ha so jokes.

    Joe is my first choice, always though <33

  • Emily

    I think that Nick looks so much better wearing Converse. He really needs to start wearing them again.

  • lola

    aww…i love them!

  • bad… NOTTT


  • kris

    kevin scares me when he says investigator

  • tamz jonas

    dey were awsome! x

  • Yassy

    They rocked!
    They’re hilarious, I love them <3

  • check it

    ookkk…. there weird.. soon they wont be anywhere

  • Gabriela Aroca

    UHUUUU ! \o
    They’re rooock !

  • Lindsay

    sweet! i totally love them… they rock! :)

  • manda [team jonas]

    they did amazing.
    i love those boys.

  • sarah

    nick is so FUNNY !
    i looove him !

  • elle.

    i think they did great.

    i never really liked the song video girl, but then that performance….MAN OH MAN.

    “his eyebrows looked like they were drawn on with a sharpie” ahahahahah

  • smeagol

    loved nick he was good but the whole skit was good too lol

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    YAY! Nick wore converse again YAY!
    And OMJ Nick is sooooooo FuNnY
    well all of them where HILARIOUS
    :P hahaha :P
    I loved it they where great!

    -Nick J’s girlfriend 8)

  • reginna

    omg that was so funny!
    ‘nick is weird’ cant stop laughing! they look really good,
    aw nick is so cute, (L)

    nick’s converse are back ,

  • hmmm

    Ok i hate the JB but LOOOL at the fourth Jonas sketch, they should leave music (they can’t sing) and go do comedy!! lol and I love how Joe acts all hurt and how Alec just disses Nick and then calls him his favorite!! lool

  • smeagol

    that was too funny the one where they were in the 80′s lol

  • reginna

    nick is so funny 8-) georgeous by the way..

  • Bia-love-jonas

    They’re so cute! I love them so much!
    The video was so funny

  • motormouth

    good job, boysss! i love you all! i’m so proud of you! :)

  • randa

    they did a great job!!
    it was soo funny seeing the video of them in those wings and facial hair!!!
    omg kevin looked hilarious!

  • padfootcullenblack

    they were so cute
    i loved them
    i liked the sharpie eyebrow thing

  • swe3t23

    fail……..vocals hella suck…. there is no point in giving KEVIN A MICROPHONE!!!!!

    THE PERFORMANCE sucked!!!!!!!

    screeching noise is coming out of their mouths

  • listen to mayday parade


    My friend is a drummer and he was in awww.. He couldnt believe how well Nick was drumming, and singing along too. Nick is ultra talented

  • Zaynub

    OMG! i love jb! lmao! haha! long lost brother “gary” lol! 25 yr. ago! haha! so funny! i love them! i love the songs they sang 2!

  • tara

    they are so funny. i think that their video girl performance was a bit spazzy….by joe…and tonight was also not their ususal best…but i liked it ;)

  • Zanessaloveforever

    Aaaawww.. Nick’s sooo cute xx I will always love him & his brothers xxx Good job boys <3

  • Miley

    woooow! Can nick get nick get ANY hotter??

  • ahsdjkl

    aw i love when nick plays the drums
    he looks so goodd:)

  • ahsdjkl

    aw nick looks so hot when hes playing the drums jkfdls;a!

  • harmonygrace

    I laughed so hard!!!
    “You’re joking”
    “We’re not”
    I don’t know why but that’s my favorite part of the skit!

  • cc27

    Lol Poor joe lol, when he made fun of his eyebrow and straight hair lol xD i lovee it :)

  • liza


  • [other] sam

    isnt alec baldwin supposed to be good…..i guess not.
    they made up for it though, well done chaps

  • jessbbeeeee

    i WAS THERE…nick waved to the crowd the most

  • jilli

    I love this

  • kevinmiley

    number 40 that is stephan baldwin is the good none…alec definatly not…

  • cmnsns

    Umm…They bombed horribly on SNL. I think 5 people clapped, one girl screamed and one person whistled. It was the worst ovation given in over a decade.

  • Ami

    I love them so much
    I watched this last night and omg I thought their sketches were hilarious!!!
    Great performances too

  • http://n/a EBAproductions

    they are using 2 of my videos!
    VIdeo Girl and Skit Number 2!
    THis is so coool!

  • anon


  • jobro lover

    there skit was freakin hilarious
    i could not stop laughing
    my fav one was the 4th jonas
    when nick was telling him the rule he broke
    and how he thought they were optional and then he
    was like but im pretty sure i was high when you
    told me them… omg i couldnt stop laughing that
    was so funny lmfao just thinking about it lol

    did anyone else think that nick looked super hot
    playin the drums omd he was lookin mighty fine
    thats fa sho oh goodness i love the jonas brothers

    they did freakin amazing last night and we actually
    got to her kevin sing just for a few sec
    its about time i have always wanted to hear what
    he sounded like ;] not bad

    good work Jonas Brother :]]

  • samar

    absolutely loved thier performance and the skit!
    it was awesome!

  • Yvonne

    #29—-SHUT UP! There is a point in giving Kevin a mic. Your just a Kevin hater

    BTW—He was smokin hot

>>>>>>> staging1