Sabrina Bryan's Month of Love

Sabrina Bryan's Month of Love

Former Cheetah Girl Sabrina Byran just posted a new video to get all her fans excited for what’s to come on all of her official websites.

The triple threat shared with everyone, “Hey guys! We’re doing something really cool with all my websites so you have to keep checking them out. We’re calling it the Month of Love. We’re gonna do a lot of new things with my voicemail and text messaging. We’re gonna post more pictures — I’ve got some cool videos as well. I’ve been storing them and now it’s time to release them. So keep checking back!”

You can follow Sabrina on her Facebook, MySpace, Social Network, official website and iLike.

Sabrina Bryan – Month of Love, 02/14
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  • B_L_B

    OMG, finally some news about Sabrina, I cant wait to see all the surprises she has in store for all her fans, LOVE HER!!!!

  • JustWatchMeNow916

    This is exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what she has in store for her fans!!!

  • Tami

    I am so excited! I can’t wait until she posts some of her surprizes! SABRINA ROCKS!!!

  • ERIN


    OMG….LOVE HER! A month of updates!!!!!!

  • Layla

    Love her so much and so great see that she will be doing this for us her fan’s. Love you Sabrina :) Thanks JJR I’ve missed news on my girl Sabrina

  • Paige

    Luv her

  • Esther

    Love Her, its so good to hear from her, so excited to see what all the surprizes are, SHE IS THE BEST!!!!

  • SouthernBelle

    Hmmmm… Wonder what she has stored up that she’s ready to release??? We shall see soon ;)

  • Jesus

    Que linda es Sabrina!!!

  • Chelsie

    looove her, she’s so pretty :] I wonder what suprises she has for us.

  • Littlecheetah47

    Awesome!!! Sabrina is so great that she always shows up the love and now we are getting surprizes! Yaaaaaay! I can’t wait!! Love her!!!!

  • Henry

    She looks Cute
    Hope you had a wonderful V-day Sabrina! xxxx

  • Landon

    She’s cute. I would want ther to be my valentine.

  • Penni

    She looks cute <3
    Love you Girl.

  • Anibel

    U ROCK GIRL! love u to death

  • Albert!!

    She is so cute, I LOVE HER, hope she had a great Valentine’s day!!!!

  • Brenda

    SOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE, luv u Sabrina

  • Ashley

    Sabrina is so amazing!
    love her!

  • Chuy

    Hot babe!!!

  • leigh

    I love how happy she always seems!
    She’s beautiful :) oh I wonder what suprises she has in store!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sussy

    I love her, she is so pretty and she is my Role model, I cant wait for all the surprizes the she is talking about!!! SHE ROCKS!!!

  • norma

    so cute *-* love her !

  • Marcelle


    she is so pretty ♥ My idol

  • Jerilynn

    she amazing me always caring for her fan’s. She just sooooooo cute

  • Asia

    love everything in Sabrina mania, shes such as inspiration and so beautiful inside and out.

  • Aylin

    I love her so much, great to finally hear something form her!!! Thanks JJJr, for posting this!!!

  • Cynthia

    I love her, she is sooo pretty
    I’m so excited to see what she is going to bring us!!

  • polvopaw

    Finally some news from her, I miss her so much, its so great that she comes back with this great news can’t wait to see what the surprizes are all about!!! :) SHE IS ABSOLOUTELY THE BEST!!!

  • Vera

    love her =x
    cant wait for more… <3333 thank you Just Jared Jr for featuring a goodo role model that I love so much.

  • Jamie

    she’s so bubbly and perky(in a good way)! She’s awesome!

  • Becky

    Sabrina, you are beautiful, charming, gorgeous and amazing and I love you so so very very much. My idol, my rolemodel, my favorite everything- actress, singer, celebrity. fashion icon. model. Always. You’re so freaking amazing. ♥ I love you Sabrina.

  • Lauren

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, this is super exciting!!!!! Looking forward to see what she has in store for us!!!!! Thanks JJJr!!!!

  • Claudia

    Sabrina Bryan is so cutie-licious

  • Emily

    OMG, this great …..I so want to know what you have for me I mean for all your fan’s Sabrina ♥ you you are just great Jared for posting on my favorite girl too.

  • Molly

    she looks wonderful and OMG I can’t wait OMG OMG Sabrina

  • Amy

    SABRINA IS SO ADORABLE with her heart shape and her smile. Love it

  • Michael

    Sabrina rocks
    so Pretty, Talented, Amaazing, Inspiring, Stylish, Beautiful :]
    sorry for my bad english i come from france
    i love Sabrina!!!!


  • Tiffany

    so lovely and cute !
    love her <3 :)

  • Jennifer

    cute and prettty and I am so happy to hear news about you Sabrina

  • amanda

    SHE ROCKS” <3333333333

  • Miya

    haha I cant wait for all the stuff Sabrina♥

  • Vanessa

    she looks sooooooo cute!
    ilove Sabrina! 1<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Clever I like the theme Sabrina love for a whole month. I’m so excited about it!

  • Jeff

    Hoooooot ‘ I hop she is single , She is just a doll

  • polvopaw

    Finally some news from Sabrina, we missed her so much, so great to come back with this great news, cant wait to see all the surprises that she is talking about!!! LOVE HER, SHE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!! :D :D :D

  • billy

    loooove her so much *—–*

  • Sarah


  • Ksumi

    yay for new stuff Sabrina. I in Japan and can not wait. Come to Japan soon Sabrina. kiss kiss

  • ava

    Sabrina inspires me alot, she is so pretty and talented. I look up to u Bri Bri alot!!!!

  • Eric

    cute wish she was my lady

  • casey

    she rocks

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