Taylor Swift Takes On T4

Taylor Swift Takes On T4

Nashville princess Taylor Swift took her act overseas to promote the upcoming release of her sophomore album, Fearless, in London.

The 19-year-old country cutie sat down with T4′s Rick Edwards and Jameela Jamil to talk about her album, the Grammy Awards and British artists. Check it:

On the success of Fearless: “It’s blowing me away. There’s really no secret. I just feel that I’m really lucky. I never actually thought this was going to happen to me, so every day is a bonus day.”

On the parties at the Grammys: “I went to the before Grammy party for Clive Davis. It was a great party. I got to meet Duffy there.”

On her love for British artists: “I like Duffy and Adele. I wanted to meet them really really badly. Also, they’re not a British artist, they’re actually from Nashville where I’m from, but they’re bigger over here than they are in the States — Kings of Leon. I met them at the Grammys too and they were so sweet.”

On future Romeos: “I don’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend. I’m usually perpetually single and if there’s somebody awesome, I make an exception.”

Fearless drops on March 9th in the UK.

Taylor Swift – “T4″, 02/14
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  • listen to mayday parade

    I guess he thought Joe was awesome… Im sure he is.

    I like Taylor, shes cute and her music is actually amazing considering its country… I wish she didnt act so immature about the breakup but nonetheless I still enjoy her!

  • Charlie

    no way is that alexa chung… right? it’s someone else surely, unless she’s completely changed her look / voice haha :S

  • Cristy

    “….boyfriend to boyfriend” opposite from joe lol

  • tara

    i love taylor. i think she is so pretty. i wanna meet her

  • Rose

    Glad shes attempting to break the uk.. but thats not Alexa its Jameela Jamil

  • G

    i so hope she does gud ova here
    she rox and fearless and love story r neva off the radio so thats a gud sign thumbs up

  • fez

    That’s not Alexa Chung…

  • Katie

    That’s not Alexa – that’s the new girl Jameela

  • 13girl

    awesome girl!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    that dude is super hot and totally hitting on taylor. way better than that loser jonas she dated

  • http://www.mileyraycyrus.com.ar mileyfan4ever

    Damn it! I can’t watch the video :(

    well…. Love u Taylor =]

  • hmmm

    Why was it so short? Go on Jonathan Ross Tay!!

  • http://Msn.com jav

    awesome! cant believe i missed it and…i wish she does more interviews here!!!! it’ll be cool!
    p.s-FYI just jared i live in england and i go on your site every day!!!
    i dnt think the ppl wuld see this.. but still!

    luvV taylor! and demi and selena and jonas bros.!

  • jb

    “I don’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend. ” this is to bad! If she wants to say something about Joe and Camilla after Joe and her breakup , she should say it directly.
    say that things don’t bring Joe down.

    I kinda like her , but I think she’s kinda immature about some things

  • [other] sam

    oh my goodness
    im so glad shes over here
    i hope she stays forever tbh. we need more interestin popstars here!

  • [other] sam

    also, i do wish joe fans would get over it.
    it really grinds my gears that theyre all defending him. hes loosely defended himself already, and look how well that turned out. it was deleted cos it was poor. she poned him, thats all there is to it. shes allowed to be annoyed and occasionally hint at it, when he treated her like garbage.
    if he treated you or your mates like garbage youd feel the same. stop betrayin the sisterhood and chasin tail, jeeez

  • harmonygrace

    Love her, she’s amazing…and the dude was totally hitting on her!

  • tint

    Honestly tasylor is getting sooo big over here in the uk On capital fm , everyone is like requesting love story and they r gonna interview her.i hope she gets to tour uk cos i love her

  • Jinisha

    yeah taylor swift is awesome! i wish i could of seen that on Tv but i missd it Damn!!!!!!!! shes huge here in the UK everyone is going crazy over lovestory!! i hope she does well !

  • -Chloe-

    LoveStory should do really well here in the UK.
    I absolutly love it and Taylor. She seems really nice, glad to have her here in the UK.

  • lena

    oh come on joe fans! she’s just saying the truth, she doesn’t go from boyfriend to boyfriend and that’s fact, the only guy she’s even been romantically linked to was joe. it’s just so annoying when joe fans try to make eveery comment she says into a stab at him, you know he cheated on her, what other guy gets involved with another girl so so soon after such a crappy and shady breakup?? and i know i for one would not be able to even think about going out with a guy who denied he even knew me in interviews, refused to be seen in public with me, and told people he was single, just to boost sales of his crappy record.
    taylor is being perfectly fair in the situation and has moved on, so should you! if you can’t handle it don’t click the link!

>>>>>>> staging1