Emily Osment Puckers Up For JJJ

Emily Osment Puckers Up For JJJ

Emily Osment puckers up with JJJ prior to her an appearance on The View on Monday morning (February 16).

The 17-year-old actress caught up with JJJ earlier this morning and dished all about her new flick, Dadnapped. Check out what she had to say:

On her favorite on-set stories: Everyday was something new. We were always doing something crazy in the movie. We had a blast. We were shooting people with yogurt guns and water balloons. I got sprayed in the face with yogurt. It was so much fun.

On what she loved about filming Dadnapped: We finished the movie in two Months. It was great. It was Moises [Arias], who people know from Hannah Montana, and David [Henrie]. All these people I knew from Disney. It was fun. It was all new friends and old friends and getting to run around Salt Lake City for two months.

On what viewers should watch out for in Dadnapped: I have really obnoxious bangs in the movie. The fact that my hair is perfectly curled throughout all the goop and everything. We were trying to make it seem like I have this natural curl throughout the entire movie, it was just hilarious.

Following a new episode of Hannah Montana @ 7:30PM, Dadnapped premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Emily Osment – “The View”, 02/16
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  • Jacky

    I love her! Cant wait for Dadnapped :)

  • shane


  • http://www.mileyraycyrus.com.ar mileyfan4ever

    I’m not a big fan,
    but she’s cool, I like her =)
    & she’s also really pretty!

  • mimi

    she great! she pretty! i hope that hannah montana stay for a long time its a great show and miley is unique and emily as well! the hannah show needs to stay we still need to see her going to joining clubs in school having a prom! boyfriends! fraternity if she goes to college ! clique groups so much that people in high school goes thru that they still havent put up! year book making! president running! we need more episodes!let me write some of those script we have tons of things miley and emily and the crew needs to go thru so much yet! hey they never did a period seen for girls going thru that! i mean so much girls go thru!

  • kuas

    lol #4. like they’d keep the show going through college. no, miley wouldn’t stick around that long. hahahhaa. what a dreamer.

  • holla

    I dont know why they chose this movie to compete with Spectacular. They should’ve put “Princess Protection Program” Still gonna watch this though. Screw Spectacular.

  • jgjg

    5 hosts I mean thats kinda ridiculous 2 of them don’t even do anything.r the producers just tryin to blow off money.

  • Pbnj

    Princess Protection Program is gonna be Disney’s next franchise. Finally Selena will have her own doll lol. Yay. But I still think Selena should have been the princess and Demi be the small town girl. oh well, either way PPP is gonna kick ass!! Go Sel and Dem!

    I watched half of Dadnapped but I just didn’t like the fact that it was too similar to Read it and Weep.

  • Billythekid

    Oh great Hannah Montana until she is 30. Might as well keep going through menopause :) I think I would start to get dizzy turning my head side to side after awhile on the view.

  • http://jjj miley

    she is such a cuttie! i love her! can’t wait for dadnapped and HM the movie!!!!!!
    keep rockin’ emily!

  • me

    omg shes 17?
    i though she was like 15/16

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/02/16/emily-osment-puckers-jjj/ Melissa

    she is 16 years old she is turning 17 March 10!

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