Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Sunday Stroll

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Sunday Stroll

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Camilla Belle take a stroll through the Meatpacking District of New York City on Sunday afternoon (February 15).

Later in the evening, the duo joined Joe‘s brothers — Nick and Kevin — at Honor Society’s concert at Irving Plaza. Camilla sat with the Jonas family in the VIP section.

The JoBros have been making their rounds around New York City, promoting their new flick, The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, which hits theaters on Friday, February 27th.

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Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • http://ZacEfron Marie

    Joe Jonas and Camilla so cute together.

  • Ella

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha hes mine!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    OMG I’m soooooooooo jealous of Camilla haha (JK). Its funny they dont even look like a couple they look like siblings. Dontcha think? but they are VERY cute together :D .

    -Nick J’s girlfriend 8)

  • George

    i cant see the magic…

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Joe Jonas and the Jonas brothers rock.

  • Jade


  • jonas_loves

    They make a cute couple : )

  • vanessa

    they look so into eachother..and happy!

  • tia

    they look like twins. i find ti SO creepy when u see ppl dating ppl who look JUST like them. its kinda narcisitic. and i think its so f*cking rude how he wouldnt be seen in public with taylor swift, who seems like such an awesome, fun girl, yet now hes flaunting little miss boring around everywhere. i dunno, i just dont really like joe very much and when see see camilla in interviews she seems really vain.

  • heheh

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 My heart is shattered.

  • Michelle

    I loooove Camilla. She’s so amazing. But bad choice on the guy.

  • jaime

    i think she can do better, she was better off with tom sturridge

  • duddeee:]

    sickk. he belongs w/ demi. HE even knows it. :]]

  • yo mama

    some other website said that this was today…
    fishy story, much??

    doesn’t look like they’re dating to me.
    i mean…no hand holding or looking happy or anything?


  • Anonymous

    Dannng. Camilla gets Joe AND Rob. I hear hearts breaking everywhere.

  • [other] sam

    I enjoy the shape of her coat
    Thats about it
    They do look narcisstic as hell walking along hand in hand with their identical faces
    Dreadful pairing

  • Valerie

    Joe, you shouldn’t date your twin sister…

  • Ava

    OKay, people, seriously, I think it’s too funny how he goes EVERYWHERE in public with this girl but he never did with Taylor or any other girl. Yoko freakin Ono people, clearly, she has him because he is overtaken by her beauty and he will do WHATEVER she says. God help us, Jonas Brothers, please make it through this one. The lust will wear off and then what will you do Joe? Although, look at the press she has been getting, good for her! More than half of us didn’t even know who she was until she and Joe started dating. You go girl use till you lose it! Before you ask, I’m 23 and married, way too old to even crush on a Jonas if I wanted too.

  • Just Jono

    Adorable couple <3

  • Jenna

    They’re cute together!
    But both Joe and Kevin should go public with their relationships,
    its obvious anyway!

  • FHAH

    okay that is sooooooo not camille

    first camille’s hair is shorter and darker

    second camille was not in new york on sunday she is in L.A promotin sumthin

    third DONT BELIEVE EVRYTHIN!!!!!!!!!! you dnt know them these pics dnt prove anythin
    there are no pics of them holding hands & kssin
    and they havnt said anythin about each other


  • karr

    that’s Camilla Belle ? really ? i thought it another girl. aha. Camilla Belle deserves so much better than Joe here. ew.

  • Izabella

    I think they’re really gorgeous together!!
    and Kevin and Danielle are soo adorable together!!
    and Niley are just meant to be, LOL :D ♥

  • c

    ewww wtf again????

    ugh stupid girl shud find someone her own age!!!

    but i love u joe and as long as you am i(:


  • jonasss=]

    I think theyy look so cute together!

  • Yvonne

    Its seriously time for Jomilla to stop getting all the attention and put some on Kanielle. I dont care if Danielle isn’t a celeb. Kanielle has a lot of fans that want to hear and see more about them

  • Daniela

    i totally agree with Ava. she’s with him just because of the press she’s getting from all of this.

    i hope he’s smarter than i think and he’ll broke up with her as soon as possible.

  • Nikki

    these two look like two of the most vain and narcassistic people on the face of the earth. and i agree that they look like twins. dislike her, dislike the jonas brothers. its all just so gross. ps neither have any talents besides looking pretty.

  • lipsie glozz

    I must say they look good together..Like most fans,i 2 prefer joe 2 be with taylor but it’s not meant 2 be..Both of them have move on and joe found a gorgeous gal..I think taylor will find a better guy than joe..I hope joe and camilla’s relationship will last..If not,joe is gonna write a song about their break up..I heard nick broke up with selena,maybe he is thinking of writing a song about her.. =p

  • nessa

    you have to be kidding me! damn for crying out loud.
    this couple is ridiculous!
    they look like twins

    and 12 you’re right he does belong with demi… he should stop denying it.

  • Fashionista

    Hey! omg you guys. Ive been looking all over for a good trenchcoat for my bf. Im going to buy my bf Joe’s trenchcoat!
    Somone tell me what brand that is will you?
    or where to find something similar? its soo perfect for him!
    price is not a matter, I must get it!

  • hanJemiloverforever

    hi hate CAMILLA AND JOE together..uurrghh… they are soo disghusting…. I know hate joe… i’d prefer him and Demi \than Camilla and Joe..uurrggh.. creeps in my nerves.. I hate JAMILLA!!!!!!!!

  • Joshleyloverr!!

    They look like brother and sister!!
    its soo annoying !

  • 13girl

    whats with the ugly clothes?

  • rose jonas

    nooooooooooooooooo!!!camilla is joe’s grand mother!!!but jaylor was not too cool!!!jamilla is discusting.i just love kevins girl.she is so nice.i like her.good for kevin.jamilla must end now.i think its tottaly non of my buisnes:d:d haha.but they are not matched:(

  • Andrea

    NOT JAMILLA :( :( :’( !!!!!!

  • pop86

    Joe Jonas wanted a WOMAN(Camilla);not a little girl(Taylor and Demi). Joe is maturing and his choice in girlfriend is a reflection of that.

  • Viky

    NOOOO!!! Joe is mine!!!! :@

  • zanessa addict

    i hate her..joe is such a loser!!!
    taylor is indeed prettier than her!!!

  • Miley

    that’s rude . I mean he couldn’t be seen with taylor swift but with cammilla he goes everywhere.

    Who the hell is this chick anyway?

  • Blake

    Jemi??? Wth is that??
    I think Joe and Camilla are cute couple.

  • TeamALl

    OMG they are going public ?? big no joe you have better test !
    I like Taylor better

  • Elena

    What can i say…I don’t want to be rude, but they are not so good couple… But if they feel something we can’t stop them!!!! By the way Joe is cute, but by her side kind of childish and she looks like a nice girl and very beautiful but boring……xD

  • katie

    ew joe can do way better than her by the way if hes a christian im pretty sure he only dates christians and i really dont think she is.

  • duddeee:]

    katie #35 i dont think that joe really worries about her faith, he’s too much of a hyprocrite to care about anything but her looks.

  • Kikigirl101

    Okay I’m not some crazy obsessed Joe fan who thinks Joe should be with me or anything, but seriously, GROSS! I think they should break up. Number 30 you are completely right, they look like twins, like they are related. It’s so gross. I know there’s only a 3 years difference between them but I still think it’s kinda weird when the guy is still a teenager!!! And those of you who think he should be with Demi, I think it would be cute but she’s like 15 or 16 and he’s 19… I think it’s illegal and she doesn’t like any of them as any more than a friend. Plus she dating someone. I don’t know… he should just get a girlfriend his own age…Taylor was perfect and he dumped her for Camilla! Gross. So, I’m not saying he needs to get back together with Taylor but at least go fro someone a bit younger who doesn’t look like they could be related!!

  • Alyssa

    Camilla is 24/7 stalker
    she follows Joe everywhere..

    in my opinion they looks like twins haha

  • romina

    Joe Jonas wanted a WOMAN(Camilla);not a little girl(Taylor and Demi). Joe is maturing and his choice in girlfriend is a reflection of that. REALLY?????????

    Joe is maturing ??? JAJAJAJ LOOK THE PIC AND I don’t think so……

    camilla look like 30 years old!!!!!!

    why don’t smile, if they are happy.. comoon they love the photo don’t pretend

  • i love joe jonas

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i don’t like camilla! ¬¬ I prefer the single joe!

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i dont really like her..not bc shes with joe..i just dont..and i dont think shes a good a jonas girlfriend should be..idk.
    but if hes happy thats all that matters:]
    and i like both of their jackets a lot.

    i met him 2 days before this:]!!!!