Victoria Justice: Crazy About Coldplay

Victoria Justice: Crazy About Coldplay

Victoria Justice experienced her very first snowfall with JJJ while in New York City earlier this month promoting her latest flick, Spectacular! (airing tonight @ 8PM on Nick).

The 15-year-old actress dished to about the best concert she’s been to, her upcoming 16th birthday plans and her upcoming Nick series. Check it: is back with more of our exclusive interview with Spectacular! starlet

JJJ: Are you considering a music career or is that too far down the road for you?

VJ: No, music is definitely something that I want to focus on right now, too. My TV show on Nickelodeon, which I’m so excited about, is about a girl who goes to performing arts school, so it has music tied into it. So it’s really cool that I get to act, sing, and dance all in my show and get to do all three things that I really love.

JJJ: Has that started filming already? What’s the character’s name?

VJ: No, we start filming February 23, and there’s no character’s name yet. Right now, the character’s name is Vic and it’s titled “The Victoria Justice Project.” But we are going to start filming it really soon, so I think [executive producer/creator] Dan Schneider will have a name soon. He’s a procrastinator and always does things last minute – but they always turn out great! So maybe there’s a method to that man’s madness!

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JJJ: What are some of the other characters on the show?

VJ: When I get back, I’m actually doing a screen test to read with the people who are auditioning, which will be so much fun because I’m usually the one who has to go into the room and don’t get to hear anything. So this will be cool that I’ll get to hear what the network says, and what they thought of them. I always sympathize with the people that come into the room because I know how hard it is to stand up in front of ten adults and read a scene and be funny. If they laugh, that’s great, but if they don’t it’s kind of awkward. But one of the other characters is “Trina,” who is my older sister and is kind of a legend in her own mind because she thinks she is a really good singer, even though she’s not that great. Then I have a best friend on the show, his name is “Andre” and he plays the piano and is a musician. He’ll be the one that I get into crazy situations with! Then there’s a mean girl named “Jade” and the James-Dean-hot-sexy guy at school named “Beck.”

JJJ: You also have another movie out, Kings of Appletown? What’s your character, Betsy, like?

VJ: That character’s dad is accused of a murder in the town and the Sprouse twins are a witness to the crime scene and they see that he actually didn’t do anything wrong. My character goes through a lot at the beginning of the movie: she’s really upset, everyone in the town has totally turned against her family, and she’s just going through a lot of drama. Then I find out that the Sprouse twins know what really happened, so we go on this journey and adventure to prove that my dad is innocent.

JJJ: Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories that you remember from filming?

VJ: Yeah, we had so much fun! We filmed in New Braunfels, Texas, and one thing I vividly remember, because I love food so much, is when we went to this amazing steakhouse called Myron’s. It had THE best lamb chops I’ve ever had in my life and the best loaded baked potato I’ve ever had. I loved it, I went like, every night. And we went paintballing! It was my first time! I wasn’t afraid at all but of course my mom bought me a bright blue vest. I didn’t know I was supposed to be camouflaged, so I looked like a little blueberry running around that field! I’m in this green forest, and I’m just this blue thing scurrying around! Everyone could see me and just get me every time! It definitely stung a lot. After a while, I had a couple of bruises. But I played hard! Just because it was a bunch of guys and me, I was determined. There was also an amazing hot tub, so we were in that a lot…we went go-karting…I did a lot of guy activities. I felt like one of the guys when I was there!

JJJ: Are you a tomboy at all? Do you play any sports?

VJ: Yeah…I’m not really a girly girl. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t always dress up, I’m totally down to get dirty and that kind of thing. That’s fun for me. I don’t really play sports, though I bike ride a lot. I actually keep it old school, and I scooter. It’s kind of 90′s, but I scooter! One-legged!

JJJ: What are you doing for your birthday? 16, that’s huge!

VJ: It’s weird because it’s usually the kid that tells her mom that she wants a huge party, but my mom is the one trying to push me to have a party. I don’t really know if I want one. I’m pretty much a low-key kind of person, not really glamorous or anything like that. It might be fun to have my friends come over and do that whole thing, but it’s just so much work! I would just love to take my closest friends and go to Mammoth and go skiing and snowboarding. Because today, here in New York, is actually the first time I’ve ever been in snow! I’ve seen snow in pictures, and when I went to Utah, there was slush on the ground, but this is the first time I’ve been in falling snow!

JJJ: What do you want for your birthday?

VJ: I would love a car…but I don’t even have my permit yet! It’s really sad, I should have gotten it five months ago, but I was busy filming Spectacular! and then afterwards, I was supposed to study for my permit, but of course I got lazy and forgot about it. When I get back from New York, I’m totally cracking down and getting on that.

JJJ: Have you practiced driving at all?

VJ: Yeah, my dad lives in North Carolina, so it’s not really that busy or much of a city environment there, so I’ve practiced there. But my mom is really strict – she won’t let me get in the car till I have my permit.

JJJ: You love Dancing with the Stars — would you ever want to be on that show? What kind of dancing do you like?

VJ: I don’t know if I would ever do reality TV, that’s not the path I want to take right now. Who knows, maybe one day I will end up on Dancing with the Stars and then I’ll bite my tongue, but I really can’t imagine myself that tan and in those sparkly little outfits. That just doesn’t seem like me. But I guess it’d be fun to learn all those dances and make all those friends. And I love hip-hop! When I was little, I took tap and ballet and jazz and everything, but right now I’m focusing on hip-hop.

JJJ: What kind of hip-hop music do you listen to?

VJ: I have a really eclectic taste in music, my mom has turned me on to so many different types of music. I listen to the Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Colbie Callait, Sara Barellies, Coldplay… I love everything. I think Ludacris is my favorite rapper, I would love to go to one of his concerts.

JJJ: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

VJ: I went to a Coldplay concert recently, and it was AMAZING. Chris Martin was awesome. I have the coolest story from that… it’s like a story that I’m going to tell my grandchildren about. So my best friend Audrey and I, and this foreign exchange student that we went with, had really bad seats all the way in the [nosebleed section]. This guy comes up to us with a band member [pass] on and tells us that they are looking for dedicated Coldplay fans to go sit in the front row. I said, “We’re dedicated Coldplay fans!” He told us to give him our tickets and we could go sit in the front row. I was being logical and wondered if it was a scam–was he trying to take our tickets? Should we do it? Audrey was saying we should just go, so we gave him our tickets. And we actually ended up in the front row at Coldplay. AMAZING!

JJJ: What’s your favorite Coldplay song?

VJ: I love “Viva la Vida.” That’s a lot of fun to dance around to, and I love “Fix You” and “Yellow.”

JJJ: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

VJ: American Idol and The Office.

JJJ: Favorite Disney movie?

VJ: Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

JJJ: How are you celebrating Valentine’s day? Any boys involved? (JJJ note: This question was obviously asked before this past weekend.)

VJ: I really don’t know yet…if anything I’m probably going to hang out with my friends. Maybe, there’s a possibility there may be one guy, but who knows?

JJJ: Starts with a J?

VJ: No, no J in my future. I’ll stick to other letters of the alphabet! Just kidding! No, I love him as a friend! We’re really good friends.


Spectacular! premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickeldeon. Tune in!!!

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  • Laura

    she’s so prettyyy.. i was just thinking, comparing her to Selena Gomez, cause they’re both really beautiful, so why is Selena followed by Paparazzi and not Victoria? Victoria began her career a few years ago already, she was in Zoey 101 with Britney’s sister in 2004 maybe.. i think that’s not f

  • Carolyn

    she’s really prettyyy, i was just thinkin, comparin her to Selena,, they’re both very pretty, but why is Selena followed by paparazzi & not Victoria? Vic started her career a few years ago already, she was in zoey 101 with Jamie Lynn Spears in 2003 maybe.. that’s not fair, Selena is just famous for being Demi’s BFF & Nick’s ex GF

  • jane

    shes really pretty… just looks a little old for her age thats all!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with #1

  • jane

    yeah.. totally agree with you #1… love selena too! but ashley the most!!

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    Who is the ‘J’ in reference to? I thought it might be for Jared but than that wouldn’t make sence with her last comment.

  • Emma

    Maybe it’t becours shes on nickelodeon ? I dont know. But I love her :)

  • Sarah

    Are they referring to Josh Hutcherson? ;)
    I think they are lol
    but they totally make an adorable couple!

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    no one cares about the kids that come from Nickelodeon.

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    she’s a cutie, her and simon should hook up

  • taytay


  • erika

    wow… you guys DONT even think about comparing Selena to victoria. selena is way prettier than victoria so shut up. and the reason that selena is followed by the paparazzi is because selena happens to be more famous. and also selena didnt get famous by being demi’s bff. or by dating nick. selena became famous by having talent. Love BFFs and fellow Disney stars Selena and Demi. and taylor and miley. and i dont give a crap about ehat you guys think if you defend victoria.

  • erika

    wow… you guys DONT even think about comparing Selena to victoria. selena is way prettier than victoria so shut up. and the reason that selena is followed by the paparazzi is because selena happens to be more famous. and also selena didnt get famous by being demi’s bff. or by dating nick. selena became famous by having talent. Love BFFs and fellow Disney stars Selena and Demi. and taylor and miley. and i dont give a crap about what you guys think if you defend victoria.

  • jo

    Why are people comparing Victoria to Selena? They are SO different. I personaly think Vic is MORE of a triple threat, although I do like Selena.

  • Twilighter

    Umm…..i like Demi, Taylor, && Miley. But i find Selena annoying. I like Victoria better, i wish she was involved with Disney

  • Just Jono

    Victoria is amazing :)
    Selena is amazing, but they both are really awesome.
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    Don’t compare her to Selena… they’re not in the same league (Selena being in the higher one :) ) And she also says she doesn’t wear makeup …yet she’s totally wearing makeup??

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    I like Brenda, Debby, Miley, Demi, Selena and the Disney gang, but why is Jared promoting Victoria so much, no offnce but no one cares about Nick stars. Because they dont have the IT factor, Selena yes she got the media’s attention by dating Miley’s ex Nick Jonas and by fighting with Miley, THATs the truth stop denying it but she still is pretty and talented. Debby, shes on her way to become the next Miley, she has the acting going on and teen mags are always requesting her because they know shes the next thing, Brenda, Miley and Demi worked for everything they WORKED for it they didnt just get famous by posing without any clothes and fighting with the mega sucessful stars.