Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis: Good Day LA!

Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis: Good Day LA!

Spectacular! stars Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis stopped by Good Day LA this morning to promote their new Nick movie-musical.

The duo, who play rival show choir leaders Royce and Tami, dished about the movie and tackled the constant comparison between Spectacular! and the popular High School Musical.

Victoria shared, “I think that people are comparing us to High School Musical because we do have music in Spectacular! but honestly, they weren’t the first to do musicals. There were tons of musicals way before that.”

Simon added, “Triple threats are a big thing right now. You know — singing, dancing, acting. All three. We’d like to think we’re capable of all three.”

Check out the full interview below and tune into Spectacular! TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis – myFox News 11, 02/16
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  • http://http/ daniel

    the people is comparing with high school musical cuz is a musical
    too SPECTACULAR is a movie than nickelodeon presents so is a competition against disney
    now disney is famous and popular than nick thanks hsm1,2,3 hannah montana jonas broters zac and cody

  • http://http/ daniel

    but camp rock was a dissaster sorry fans over 14

  • aw

    um lol at her answer, sorry hun it’s pretty obvious exactly what Nick is trying to do with this movie.

  • isa

    “I think that people are comparing us to High School Musical because we do have music in Spectacular! but honestly, they weren’t the first to do musicals. There were tons of musicals way before that.” hahaha ouch

  • http://http/ daniel

    #3 i dont speak about nick jonas i say nickelodeon
    darling nick jonas doesn’t know act . I know is sad but is the truth

  • july

    but camp rock was a dissaster sorry fans over 14 [2]
    haha camp rock was so lame and i like the jonas brothers…but really, it was a complete disaster
    some of the musics were good though, i guess the acting was the worse

  • http://http/ daniel

    ~#4 i kñiw you think IAM a stupid

  • sophie cyrus

    HSM Rocked!

  • http://http/ daniel

    i think high school musical is the only one
    it’s a bad idea comparing cuz hsm is original

  • varisha

    WHAT THE HELL!! omg whatever because omg hsm is WAY million times better ok btw most all other musicals r DUMB!! well ya go hsm they better shutup ok cuz HSM rox!!

  • http://http/ daniel

    you rock varisha #9

  • Jld

    i think it will be an okay movie, but i dont think nick is trying to copy disney, in a article i read it said nick was think about the idea of a musical in 2005!

  • HSMFan

    As much as they would hate to admit it, musical movies started becoming cooler to do after High School Musical so I think movies like Camp Rock and this movie owe some of their success to High School Musical. But don’t get me wrong, this movie sounds like fun and I WILL watch it.

  • melissa. *

    high school musical is better by like a billion times.

  • .

    HSM may not be the FIRST musical……but it is what started modern musicals. It’s the reason why movie musicals are back and why everyone else are doing it too (but unfortunately the ones after HSM SUCKED….besides Hairspray I guess)!!!
    Also, casting people that are Zac and Vanessa look alikes for the lead roles is definitely not original, no wonder they’re being compared.
    HSM will be remembered by a lot of people!!!! Spectacular will just be another ‘one hit wonder’……There’s really nothing to compare because I KNOW that Spectacular will not even come close to the success and fame that HSM had.

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    Spectacular would be nothing compared to high school musical!
    Sure, there were a lot of musicals before that, but none of them were as GREAT as high school musical!

  • Susanna

    High School Musical brought musicals back into style among the teen and preteen crowd. It’s an original. Even the second and the thrid couldn’t compare to the first. This “Spectacular” looks anything but, and I feel as if it’s just another rip off of what HSM is all about. They need to stop pretending that they aren’t trying to imitate HSM’s success with this movie.

    But the problem is that they are trying too hard. With HSM, they weren’t trying to make it a hit, and that’s why it became one, because it was a huge surprise. With HSM 2 and 3 the whole purpose was to make another hit, same with Camp Rock. That’s why those didn’t do as well, and that’s why this one won’t either.

  • amanda

    spectacular is just an emo version of high school musical.

    nickelodeon would’ve never even considered doing a musical if they hadn’t seen their opponent, disney channel, have the HUGE success of high school musical, that it did.

    stop trying to copy high school musical.
    it’ll never be as good as high school musical.

  • Tye

    I don’t know who Victoria thinks she is saying that HSM wasn’t the first musical or anything. Sure it wasn’t, but would Spectacular (cheesy name, btw) ever been made if it weren’t for HSM? Sorry, but no.The girl needs a reality check. Spectacular looks horrible anyways.

  • amber

    Haha she is dumb.

    HSM > every other musical now days,

  • liza


  • laura

    i agree with #21 liza

  • ashfan

    to #15,
    hold it,
    do u just say sweeney todd suck ? enchanted ? mamma mia ?

    HSM is not even the first Disney Musical…
    I just think it was the best though….

    and people think Camp Rock is a copy of HSM even though it’s not a musical.
    As much as talented Demi is, Camp Rock definitely sucks.
    And Spectacular is like a copy of it so it’s like Double Suck… hahaha
    ( the format anyway, maybe I like it when I see it )

  • gg


    I can’t believe Nickelodeon thinks they have the next big thing on their hands – HELLOOO! Did you see Disney sending Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, Lucas, Corbin and Monique onto various different shows, meet and greets, signings, and any other kind of promotion BEFORE HSM came out? NO. The only promo HSM1 ever received prior to its release date was of Disney’s own doing though advertisements on buses and putting posters in malls to get kids to download some of the songs and tune into Disney Channel on Friday night. That’s it. And it worked. In a way no one could have ever imagined. HSM blew into something huge, it became a life of its own and has since broken too many records to count, the cast have become international sensations and everyone loved the story despite its cliched cheesiness. It’s clean, it’s fun, it was a modern spin on musicals and THAT’S why it became the phenomenon that it did.

    Now we see all these other networks trying to duplicate HSM’s success – The American Mall, Camp Rock, Spectacular, and God knows what else they’ll come up with over the course of the next few years. They should stop trying so hard already and admit that nothing will EVER live up to HSM’s success, at least not damn near anytime soon. It took 30 years for musicals to REALLY make a comeback, and although HSM is different than Grease in most ways, the stories are universal, and that’s why they garnered the audience that they did.

    Different timeframe, different generation, different characters, but the story is so relateable that people became fervently attached to them – you keep pushing the same-near story down people’s throats, they’ll tune it out until the next generation is ready for their story to lach onto.

    HSM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Camp Rock & Spectacular.

  • jo

    Although I’m an HSM fan, it’s true, it WASNT the first. But it IS aimed toward the same audience.

    Anyway, Spectacular aside, Vic is great!

  • http://http/ daniel

    #24 im totally agree with you
    i support HSM1- 2 110% AND HSM 3 1000000000000000000 TIMES
    fan of hsm forever
    there in not exist another zac and vanessa

  • ms..jonas..

    omg… “they werent the first to do musicals”But they were to do it on a kid network!! Hah got nothin to say..Nickelodeon is just trying to get in the money making business like Disney.They cant top the happiest thing on Earth.I dont care what anyone says.How did Britney, Ryan Gosling,or even Justin Timberlake get famous without Disney?
    Camila Belle even got famous by Disney(Rip Girls).Nick doesnt really have famous people out there expect amanda bynes.

  • claire

    ok, sweeties…hsm is not an original musical. It’s plotline is specifically stolen from grease. It was made to have a modern twist for younger audiences.

  • andrea

    this movie succked
    hsm at least had good songs and good people
    i used to like her on zoey 101 know she thinks she is
    the best thing ever
    sure hsm wasn’t the first but come on musicals weren’t popular since grease hsm brought it back
    and camprock didn’t copy hsm they don’t just break out into songs for no reason it was like a concert that they would sing

  • http://http/ daniel

    #28 shup up darling

  • me.

    uhm, okay, she doesn’t have to say that.
    she COULD’VE said “it’s not like hsm, because in our movie, they have blah blah blah”…
    the way she answered made her sounded like she’s dishing hsm. and FYI victoria, hsm is a classis. musicals are famous again AFTER hsm. if it wasn’t for it, i wouldn’t think that Nick would do a musical either.
    ugh, i hated the cast the first time i saw them. they seemed like they think spectacular was gonna be as famous as hsm. DREAM ON.

  • lola

    camp rock was good and so was hsm. but comparing hsm 1 and 2 with 3, i think hsm 1 and 2 was better. i think spectacular! is going to be another good movie to watch. simon and victoria r sooo cute!!!

  • Jenny.

    Sorry, but this movie sucked.

    Good music, but lame acting and cheesy storyline about some boy whose desperate to become a rockstar.

    Psh, nice try, guys. So whats next? Ben 10: The Monster Musical? Cartoonetwork: The Cartoontopia Musical?

    HSM will ALWAYS be the best musical for tweens and kids in this generation. It brought back musicals. Lets try Funk going into Hairspray and lets see Victoria make her own album. Or better yet, lets see Spectacular on the big screen.. [like never, yes?].

    Nickeloaden, you try to hard. ^___^

  • ashfan

    actually the first musical in our generation is the Cheetah Girls 1.
    and then Hsm 1 really BLOWN UP…. and it’s the most successful one in television.
    However, in cinemas, HSM 3 was definitely not on the same level as let’s say, Mamma Mia or Sweeney Todd which is a True Musical Film…
    The original hater of HSM ( not because of the casts ), hate HSM because people think HSM starts the musical era while we have Rent or Spring Awakening and a lot other broadway musicals before. But yeah, we can say that either HSM or the Cheetah girls is the first Clean Cut Musical for our generation that aimed to all ages….

  • soda

    wow, victoria is SO pretty! really! i think i am starting to become a fan lol

  • Lynn

    I agree with Victoria. HSM was not the first, how about Greese, Footloose, Fame, Hairspray (and not the remakes or upcoming remakes… I’m talking the originals) are all based on high school and singing. I think it’s dumb to comment until you see it, which is what a lot of you did. BTW Spectacular! was way better than all 3 HSM’s put together! At least this had a storyline and kids with some talent in it… Spectacular! was a pleasant surprise! Don’t hate on VJ… she didn’t bash Disney, she was just speaking the truth as Disney was not the first and not the original!!!!!

  • Musical fan

    Err no one is ‘hating’ on Victoria, she’s a good actress. People are just admiting the truth: that Spectacular cannot be compared with High School Musical because of the fact its sooooooo much better; it has better songs, better story line, characters you can relate with and a sweet message. High School Musical IS orignial just like Grease was, but lets remember Grease was made in 1978- 31 YEARS AGO. High school musical was a newer, same style but a more modern alternative to the movie, not another version. And the fact High School Musical managed to make it a trilogy, lets remember grease 2 people, that was just as good or even better than the first one prove that it is the best of its time.
    Oh and by the way ashfan #34 High School Musical generated $82 million worldwide just in the first weekend and broke the record that Mama Mia! original held . In total High School Musical 3 made $246.8 million worldwide JUST in movie sales.


  • Danielle

    @ #30 such a mature comment, she has a good and valid point so if you HSM fans have nothing better to say than “shut up”, please consider not saying anything at all.
    I personally have watched this movie multiple times, and it is not simply an “emo version of HSM”, it is another thing entirely. HSM was about a drama club,”Spectacular!” was about a show choir. HSM was a pretty-boy basketball player who wanted to act, while “Spectacular!” was about a singer who wanted to be a rock star and joined the choir to help him with that.
    Nickelodeon has been integrating music into their shows for quite a while now, beginning with Drake Bell on “Drake and Josh”, Miranda Cosgrove on “iCarly”, and the Wolff brothers on “The Naked Brothers Band”. A musical was only the next logical step.

  • katie

    nickelodeon needs to be cancelled and the people on that pathetic station need to shutup and just go away. 1. Everyshow disney does some stupid nickelodeon show copies it in some way-they won’t admit it but it’s true. 2. nickelodeon has no room to talk THEY SUCK, disney was started in the 1920′s where as nickelodeon didn’t start till the 80′s or 90′s. 3. they need to stop making fun of disney on their shows they think it’s harmless but it’s not, the only reason they make fun is cause there jealous they didn’t even let mitchell musso go to their dumb kids choice awards, 4. the reason nickelodeon is not successful anymore is cause it’s NOT funny, UN ORIGINAL, and STUPID. they are actors paid to act like miley cyrus and selena gomez!

  • monique

    I like wat Victoria said, wen she said that HSM wasn’t the 1st to do a musical. Like THANK U !!!

  • http://justjared.jr monique

    I like wat victoria said, wen she said that ” HSM wasn’t the 1st to do a musical” LikeTHANK U!!!

>>>>>>> staging1