Zac Efron as Jonny Quest?

Zac Efron as Jonny Quest?

Zac Efron is the first name attached to the title character of the live action film Jonny Quest, which Warner Bros. wants to bring to the big screen.

The 21-year-old actor is the top contender for the role, reports IESB, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is linked to bodyguard role, Race Bannon.

Dwayne dished to IESB recently about the lead role of Jonny, saying, “Cause you want to be true to it and you want to honor that and I loved Jonny Quest when I was a kid. If you go a little older, it gives you more, it allows you to be…it just gives you a bit more, you know. But then you want to honor it too, so…”

The animated 1960s series told of a boy, 11-year-old Jonny, who accompanies his father, Dr. Benton Quest, on extraordinary adventures. Fearing Jonny could end up in the wrong hands, a special agent/bodyguard/pilot from Intelligence One Government, Race Bannon, is hired to guard and train him.

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  • jen


  • elenee

    i’d totally watch :D

  • dan

    I totally wouldn’t

  • marie

    Haha.. I totally loved Johnny Q when I was a kid!

  • marie

    Don’t think it would be the great role for Zac though :D

  • stella

    OH GOD NO!!

  • “Khanya”

    Im sorry, I loooooove Zac bt I cant see him playing a grown up 11 year old boy.

  • Lena

    gosh! this guy is everywhere!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Jonny blonde? They should go for someone like Cody Linley.

  • zanessa4everr

    thats awesome! i would totally watch it!

  • VanessaFan4ever

    yes yes yes He is a great actor he is perfect for any role!!!!!!!1

  • Alexis

    I’m not really feeling the who Zac Efron = Jonny Quest thing, but It’s true that tweens and teens (including me) would go see the movie just because he’d be in it

    PS: Go and watch an episode of Jonny Quest. It’s hilarious. (Not because it’s good, it’s more like it’s so bad it’s good)

  • Nikki

    hahaha idont care what zac is in.. i just wanna see him in the big screeen! :D cuz he is suppper hottt!!!!!!

  • Zaynub

    Zac is starring in a lot of movies! LOL! Probably, probably? OBVIOUSLY cause he IS a great actor! I LOVE HIMM! BTW thats a good pic! lol!

  • Karen

    I would say if this would come about that it would have to be “rewritten” and make Johnny a young man and not an 11 year old boy. That’s just stupid. But if they did make it about Johnny being older and it was an action flick I’m sure Zac would be interested in it since he has said in the past he would like to do action movies.

  • zac fan

    i hope zac get the role

    becouse he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo hotttt

  • liza

    who cares if he wont be a good role or not?
    at least hes hott and we got something hott to watch!!! haha love ya zac!

  • Kelly

    According to, the “High School Musical” star will be starring in the live-action take of the cartoon as the 12-year-old adventure-seeking Jonny, only that he will be 17 or 18 in the film. Nothing has been finalized yet, although the studio is seriously considering the new twist.

  • troy

    First off “Jonny Quest” is a classic not because it’s so bad its good butbecause it WAS good. Now that I got that off my chest I have to say I don’t know about this. It pains to me to say this because I’m a fan but I have to disagree with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (great casting as Race) but aging Johnny TAKES away from the premise. Jonny really should be 11 or 12 years old.

    But on the other hand I do think Zac would be great as a teenaged Jonny. And I will most like see it.

  • maria

    Only if he’s older….then it’s all good.

  • nancy

    Sounds lame and Zac needs to play older roles to be considered a serious actor.

    Bet he doesn’t do it.

  • pop86

    OMG, my father loved this cartoon as a kid. Jonny Quest is classic cartoon that still has a cult following.

    I agree with Karen it would probably rewritten to make Jonny Quest older and more action adventure like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
    I more excited about Zac doing this than I’m about “Footloose”. I would go see it.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa 11 year old boy ?

    ..Ah, I remember Jonny Quest. I thought he was cute animated.. :D No doubt that he’ll be hotter IF Zachary plays him.

    #17, I SO agree with you !!! lol..

  • no bother

    I think it would be a good role for him as it would show him as a versitile( spelling???) actor. He as said in numerous interviews he would love to do an action movie so I think it would be a good project for him to have a go out. Even if the synopsis doesnt seem all that interesting to me,im sure it will be a good movie.

  • Jimmyboyo

    What BS

    The dude goes on about wanting to be true to “Johny Quest” blah blah blah but admits they are going older which automaticaly makes it NOT Johny Quest. Add in that The Rock looks NOTHING like the Race Banon

    In other wrods they have no creativity and are going to do a “re-work” of something that was once succesful (now completly out of date and pretty much unknown) and attach some supposed “hot” names to it to generate publicity and money.

    It will suck!

  • http://o Will

    Johnny Q was a great show but I’m not sure I’d want to see Zac in a movie vesion. Let’s face it, it’ll be another kids movie. Beside that Johnny is meant to be a kid, and that was the best part about it, changing the age wouldn’t go down too well. I think Zac should pass on it, as he did Speed Racer, and that was a fail so he did well to do that. Footloose will be awesome, and so will MAOW from what I have heard. He needs older roles, or at least ones around his own age. I am praying for an Apatow movie someday. So all in all I’m not feeling Johnny Q for Zac.

  • http://o Lucy

    oh heck no. The Rock? He’s awlful. No Zac don’t do it!!!

  • http://o Mike

    No. Johnny is meant to be a child, bad bad idea to change it. I seriously hope they don’t do this.

  • http://o Lauren

    I really hope this is a lie. I so do not want to see Zac do this. Something adult action ie Bourne yes. Kid no no. Bad idea.

  • http://o Martha

    It sounds like Agent Cody Banks, and that was bad enough! Don’t do it Zac!!

  • Carl Brutanananadilewski

    Forget Johnny Quest, I want a live action movie of The Venture Brothers! JQ wouldn’t even be on the radar if it wasn’t for popularity of The Venture Brothers. Plus I would love to see a real woman speaking with the voice of Dr. Girlfriend.

  • http://o Sydney

    They are just using Zac’a name. Essentially so it won’t fail like Speed Racer. Pretentious fools. He should give this rumour the boot asap. Bad bad idea, not good at all.

  • yayy

    ok so first he’s a 17-18 year old high schooler, than he plays a 40 year old man and now he’s 11?

  • http://o Taylor

    he has so much more potential than a movie like this. He needs to stay away from remakes (aside from Footloose which is amazing), stupid inane sequals and adaptations to kiddie things. Pleas Zac don’t even consider this. He is a funny and talented guy, Robot Chicken is awesome and so is 17again..we need more comedy from him. No no no to this.

  • witchygirl

    loving it

  • raaaaach

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens kept the Valentine fire burning with a romantic dinner on Sunday night, Celebuzz reports exclusively.

    The two Disney stars braved a cool night in Southern California to cuddle together at the romantic Hollywood hideaway Pace, a fellow diner reports.

    “They were very affectionate, holding hands,” says the diner. “They chose to sit next to each other rather than across from each other.”

    Zac, who recently turned 21, had a glass of red wine. Vanessa, 20, was wearing a dress, while Zac was dressed warm in a red flannel shirt.

    Vanessa had thrown Zac a party at Pace for his 21st birthday in October, People magazine reported at the time. Guests at the Zac’s party included High School Musical co-stars Ashley Tisdale and Monique Coleman, along with Brittany Snow, Michelle Trachtenberg and Amanda Bynes.

  • luis


    I hope that this thing go on… Zac Efron is the one for that Role and the Rock is the best for every single role that he does!!!

  • http://o Rachel

    Really bad idea. Jonny is meant to be 11 it would be wrong to change his age. It’s an awlful premise for a movie, to mess with the core of the characters and the entire notion of a kid hero. Really don’t like the sound of this for Zac. One of the Sprouse boys or Cody Linley should do it. Someone who is not 21 and who houses so much potential. Zac is better than this. They really are just using his name and that is the first thing that puts me off. He should stay well clear as he did with Speed Racer.

  • [other] sam

    omfg that was the best cartoon ever!
    the 90s/3d version was trippy as hell, i loved it!
    anyone remember the one where the president was an alien? amazing.

    tbh anything with zac efron is worth seeing, even if it also stars the rock

  • yets

    #36 thats really sweet.

  • Bearotic

    Hmmm… And who will play Doctor Quest I wonder. Eric “McSteamy” Dane?

  • nicole

    Um… Have people looked at him lately? He just barely passed as a 18/19 year old guy in High School Musical 3, and people think he’ll be able to pull off 11? I think not. And besides, I thought he was trying to move away from “kiddie” stuff.

  • V-loyalist

    Seems that so many good things are coming on Zac’s way and that is so great to hear.

    Admittedly, I don’t know much about this animated show but, If in case this is true, Zac being the smart guy he is, for sure will consider things first before agreeing or not to do this movie version.

  • kathya

    OMG ! that’s amazing I LOVE ZAC he’s soooo HOT ! is the best

  • Jessie

    hope he get the role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zac you’re sooooooooooo hoooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!

  • chloe

    Zac is soo cute i just cant belive there is no more high school musicals!!! I am so upset hsm is my fave film what am i going to do for the rest of my life!!!
    :) i will miss it.

    High school musical is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so cute zac.

  • Kikigirl101

    Eh…. maybe it’ll work….as long as Jonny has to grow up because there’s no way in hell Zac could be an 11 year old boy. And if they are going to use Hollywood magic to do so they should pick a younger actor…idk…not sure if I would watch it and I love Zac to death!

  • illuman23

    How about a Venture Brothers movie? Now that I would go watch.

  • mrsefron.


  • tint

    I dont think he should do it , hes got loaaads of potential and although it will show him being versatile he should concentrate on serious roles.