AnnaLynne McCord Loves Kellan Lutz -- Or Does She?

AnnaLynne McCord Loves Kellan Lutz -- Or Does She?

90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord recently dished to J-14 mag that her younger cousins are obsessed with Twilight!

The 21-year-old actress shared that at a recent family gathering, her younger cousins started to text text “We love you” to good friends Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, who play Alice and Emmett in the blockbuster flicks.

Once the messages were sent, Kellan called AnnaLynne right back asking, “Did you send me some weird message like how you love me?”

AnnaLynne is currently in talks to play Heidi in the New Moon sequel.

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  • biggest fan of vanessahudgens!

    “Did you send me some weird message like how you love me?”

  • biggest fan of vanessahudgens!

    “Did you send me some weird message like how you love me?”

  • Kris

    hmm she’s kind of annoying me with all these twilight talk .
    it’s not like the part she’s going to play is gonna be that huge anyway.

  • jenny. canada

    i luv her so i would luv for them to go out

  • bellamor

    Love Ashley, love Kellan…YCK AnnaLynne. Leave Kellan alone, PLEASE!

  • krista

    ugh, well with all the publicity she’s milking out of just being in talks for the role, you know she’s gonna get it.

  • katelyn

    she reminds me of one of those gremlins.
    or maybe a furby.

    but i’m not the biggest twilight fan, but if she’d be in it, i’d think that would ruin it, wouldn’t it?

  • Rocket.Queen


  • Russian girl

    katelyn # 7

  • arantxa

    i would not liek to see her on New Moon
    but mm the part of Heidi is a minor role
    so i kind of dont care

    But no :(
    i dont want them dating

  • cyn

    Gag meee. I’d rather not pay good money to see her ‘acting.’

  • enoch

    what about heidi klum for heidi in new moon? ^-^

  • vanessa

    she’s really weird looking
    but i love kellan and ashley!

  • vanessajonas

    ew she is weird.. i love emmet!

  • Meepzy

    Lol, she’s really doing everything in her power to get that 3 minute role.


    ughh she is like just talking too much about it she just wants the role to get famous!
    and she better NOT get the role…she wants attention..i love KELLAN & ASHLEY..BUT not HER!

  • Jennifer

    Please leave Kellan alone. When she opens her mouth, crap just comes out. Do not like her at all. I seriously hope she doesn’t get whatever part for New Moon.

  • queen bee
  • queen bee

    This is OBVIOUSLY not true.

    First of all, yeah sure he didn’t want to know anything about her, that’s why they have those absolutely flirting pictures in the beach. And there’s A LOT of pictures of them together and being cute and all that things.
    Plus, THEY ACT TOGETHER IN 90210 PEOPLE!! THEY OBVIOUSLY KNOW EACH OTHER!!! Besides all the Twilight thing!!

    Second, ANNALYNNE IS GORGEOUS PEOPLE, deal with it, JJ just don’t post the right pictures.

    And third, stop saying that she wants fame, she’s on 90210, she’s not unknown for god’s sake! She’s one of the main characters!!!

    I don’t really know what the hell is this, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true. People just say stupid things about Twilight and the actors all the time since it’s more comercial now. I don’t believe the half of the things I read.

  • Nessa

    Yehh the personn abovee me is so riight !
    annalynne is an absolute gorgeous actress !
    howw anyonnee could say shes ugly is beyond me
    their just jealous !

    and ii too dont see howw she wants the attentionn
    so shee lovees cameras get over it ! shes likees to
    havee funn, theres nothinn wrong with tht !!

    and omg i would absolutelyy
    lovee to see her in twilight ! i think she’d do amazingg
    even if it is a lil rolee she would in no way ruinn thee
    moviee if anyonee couldd ruinn the moviee
    it would the hatee tht people are feelin towards her
    and possibly if vanees hudgens ever madee ann
    appearancee !

  • Katcullen

    AnnaLynne. What to say about her? I know that her and Kellan are going out she can deny it all she wants but were not blind. Obviously the pictures of Kellan and AnnaLynne at the miami beach don’t show enough proof? Or mabe the pics of them in the photo booth at Heff’s superbowl party? Or that incident at the miami shore’s club skybar with that little fit she threw when he caught Kellan with another girl? I’m certainly not going to list all of the evidence thats clearly proves that they are “Obviously a couple”. Anyways I believe that she is just using Kellan to get the “3 minute role” in New Moon because of the fame. I mean seriously us Twilighters will stress and practically obsess over every single detail of the books/movie(s). Like the Leah Clearwater controversy? When she might not even have a role in New Moon. Also, I think that her cousins are extremely fortunate to be related to someone who is using Kellan. One thing to any Joehoe who will be looking at this, seriously now, why do they have to drag disney into everything. Taylor is a whole different story, there is nothing wrong with him playing Jacob, but you do not put disney MUSIC in a perfectly awesome movie, especially when it is a very serious and romantic movie.

    My Source:,, and Twi-hard Twilighting.

  • jaime

    she’s kind of weird…she’s probably just trying to hop onto the the twilight sequels

  • jessica

    and we care because?….

  • lga

    Her eyebrows are just shaped soo wrong for her face, not to mention too dark. Not a good look for her. She’d be prettier with that taken care of.

  • Emily

    i hate her!!
    i totally agree that she is just using twilight to bust her fame.
    Kellan and Ashley seem to be really cool and honest people and she, well dosn’t

  • emmettz girlfriend

    gosh calm down! if Kellan likes her then i like her to. she’s pretty with curly hair. i think she will be good at playing heidi. it is confirmed she is. it would be cool if she got longer on-screen time. oh well. luv ya KELLAN!!!!


    Actually, now that i think about if, she would be better playing the vampire in the fourth book, Tanya. She is, of course, beautiful, and has strawberry blonde curls. AnnaLynne would be AMAZING in this character. :}