Danielle Deleasa Meets Fans

Danielle Deleasa Meets Fans

JJJ BFFs Marissa and Andrea got lucky last December as they were waiting for their flight out of tropical Bahamas — they ran into Daniella Deleasa, Kevin Jonas‘s girlfriend!

Marissa tells JJJ, “We met Danielle Deleasa at the Bahamas airport when we were leaving on December 14, 2008. She was so nice and super pretty! She was sitting down with her dad and she was perfectly happy to take a picture with us. It was amazing. Right after she called someone who we think was Kevin! It was awesome.”

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Bigger pic inside…

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  • Emily

    Aww Kevin and Danielle are so cute together!!!!

  • Just Jono

    Aw! How lucky, she seems really nice.

  • randa

    she super cute!
    everyone says she’s soo nice!
    I’m very glad kevin and her are together!!

    I hear wedding bellls!!! ;)

  • randa

    she super cute!
    everyone says she’s soo nice!

    I’m very glad kevin and her are together!! they make the cutest couple

    I hear wedding bellls!!! ;) lol

  • 454787

    she’s not even a celebrity…

  • joanne

    uh hello she’s not even a celebrity. she’s a celebrity’s girlfriend.

  • ano

    She seems so nice! :]

  • Erin

    So what does she do?

    Or is she just ‘famous’ cause of the boyfriend?

  • kaka

    she’s prettii :)

  • Mima

    Uh… Hello? She didn’t ask to get her picture taken. It just so happens that these girls wanted to pose with her, cause they think Danielle is cool. And so do I.

    Seriously, out of all the Jonas girlfriends, I like Danielle the best. She really seems nice and down-to-earth and normal. Not to mention pretty :)

    I sincerely hope Kevin marries her. They are so cute together.

  • Nicola

    If the girls like her and think she´s nice … I mean she´s more famous than other people who were seen 5 seconds in TV! So isn´t it cool to meet her? She seemed nice an friendly so what matters? Maybe she become more than ´just the girlfriend´ because of this pic?!?!

  • taylorswiftfan

    Wow she looks cute! And yay i’m the #11 beat that!

  • taylorswiftfan

    cool she looks so pretty and yay i’m the #11 beat that!!!

  • Blake

    ok how is she a celeb? this is lame…

  • nicole

    Who cares?

  • mimi

    am happy for kevin if he found love in danielle! good for them they look cute together!!

  • andrea


    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • joeil4u

    she’s so cute, i like her so much…she’s the jonas girl i like the most ever after miley…
    i hope they will get married too but i guess it’s a little too early lol
    kevin did a great choice, congratulations:)
    unlike his brothers-.-

  • lauren

    taylorswiftfan @ 02/17/2009 at 9:36 am Wow she looks cute! And yay i’m the #11 beat that!

  • marissa

    thats me!!! :)

    thank you jared for posting this. it made my life :)!

    and thanks for all the nice comments!

  • http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=161&pos=2 Scarlet

    Which one is danielle?

  • http://www.kstewartfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=161&pos=2 Scarlet

    Oh wait, it doesn’t matter, I just googled her and danielle is the one in the middle right?

  • marissa


    marissa and joe!
    andrea and nick!
    danielle and kevin!


  • Yvonne

    Aw, I love her. Kevin is doing it right with a non-celeb. Much less drama that way. I hope a wedding announcement is soon.


  • Krissy

    kanielle = love love love! <3333333333333333333
    KEVIN is one lucky guy to have her
    and DANIELLE is one lucky girl to have him
    there so perfect for each other, you can totally tell!
    She looks so damn pretty & gorgeous
    with a cute personality – so sweet, and probably funny =]

    Who cares if she’s not famous enough?
    you don’t need someone who’s just like you, to be with them.
    like the Jonas’ have said before, they date anybody, from ppl in the business to fans.
    and obviously, kevin doesn’t care which one, he just loves her, for who she is— an amazing person, who would never forget him!
    And the same goes for her, as well, cuz they were together, before the Jonas brothers were famous (:
    That’s love right there.

    And i also, don’t think, she’s more famous becuz of him, since there not “public” enough and straight forward with their relationship, just so everyone can know about it, and follow her around.
    Which i like, since it’s low key & indestructible.
    even more sweeter :)

    Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!
    so cute ^-^
    ALL the best for KANIELLA!!!!

    # 10
    i agree completely!!! =)

  • Skye

    She seems nice and is always friendly with the fans

  • Laura

    aww she seems really down to earth. im genuinely happy for her and kevin :D

  • eliz

    Was she a little freaked out when u asked for a photo? DId u ask her about the boys? What did she say to you?

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Shes pretty cute shes sooooooooo lucky to be dating Kevin J as well (if she was dating Nick than I would hate her :P haha). Is she a celeb? I thought she was a family friend of the Jonases who lived in NJ rather that or people are just giving her attention cause shes with Kevin.

  • Angie

    she seems really nice.

  • Divine Goddess

    She’s with the sweetest Jonas brother. Kevin is cool and she’s a normal girl, so it’s nice that he’s not only into celebs. She’s from his homestate of NJ. I hope they stay together. She’s beautiful and seems really nice

  • witch

    she pretty…..
    he very lucky to be dating with kevin and kevin very lucky too get her
    go KANIELLA……………

  • http://JJJ laurenj

    daniella is a goddess, pretty and smart and i wish her and kevin all the best for the future because they both truly deserve it and more…im glad yvonne u got your wish…..

  • Perscilla

    thats my sisters :)

  • katy

    hehehehe she takes a pic with them and is like
    “oh wow kev some girls just asked for a pic with me”
    thats cute hehehe

  • la la land

    Danielle is really Pretty!!

  • anon

    heyyyyy i know those girls. they go to my school!

  • julii

    danielle and kevin are so sweet together i am so happy for theem i love how they look together Congrats!<3

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