David Henrie Interview -- JJJ Exclusive!

David Henrie Interview -- JJJ Exclusive!

Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie caught up with JJJ to dish on his latest DCOM, Dadnapped.

The 19-year-old actor dished to JustJared.com about Twittering, his favorite on-set props and his Fox-y celebrity crush. Check it:

JJJ: Hi David, are you familiar with JustJared.com?

DH: Of course I’m familiar with your site! Now I know what Miley [Cyrus]‘s doing at all times. I go on once a day and I’ll keep tabs on what’s going on, it’s fun. It’s addictive. Selena [Gomez] told me about the site and told me to check it out. So I started looking at it about once a week and then I was like, you know what, I think I’m gonna go again, and then…it gets you. I go on both JustJared.com and JustJaredJr.com, they’re both really fun.

JJJ: There are a lot of negative blogs as well, do you stay away from them? Are you affected by them?

DH: It’s just part of the business. I enjoy what I do and everything that’s a part of it, and that’s all part of it. I’m totally down with all that, there’s going to be negativity no matter what.

JJJ: What is the craziest rumor you’ve read on a blog or a magazine? Has anything on the net ever bothered you?

DH: The other day I was on my IMDB page, and someone wrote that I had my tongue pierced, and someone wrote back agreeing with that. That is definitely not the case, but what can you do? People say all sorts of things, you’ll hear the most random stuff. I have no piercings – I got a few tattoos, but no piercings. I got an angel on my shoulder and it says “familia” in the middle…it’s like an old Italian familia on my shoulder. And on the back of my arms, I have [Scriptural verses] Romans 2:12 on my right and Galatians 22:23 on my left arm.

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JJJ: Do you consider yourself religious? You come from a big Italian family and you have scripture on your body…

DH: I went to Catholic school growing up. You can also look at the religious implications of [the verses], or you could just take the meanings of them, which are to live a positive and healthy life. There are certain standards by which you should live with and you should obey – I look at both meanings. Let’s say I wake up tomorrow and all of a sudden my faith is totally shaken and I forget everything I’ve learned, I would still want to live my life by the meanings of the scripture. I still try to go to church, but it’s more personal to me now. I say my prayers before I go to bed, I ask for my desires, I ask for forgiveness for certain things. So, I’m still definitely religious.

JJJ: Do you have a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

DH: I don’t have a Facebook or MySpace. The ones on there right now are all posers. One is being created right now, though. I also just made a Twitter. My name is already taken on it, so mine is David_Henrie, and I’m twittering it up now. It’s fun! I just made it yesterday, and in the first ten minutes I had fifty followers.

JJJ: Tell us about your character Wheeze on Dadnapped?

DH: I play Wheeze. Oh, Wheeze. The movie’s about this book series that a famous author wrote that has a huge following, kind of like a Harry Potter or a James Bond kind of novel, and he throws a convention and the winner gets to hang out with the author. In order to win the convention, I reenact one of the plots in one of his books and I end up kidnapping him. So I’m the bad guy in the beginning, but then he gets kidnapped from me. And there’s a love story line between me and Emily Osment and we try to get him back. It’s fun, I think kids will like it.

JJJ: Do you have any fun stories or fave memories from the set of Dadnapped?

DH: They have a huge mall right next to where we were shooting in Utah, so the cast would go see movies everyday, go hang out with the per diem they gave me, it was a lot of fun.

JJJ: Do you like traveling? And what are five items you have to take with you when you travel?

DH: I love traveling, we’re taking off on Sunday (February 15) to Puerto Rico to go shoot the Wizards movie. As ofr things I have to bring with me — deodorant, clothes, cell phone, computer, and, maybe a book of some sorts? Really, as long as I’ve got my computer, there’s nothing else I really need. You can spend your whole day on the internet, it’s just amazing.

JJJ: How long does it take to film a movie, say Dadnapped and Wizards?

DH: Dadnapped took 4 weeks, Wizards will take 6 weeks. Dadnapped, we cranked out a lot quicker.

JJJ: Have you read the script already? What’s the plot?

DH: The family wins a trip down to some South American place. I’m not sure if they name it in the movie, but we’re filming in Puerto Rico. So there are wizard ruins there, and we go check that out and things go awry like they always do in the wizard world, and my character has to fix them.

JJJ: Will Wizards of Waverly Place continue or end with movie?

DH: This is just a bonus, it’s not coming to an end. We still have the whole third season to do. This is just an in-between, a TV movie.

JJJ: Going back to Dadnapped, how does the love story with you and Emily pan out?

DH: When we filmed the movie, there was a big kiss in the end, but I don’t even know if they will put that in. So there was a kissing scene, it was fun. (laughs) To prepare for that, I was kind of like, “Emily, I know I’m a little older than you, and it’s going to be a little creepy, but it’s going to be fine, right?” So…it was fun, it was good.

JJJ: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

DH: Oh my goodness, yes I do. If I could meet Megan Fox, I would…probably die. I like her a lot! Sophia Bush is gorgeous. There’s a lot. There’s so many beautiful girls out here, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

JJJ: If you could emulate someone’s career, who would it be?

DH: Shia LaBeouf! Shia, 100%. I think because I relate to him the most. He started off doing [Disney's] Even Stevens, and then he made the transition into doing big movies, and that’s what I want to do. After graduating from Disney, I want to do bigger things, and that’s what I’m trying to work towards.

JJJ: Which instruments can you play? Would you ever want to pursue a singing career?

DH: I play the guitar and drums, that’s it. A career in music is not for me – I’m sticking to acting. Maybe I would do a movie musical – those are great. I could probably hold a tune, I’m not going to shut myself out from that. I love Broadway, I would definitely want to do a Broadway play one day. I’ve seen Chicago and Mamma Mia!. My favorite was probably Jersey Boys.

JJJ: What’s a normal day filming Wizards?

DH: We have a 5-day schedule – it’s 3 days of rehearsal and 2 days of shooting. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ,we rehearse. We get in at 9 in the morning and we finish at 3. Then on Monday we pre-shoot the technical scenes — the ones that involve green screen or any special effects — and then on Tuesday we shoot in front of the audience.

JJJ: Do you have a fave prop on set?

DH: I do! You’ll catch me doing things in the background while filming. I like to do things so that when I watch Wizards, I’ll laugh – like little distractions. If you watch an episode and I’m not saying anything in the scene, chances are I’ll be in the background with these two props on set that are two fish. They’re the most random things in the world on our set, but I’ll probably be holding the fish doing something completely random, like, having them in an argument with each other.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for more of our interview with David Henrie!

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    Most people I know are likable. Everyone I’ve ever met is likable. Most people are likable. Seriously! I think we’re born to be likable and some of us get pulled onto the wrong pathway. But I guess when you go to the world of television and movies, you get more of a variety because of the stress and egotism of the business and you’re just happy if the person is even likable. But, for some actors, being likable isn’t favored, I guess. David, you better continue being likable, lol (in case he reads this comment :-] ).

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