'How To Be' Robert Pattinson

'How To Be' Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson pulls double duty as he attempts to play both a guitar and harmonica in this new still from the upcoming comedy, How To Be.

The 22-year-old heartthrob filmed How To Be right before the blockbuster flick, Twilight. The movie’s soundtrack is now available at Dreamboat Records. You can look for it on iTunes soon!

How To Be, which will premiere on IFC Festival Direct in April, is about Arthur (Pattinson), a twenty something who moves back in with his parents and hits a quarter-life crisis.

Robert Pattinson – “How To Be” Official Trailer

15+ How To Be stills and posters inside…

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  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    1st and ew is all I have to say.

  • [other] sam

    that looks absolutely abysmal.
    the over hyping has made everyone forget hes actually not normally a very good actor.
    hes a lovely bloke but thats about it.

  • steph Love

    rob pattinson at his dorkiest…
    i love it!
    the movie actually looks good…
    but thats my opinion.

  • b chick

    i really really wanna watch this movie

    rob looks so young with his hair like that.

  • Janice

    needs to cut his hair, but looks very funny

  • carrie

    and he won an award for best actor for this movie, can’t wait to see it, seems .. inspiring ..

  • http://www.joiesh.blogspot.com Joie

    Ew… i don’t like his look…

  • Natalie

    Everyone needs to STFU and GTFO if you don’t like Rob. This IS a Robert Pattinson post for gods sake.

    BTW, That movie was HILARIOUSE.

  • laura-c

    Thank you for sharing this with those who only see Robert in Twilight. This is spreading the news on another great movie, this also shows he’s a wonderful character actor.

    Thanks again, Jared.

  • zanessa4everr


  • b

    I don’t get the hype about him. Not attractive at all.

    But this movie does look interesting. I like weird indie flicks.

  • agus

    i want to see this moviee sooo badly, reeaally looking foward to seeing robert in more mature characters. I do love him in twilight and harry potter, but he needs to try something different

  • E

    love him

  • Julia

    i love that robert is presented in an other light… not just always as edward cullin.
    here it is more about he story of the movie not about robert and his lokok. its about the “character”
    im curious and really want to see that movie.
    i just think he is a great actor

  • Today

    The movie seems interesting :]

  • arantxa

    he looks really funny
    i really want to see this movie

  • lis

    hahahaha,,,,that was freaking hillarius
    he looks so,,,stupid xD
    thnks jared ^^,

  • djd

    Damn it!!!I cant find my cuzzin….WHERE ARE YOU!!!

  • Maria

    Amazing movie. This is his chance to shine other than for his being Edward Cullen. When this movie and Little Ashes hit theatres people will realize how talented he really is.

  • Russian girl

    I want to see that film sooooo much!
    I saw “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” with him. He played not normal tipical boy there. And I like it. Robert was really good.

  • jaime

    it’s finally coming into mainstream! i’ve been waiting to watch this movie since forever! i love the dorkiness to it. Rob is truly an amazing actor!


    This looks really great! Edward Cullen was obviously a great part – but I love that Rob is in a comedy! Keep us posted about this film please!

  • lily

    Wat Happen to his Hair ? =[
    The Film Looks Ok I Guss

    Anyway <3 Rob x

  • vanessa

    this movie looks so good! omg!
    such a different role for him, same with little ashes.
    this will prove anyone who doubts his acting skills wrong!
    love you rob!
    cant wait for how to be, little ashes, and new moon!

  • bellamor

    I’d love to see this, along with “Little Ashes”. These films will prove Robert is far more than just Edward Cullen in Twilight. Plus, this movie looks absolutely amazing. Love Robert’s hair. It’s just…it makes me laugh, all the time.

  • sheila

    this looks great. its funny how people get so attached to one character for an actor and compare everything back to that.

    btw, i think the purpose of giving him a bad hair cut and dorky clothes in this movie is to move you away from focusing on his good looks (for those that do find him attractive. for those that don’t find him attractive, i guess you don’t need a bad haircut to do that for you).

  • sarahi

    agree with you 100% b #11. He may be a good actor but not cute at all to me.

  • cf

    I agree with you completely #26.

  • http://www.thatshideous.com that’s hideous

    he looks gross!

  • anon

    This was filmed long before Twilight was made. So all you teenies really need to get your panties out of a twist about how different his hair is. Not that, that should matter at all. It’s for a role, it’s his ACTING that should matter. Not “ZOMG ROBERT LOOKS SO UGLY.” And it seems more like a dark comedy, in my opinion.

  • sabrina

    what happened to his hair??

  • RebecaLOVESROB


  • http://www.justjared.com ana

    I´m going to watch the movie only because rob is there!

  • Robs girl!!!

    I LOVE HIM!!
    I want to see this movie sooo bad!
    He is a great actor!! <3

  • Tianna

    he is grosss!!!!!

  • Honor

    i want to watch this movie!
    i think art is very cute
    and i love indiemovies

  • TLT

    sorry, that’s edward :D can’t take it seriously, but i wanna watch it anyway

  • http://facebook Mrs cullen

    Love him and i carnt wait to watch it….

  • Zoe

    i think it looks funny! and his hair is kinda weird! but atleast it will prove he is more than edward in twilight!

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