Joe Jonas: Blindfolded Musical Chairs Champion!

Joe Jonas: Blindfolded Musical Chairs Champion!

Nick Jonas celebrates as big bro
Kevin gives up in finding the last chair in a game of “Blindedfolded Musical Chairs” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Tuesday, February 17.

Joe, 19, was the first to find his chair in the final round — making him the Blindfold Musical Chair Champion!

The JoBros made a stop on the fun talk show to promote their new flick, The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, out in theaters NEXT Friday, February 27th. Be sure to catch the Jonas Brothers on Ellen this afternoon!

The Jonas Brothers – Blindfolded Musical Chairs, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, 02/17
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  • Celebritie$everyday

    so funny!!!!
    i love JBross (L

  • iris


  • Tiffany

    hahaha kevin, “your’e so gonna LOSE!”

  • Bia_jonas

    OMG this is so Funny!
    yay Joe <3

  • lisa :]

    she left kevin hanging at first to hug joe =[
    they’re all rad. love them all <3

  • Juanick

    best show ever

  • dave

    i love how joe went around the chair in the final round

  • Shaked

    I can not belive she won 3 tickets to their concert this summer!!! and she got play with them! I am so jealous!!!

  • secret

    nick is hilarious.
    hes just kicking around.. and so i kevin.
    the girl looked like she was gonna knock over ellen cause she was so excited.


    and joe was really quiet i have to say

  • Rosa

    OMJ ..
    that was HILARIOUS !!
    can’t stop laughing !!
    woah ..
    they gotta do it more often .. lol ^_^

  • secret


  • Rosa

    OMJ ..
    that was HILARIOUS !!
    can’t stop laughing !!
    woah ..
    they gotta do it more often .. lol ^_^
    it’s also funny how she left kevin to hug joe first ..
    she was so excited .. she alomst lost her breath ;p

  • YouRockMYWorld1983

    soooo funny!!! =D love them

  • yaya

    ellen always comes up with the best games lol.

  • 13girl

    hahaa! i didnt see it but im already laughing!

  • cc27

    LOL!! :) Kevin was always peeking haha, Joe kept hitting up on the girl lol :) I love Joe, He won :) Plus that girl is very lucky xD

  • Torry

    hi im torry. i didnt realize i left kevin hanging. :( im sorry kevin.

  • thegirlinthegame

    i didnt realize i left kevin hanging. :( im sorry kevin.

  • J

    at4:18 joe has his head between the girls boobs

  • Abbbbers

    HAHAHA That was awesome! Can’t wait to actually see it on T.V. Ellen is hilarious. LOLZ I wanted Ellen Undies. Haha.

    And YEAH For Joe. Nice job! I love watching this game, everyone crouchs over into the funniest positions. Love it <3

  • vanessajonas

    it looks live nick let her got to the finals haha i love kevins laugh
    “you’re so gonna loose” LMAO
    they looked super excited

  • tia

    i swear joe culd sometimes see but whatevs. that was HILARIOUS omfg! i dont even like them and i was lmfao!

  • amelia

    I know I agree with the person above me! it looks like he was peeking at the very end when he won!

  • Yvonne

    Lisa–I hate it when girls do that to Kevin. Even though she did end up giving him a hug, that sad face Kevin had when she passed him up at first made me hate her

  • JBLove

    man oh man i love these boys! ;- ) they make me so proud! I’m so excited about all they have accomplished in their careers. They definately deserve everything they’ve gotten. They truely are the three sweetest guys on this planet!!!! <3 <3 <3 and they are super talented… and not to mention cute! lol. (even cuter close up too, trust me!!!)

  • Melissa

    OMG i totally LOLED
    and i wish i was that girl!

  • reginna

    wish i was that girl by the way, thats so funny!

    aw nick looks really cute celebrating :D

  • reginna

    love them so much!

    by the way she touched the jonas brothers ¬¬

  • layla

    omg. ellen is so amazing. lol, when was kevin left hanging??

  • cc27

    i didn’t see kevin left hanging .. >.> , anyways joe won :) they all looked like they had fun xD that girl s very very lucky xD

  • ma

    i love kevin jonas!!!
    team jonas!!

  • Rosalinda Jonas!

    Joe Is So Nice!
    *Waves Hands Up*
    “Are You Alright?”
    “Yeah Im Fine.”
    I Love All Three Of Them!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    OMJ Nick is so funny hes just kicking around hoping to kick something hes so cute. And did ya’ll see Kevin run into Nick’s butt?. They’re sooooooooo AWSOME I dont see how they even have haters.


  • Angie

    lol.joe is freakin SEXY! I would like grab his butt, and be like oopss sorry ;) haha

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    You and I both Angie aka comment #34

  • Billie h.

    joe pushed kevin! haha at like 2:24 haha i would have pushed him
    they are so cute <3

  • Salpi

    It was sooooo funny and hilarious. I loved it.

  • mima

    man oh man this was freaking hilarious!! looove them!

  • Ami

    I saw that before lol sooo funny
    I love watching them on ellen, they’ve been on this show so many times

  • Ami

    I love when ellen’s like “You boys get Valentine’s Day ellen underwear”
    And they’re like “YES!”

  • Witch

    That’s so funny (“,)….I love JB soo much

  • sleepinggal

    I <3 it.It was hillarius.Ian’t believe howshe left keven hanging, although i would have done the same.
    I LOVEJOE JONAS very very very very very very much

  • Rebecca

    hahahahaha JOE!! ahhhh love him!

  • jobro lover

    i cant believe i missed them on ellen
    i watch everyday and i missed it one time
    and i miss them noooooooooooooooo
    omg im so mad now :p



  • Fern_avolon

    OMJ this is sooo funny
    And where do she leave kevin hanging???

  • sexxy

    that was awesomely weird! ;-)! i lurve jo!

  • sexxy


  • lydia

    OMG that was sooo funny

  • Sophiie Lee Bee

    hahaah!!! funny ass anyfinn :) x Lovee J.B =) x

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