Peep 'Princess Protection Program'

Peep 'Princess Protection Program'

BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato laugh up a storm in this new promo for their upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Princess Protection Program.

Selena and Demi, both 16, star as Carter and Rosalinda in the flick. When Princess Rosalina (Lovato) is threatened by an evil dictator bent on taking control of her country, she is whisked away and placed into the Princess Protection Program. Mason, an agent with the program, hides Princess Rosalina in his own home where, with the help of his daughter Carter (Gomez), she adopts the cover of an ordinary teen named Rosie. The two form a close bond as Carter helps Rosie transform into a normal teenager and Rosie shows Carter how to find the princess within herself.

Princess Protection Program premieres on Disney Channel in June.

“Princess Protection Program” Promo #2

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  • ADAM

    This movie looks awesome! I love them both! It’s premiering in August? I thought it was premiering in June.

  • heatherfromengland

    looks amazing
    i <3 demi
    i <3 selena

  • nathalia

    can’t freakin’ wait!
    it look awesome!
    i love them soo much

  • bad… NOTTT

    this is going to be an awesome movie,i cant wait

  • every1roxx

    man i CANT WAIT 2 C THIS!!!!! . . . stop teasing meeee with these teasers!!!!!!!!! :-D :-)

  • Emma

    I CANT WAIT :D <3 Love them both :D

  • http://jjj miley

    it’s going to be absolutely amazing!
    can’t wait!
    love ya demi and selena!

  • Hez

    And we have to wait even longer in the UK =[
    Selena & Demi are both amazing, I’m really looking forward to this :D

    They must have had so much fun filming this!

  • yashi

    oh yeah i love selena and demi they r great , im proud cause the movie was filmed inPuerto Rico where i live , and Demi and Selana loved it here , Demi had a concert here in december and it was a total hit

    so i cant wait to see this movie !!!

  • Eve

    Blah blah blah.

  • cc27

    August is too far!! :( Noo!! xD lol Selena and Demi looked awsome in that promo so far :) , It’s gonna be soo cool!

  • Pbnj

    Yes! Yay! Yeah! Selena is totally gonna rock this movie. I just hope Demi doesn’t ruin this movie like she did with Camp Rock. Still, I can’t wait for the Demi and Selena duet song.

    BTW, Dadnapped was actually awesome tonight.

  • nina

    the bus scene was sooo fake

  • angel

    August?!?! Grr. I thought it was out in June! :(

  • SELENa fan

    cant wait
    mama mia :)

  • 17fan

    #11, #13,

    It’s coming out in June!

  • Kris

    hmm this looks pretty good actually.
    it reminds me of the princess and the pauper book by meg cabot .
    i think ? haha.
    but yeah .

    i can’t wait :)

  • DC

    This one is coming out in June. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is the one that’s coming out in August and the Russo family is gonna go to Puerto Rico or something. Disney Channel always premiere their biggest movies where the characters travel somewhere in August, like the Cheetah Girls movies and HSM2.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Eh to me it looks like another low budget tween movie and I DO NOT plan on watching this with these trashy actors/actresses.
    and if it does offend you
    I am truely sorry.

  • Cory out of the House

    JARED, FIX THIS ARTICLE NOW!!! It’s NOT premiering in August but on JUNE 19. Wizards the Movie is taking the August DCOM slot. Do more research will ya Jared?!

  • Just Jill

    Maybe, instead of being snippy with the ‘do more research’ comments, everyone could say it nicely? That might be nice.

  • Erika

    OMG! Yay! I’m so exicted for PPP! But why can’t it come out in April? Love BFFs and fellow Disney stars Selena and Demi! They are so pretty and have a great sense of fashion and style!

  • ADAM

    The Wizards movie is coming out in August? I thought it was coming out in October, you know as part of another Wiztober. Where did you guys hear that Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie is coming out in August?

  • D 10

    #23, A Disney Channel representative said in an MTV News article back in October that the Wizards Movie will be released in summer of 2009. This PPP movie is definitely gonna be released on June, so don’t listen to Jared lol. Disney Channel doesn’t air new movies in July anymore. Which leaves August open for Wizards. Plus, a movie that premieres in August on Disney Channel usually is the biggest Disney Channel movie of the year and involves traveling to someplace. This fits since Wizards is really big which will make the movie big too, and the Russos will travel to Puerto Rico.

  • Ami

    Awesome I can’t wait!
    I love Demi Lovato and this looks pretty good!

  • ADAM

    # 24, I see, but now what’s Disney going to do for “Wiztober” this year?

  • D 10

    #26, I really don’t know. They’re probably gonna do more new eps of upcoming season 3 of Wizards, which is good news. There are a couple of upcoming DCOMs that these Disney Channel is working on: High School Musical 4 (I’m not kidding) and Camp Rock 2, barf! But it’s likely that none of these are gonna premiere in October.

  • witch

    can’t wait………..

  • Harriet

    I like Selena as an actress but Demi Lovato canNOT act. At all.

  • lol

    #29, I can’t agree with you more. Demi is good at singing but Selena beats the crap out of Demi when it comes to acting. I believe Selena will go very far, even possibly reaching the Angelina Jolie level.

  • http://msn tiffany

    wow this is so cool cant wait to see it selena and demi r brill actresses they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • alyse

    Cant wait! :)

  • dickspitz

    Selena is so hot, i dream of what she does to my big, throbbing c*ck!

  • patrick

    ” Demi Has a CRUSH ON SELENA!!!!!!!!!!”"

  • dickspitz

    Demi slurps my overflowing cumspit out of Selena’s ass hole!!

  • ch33rfreak01

    i love Demi an Selena
    this looks AWESOME!!!
    *cant wait*

  • Fiona

    Oooohhh this is gonna be a really good movie!!

  • http://justjaredjr Fiona

    its gonna be great!

  • demi&selenaluvers

    hey demi and selena ur movie looks awesome i cant wait 2 c it!!! BTW those rude people who said mean stuff about u r probably just jealous because they cant b like u 2 so be strong and b bffs4eva

  • Katie

    hey selena and demi or demi and selena i would like to say i am a fan of yall and if yall are reaing this i wanted to tell yall that if i ever meet yall i promise i mean i really do promise i wouldnt scream when i see yall and that i see yall for who yall r whether you are rich or poor or famous or not i really like to see how people really truely are and not about being rich,poor,famous,not famous i really do mean that i just have a strong and i really do mean strong feeling that if we meet then i know we would be great riends im not joking i wouldnt joke like that im serious if we did meet im sure we would be great friends and well i am going to buy gifts for both of you in case yu do want to come and meet me i will have something for yall to show yall that i really am a fan but i think that we would be great friends well please come to louisiana plz just come for a concert or something and like say that u r coming to louisiana for a concert or something and plz say that on channel 53 plz trust me really and like if u can squeeze in 5 backstage passes for me and my family my name is Katie Fortenberry in case u have to know it and say i have 5 backstage passes for Katie Fortenberry and say that on channel 53 plz do this really trust me plz and my moms friend knows the Jonas Brothers cause she used to babysit the Jonas Brothers and well can u ask the Jonas Brothers mom if he remembers the Jonas Brothers’ babysitter plz do that for me to and my moms friend said that her and the Jonas Brothers mom used to be friendsand she saaid she still wants to be friends with her so if u could please set them up to talk im sure they will be friends again plz do these things for me yall plz and trust me my moms friend really wouldnt want to meet the mom because her babies are famous trust me she has a good head on her shoulders shes not like that trust me. well plz do these things for me plz and trust me u really wont regret anything.

  • Shannon

    Selena and Demi are great. #29 and # 30 you are right but I dont think Demi is t not hat bad. Selena is better though.

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