The Veronicas Cover The Jonas Brothers

The Veronicas Cover The Jonas Brothers

Twin sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso, also known as The Veronicas, performed their own live, acoustic rendition of the Jonas Brothers smash song, Burnin’ Up, on Pepsi Smash’s Cover Art.

JJJ reader Krystina told us about the time she met the singing sisters. She writes, “They are amazing live and they are so sweet!!”

The Veronicas joined the JoBros on their Burnin Up Tour last year. Check out their version of Burnin’ Up below!

The Veronicas – “Burnin’ Up”

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Credit: Thanks, Krystina!
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  • Lacey


  • Brittneyy

    love there cover.

  • lisa

    their cover is amazing. i really love it. :]

  • Izabella

    that’s amazing!!
    they made it sound like a completely different song!!
    awesome :D (LOVE the original though ♥)

  • eLLa

    i luvved it!
    and that means s0mething since i hate JB and this s0ng

  • Nevelin

    I love this cover . Amazing

  • cc27

    I love their song Untouched :) lol

  • andy

    this thing sound wack in the beginning but then it starts sounding better but no where near the jonas brothers style of singing…these girls sound so dead…no offense…lolz

  • E

    i love the jobros
    but this is amazing

  • nikki

    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Julie

    They are really good! I love them!

  • ChristinaRenee

    i love them :)
    and their version of the song. they are amazing!

  • francesca

    omg love it!!!!

  • Davinadarling

    ‘they sound dead’ Really?
    these girls are absolutely STUNNING and have the greatest voices
    i have ever heard. but you know,
    that’s just my opinion.


  • Vanessa

    Amazing and original cover. They have much better voices then the jobros.


    I Loved It!!
    But I Love The Original One BETTER!!! :D

  • Kris

    wow i love the jo bros.
    but this is 10 times better than the original .
    it brings out more emotion.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    The begining sucked but then it got better and better I’m not saying it was amazing but it was good.

  • lovedjny

    I loved it!!!

  • Jammye

    It sucks, ¬¬ it is too sad they version, i tottaly prefere the version of te jonas

  • Emma

    I love them :D

  • jackie

    you guys got to igve them some credit for his! your just use to the jonas brothers thats why lol. i thin k they sound mazing! but the orginal is always better! a totally diff song!

  • Angie

    love them, they did great!

  • thegirlinthegame

    ??? theyre blonde?

  • Maria

    genius… <3

    i hope these gals go on tour with demi!

  • Aazael

    awwww ilooviit *-*
    its much better



  • krysten

    the veronicas > jonas brothers

  • katie somethineg

    omjjjj! i love their cover. that was soooo good! i love them and the jonas brothers. they are both amazing!

  • Ami

    That was really good!

  • ana

    omg it soundsss sooo goood looooveiit!

  • mima

    gahh! don’t like it at all.. but then again i don’t like them and i love JB so…

  • serena

    it’s not as good as jb’s version but it’s alright

  • Jinisha

    The veronicas are awesome! and i love this cover version!

  • sabrina

    were they on the suite life of zack and cody, when they go to hollywood for their movie thingy, or is it just me???
    i am thinking that they are the two twins that said they were australian, and they said everything at the same time…

  • Clark Kent

    That was completely rubbish.

  • mariale

    I love the cover!!! I love the original but this is way better!!

  • maritza

    i didnt think i would like this but i actually think its GREAT!

  • Michelle

    They nailed it!!! I never heard them live before, and they sound really good. I still like the original though.

  • mary

    they’re voices are so spot on.
    i mean.. i love the jobros.
    but they’re voices will never be that good.
    so that was awesome.

  • Nicole

    I thought it would be a little more upbeat but, it’s great either way! I still like the Jonas’ version better.

  • carolina

    ay lños jonas brothers son xurrisimos los amo tkm carolina ps mas naki

  • http://saudiarabia lama


    joe i love you :)

  • Juliet

    I love this cover. I’m not her biggest fan, but I love the veronicas.

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