David Henrie: Lorenzo is a Stud

David Henrie: Lorenzo is a Stud

JustJaredJr.com is back with more of our exclusive interview with newly single David Henrie, star of the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped.

The 19-year-old Wizards leading man dished about Jennifer Stone‘s Sweet 16, the much-anticipated Wizards movie and being single and read to mingle. Check it:

JJJ: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

DH: Family Guy. It’s funny and random. I love it.

JJJ: Tell us about Jennifer Stone’s birthday bash. Was it fun?

DH: Lots of fun! She had a 40′s-themed party, and I had this whole outfit planned out, but I couldn’t find it. I was going to be a 40′s sweep boy homeless person, but I couldn’t find everything to complete the outfit. I had the gloves and the broom, but I couldn’t find anything else. I put off looking for everything till the last day, and it was way too late. I ended up wearing a shirt that said “Industry People Are Shady.”

I got her a card…everyone on the Wizards set just gets each other cards, because it’s just gifts back and forth and there’s so many people. We just keep it nice and sweet with a card or something, and maybe perfume.

At the party, we just hung out, danced, ate food. We had wrapped the second season two days before, so that was kind of a pre-wrap party. Everyone was just kind of letting loose. Good times.

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JJJ: Do you and your younger brother Lorenzo get along? What do you like to do together?

DH: We’re awesome, he’s an actor too. Just wait till he starts hitting movies, he’s going to be the next superstar of the world. He’s so cool. If I was 15, he and I would be best friends. I take him around whenever I go out, and he talks better to girls than I do. Like if I walk up to some girls and I’m talking to them, and he’s next to me, they all think he’s so cute and want to talk to him. He’s so great, it’s so funny. He’s such a stud, just wait till he starts booking all these movies.

He’s 15, almost 16, and when we were younger we always fought, but now he’s at that age…we’re becoming good, good friends. I just love hanging out with him now. We go everywhere together.

JJJ: Does he go to regular school?

DH: Yeah, he goes to Notre Dame, it’s on Riverside and something, in the Valley.

JJJ: Are you home-schooled? If you went to college, what would you major in?

DH: I went to regular school in 9th grade, and then my last semester, I started working on a lot of shows and stuff, so I couldn’t really continue. No time! I got my proficiency and passed all the high school requirements, so I’m good.

College…I would major in film. If the entertainment didn’t exist, I would probably be doing something in real estate. My dad does that. He’s been doing that his whole life, so I’d probably doing something like that. I like talking, I think I’m a pretty good improv-er. I think I could get people to invest in certain deals.

JJJ: What was your craziest fan encounter?

DH: The other day, I went to Universal’s City Walk and the second I got there, all of a sudden so many people were around me that they had to get a security escort and kick me out. That was pretty crazy, that was just the other day.

I remember when Wizards was starting to get popular when the first season was airing. I was snowboarding up in Utah or Tahoe. I remember I came out of an elevator with a board on my back, I had my helmet on, and goggles, and somehow just seeing from my chin, a girl recognized me. She goes “HOLY NUGGET!” That was the most random thing I heard come out of someone’s mouth, but that was funny. HOLY NUGGET!

JJJ: How long have you been boarding for?

DH: For about eight years. I got a park board and a terrain board but I like the park board more. My dad likes doing the powder, so I do that too. I do it all, I like it.

JJJ: Have you ever gotten injured boarding?

DH: I twisted my ankle pretty bad. I did this box and I fell backwards. My right leg went in an odd direction. I had to keep the boot on…I actually slept with the boot on to keep the swelling down.

JJJ: When you’re filming Wizards, does Disney prevent you from boarding?

DH: Yeah, they give you a sheet, and it has every extracurricular activity you could possibly imagine on it. If you do any of them you have to check them off, and then at the start of production they say, you know all those things you checked? You’re not allowed to do it anymore, otherwise you can’t get insured. So I’ve learned…not to check anything. Found a loophole.

JJJ: You got a Dodge Challenger for Christmas? From who?

DH: I got the Challenger SRT8 – it’s in the shop. I bought it for myself! I’m getting an exhaust put on the back. and I’m getting some red suede for the interior. I’m just kind of hip-ifying it a little bit more. That’ll be done next week, but I won’t even get to see it since I’m going to be in Puerto Rico. My dad’s like, ‘I’ll go pick it up for you, David!’

JJJ: Do you still live with your parents?

DH: I live with them but come April 1st, when I get back from Puerto Rico, I’m moving out. It’s gotten to be that time, and I’ve talked to my parents about it. My mom is Italian, so she’s very old-fashioned and she’s like, “You stay with mother until you get married.” I’m like, OOOOkay, that’s not happening! So I’m moving in with my buddy Brandon Smith from Sonny with a Chance, and my other buddy that I’ve been best friends with since 8th grade. We’re going to get a place in Studio City or in the Hills someplace. It’ll be sweet.

JJJ: What do you like to do on your downtime?

DH: I’m actually going to be writing on Wizards next season, if everything works out. I like to write in my spare time. I like to watch movies. My favorite Disney movie is Lion King. Such a good movie!

JJJ: Valentine’s Day is Saturday, do you have any plans? Are you single? (JJJ note: Yes, the interview was before last weekend.)

DH: Oh yeah, I’m having a Valentine’s day bash at my house! I’m going to get red balloons and red light bulbs and put them all around the house. I’m just going to invite a bunch of people over. I’m newly single, so I’m just going to hang out and have a few friends over. [With my last girlfriend] we broke up, got back together for a little bit, and it just didn’t work out again. Not my fault!

JJJ: What do you look for in a relationship?

DH: Someone who’s sweet, someone who has a smart innocence about them. someone who doesn’t have any other motivations when speaking to me. They genuinely have to want to have a conversation. …a nice person, someone I can talk to, and someone I can make laugh – I love making girls laugh. … a good sense of humor would be good so they can make me laugh.

The girls I have the most fun conversations with are from like, Texas or Tennessee or just visiting Hollywood. The other day I had a date with a girl from Texas and it was just the best time because she was a sweet girl, and it was just fun.

JJJ: Any insider knowledge that viewers can look out for while watching the film Dadnapped?

DH: On that set, they were really on the ball with that stuff, because I do stuff like that all the time, random stuff that I’ll laugh at when I watch, and they didn’t let me do that. The first time I tried something, they were like, that’s not going to happen.

We shot that a while ago. October 2008? Jonathan Keltz got to do a lot of crazy stuff, like stunts that he got to do himself. Tumbles, jumps and free-falling. He had some interesting things he got to do, but mine was pretty straightforward.

JJJ: Now that you’ve filmed a full movie, do you prefer doing TV or movies?

DH: It depends because Dadnapped was a single-camera comedy and Wizards is a multi-camera comedy. I have more fun on Wizards, just because I have more creative freedom to improv my lines, do wacky takes that turn out to be really funny and make for some good screen time. With any movie, there are certain rules and procedures. You have to have everything done as written, but I’m not saying that I didn’t have a good time. If I did a drama, like a single-camera drama movie, I would love to do that. That’s what I want to do on my next hiatus because I want to expand my horizons and show people that I can do more than just comedy.

JJJ: Do you have anything solidified in your career other than Wizards?

DH: I actually established my own production company, Yute Productions. Joe Pesci said in My Cousin Vinny, “I gotta couple of youts here!”, so it’s the youth, the yutes. We’re partnering with ning.com to design a website. It’s like a social-networking place for young film-makers. I’ll be making SNL-style sketches that are more geared towards teens and people in their early 20s. There’ll be wacky characters… there’s a bit of language, so that will be premiering in a couple of months. They’re designing it right now for me.

That will be cool because it’ll show that I can create my own thing — write, direct, and there will also be a place were kids can put things they created and I can give them advice on their films. I can also issue challenges out to fans, like, go make your own film and there has to be one shot in black and white, you have to have a close-up, all in one thing. Stuff like that. I’ll offer prizes and it’ll be a whole interactive world. You’ll be able to do things via video, so like your comments have to be done via webcam so that way you are facing your audience. I think it’ll be fun, I think it’s a good concept, and hopefully it pans out.

JJJ: Any last things you want to tell the fans on JustJaredJr?

DH: Thank you for the support, keep watching, and I hope to be creating concepts for them to watch for a long time!

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