Sabrina Bryan Goes Back to the Studio

Sabrina Bryan Goes Back to the Studio

Sabrina Bryan does a little dance as she steps back inside the studio where she captured America’s hearts when she was on Dancing with the Stars.

The 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl reminisced about the studio and the memories that she had there. She shared on her MySpace, “So I just saw the edits of the new blog and wow…I’m a huge dork!!! I can’t tell you how many amazing times I had in that dance studio!!! It really was amazing to be back there. It brought back so may incredible times!!!

“One of the most memorable was working with Shirley Ballas (Mark Ballas‘s mom) she’s so inspirational…she’s had such a great career and has had a huge impact on the world of Latin dancing! She taught me a lot within the small amount of time that I was able to learn from her and I can only imagine how much she helps her regular students!!! Besides that, it brought me to the beginning of Team Sabrina. I am so thankful that you all have stuck by me over the last year and supported me through everything!!! AHHHH THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Everything you’ve done has given me so much strength to keep moving on and continue to do what I love!”

Sabrina Bryan Goes Back to the Studio
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  • sarah

    i love you sabrina! team sabrina forever =]

  • Melissa

    Can she get any better…so good to her fans! Just one of the millions of reasons to love her……

  • sabrina

    shes fat & grosss. i really dont get what the big deal is

  • Donna C

    To the poster #3 above, the big deal is that Sabrina is an amazing role model to women of all ages. All of her projects are very empowering from the Cheetah Girls message, to her Princess of Gossip book, to her BYou finess series. To say nothing about what a classy and talented young lady she is! We love you Sabrina, you were the best dancer that DWTS has ever seen, or ever will see again!!

  • ALY

    She’s SO nice!

  • lyricalsoul

    Aw, poster number#3 must have a really bad inferiority complex! Someone as beautiful, accomplished, gracious, humble, popluar, well loved who collects friends and fans and admirers wherever she goes like Sabrina would threaten the inconsequential! Nothing like the bitter comments of the mediocre! Rock on Sabrina!

  • Jackson

    Sabrina is the best. Glad Just Jared is so interested in her and picks up all this info about her. She is very generous of spirit unlike some others she has worked with in the past

  • ERIN

    This video is HILARIOUS! Cha-Cha’d in and foxtrotted out!

  • sonia

    Sabrina rocks and this video was so funny :)

  • Kanan


  • tom

    funny and cute girl

  • paola

    que linda es Sabrina

  • ric

    her laugh is so cute and she is so beautiful!!!!

  • saadiana

    she’s just so awesome! Thanks JJr for posting on my favorite person in the world Sabrina is the best!

  • moffchuck

    love her

  • Kati

    Will you ever dance again professional Sabrina? I just love how you were on Dancing with the Stars!

  • rebecca

    LOL this was too cute. Sabrina wishing you all the best.

  • sue

    That was hillarious I can’t stop watching it. You are so funny Bri Bri

  • emma

    luv you

  • Evan

    Cute she looks like Mariah Carey.

  • eric

    Aw! ♥

  • casey

    omg this is awesome

  • jrs

    love her!!

  • Michele

    Sabrina is an incredible woman and an amazing role model. Those of her who joined her team back at the beginning have been on the most amazing ride! It is just beginning and we know Sabrina will be a major presence in the industry before all is said and done!

  • angela

    she is so perfect, love her *-*

  • niki

    Absolutely, fabulous! [: Love her so much! <333333
    Sabrina is so honest and beautiful, she is a true idol. I adore her so much!!!

  • Tonya




    ====SABRINA BRYAN♥ ♥ ♥

  • kimberly

    Your are awesome, Sabrina

  • dina

    She’s an amzing everything and very good role model ♥

  • nakesha

    She looks really good, very happy. Amazing! =)

  • nancy

    She is so beautiful!!!!!!

  • brandi

    So cute. Sabrina inspires me everyday to become a better person I love her! <3

  • jennah

    She is the most honest human being I have ever seen, she is THE BEST. I love SABRINA!!!!

  • kathy

    love Sabrina , she is a real inpiration to million of kids. Divine, elegant and beautiful — Sabrina is just so amazing.

  • marsha

    so cute =)

  • david

    love SABRINA


    thnanks jared

  • ethel

    She is really down-to-earth, cute and beautiful and in the outside and inside

  • travis

    I love HER

  • maria

    She is looking adorable and so sweet!!!!!!!

  • cody

    beautiful, beautiful

  • jose


  • kristen

    There is no denying the fact this girl is…. Beautiful and very Awesome :)

  • jon

    sabrina be my women you are everything I want and more

  • kayla

    I love Sabrina shes a huge influence on me. Thanks Sabrina fo being just a great star in general.

  • arianna


  • irene

    She’s so pretty ( L )

  • aflorez

    Lovely and fresh. Keep posting Sabrina stuff, thanks Jared.

  • bikini cutey



  • princess


  • sherri

    beautiful <3

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