Selena Gomez Dines With David Henrie

Selena Gomez Dines With David Henrie

Wizards of Waverly Place stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie grab dinner together on Wednesday (February 18) in Puerto Rico. That’s tonight!

David, 19, wrote on his Twitter, “At dinner with mizzz g.” Mizzz G being Miss Selena.

The whole Wizards cast is currently in Puerto Rico filming the Wizards movie. David dished to JJJ recently about the upcoming TV flick, “The family wins a trip down to some South American place. So there are wizard ruins there, and we go check that out and things go awry like they always do in the wizard world, and my character has to fix them.”

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
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  • anna

    they should just date ……….

  • stephanie

    YAY! love them

  • ChristinaRenee

    oh gosh i agree they would be VERY cute :)

  • isa

    i don’t actually like her, but they’re sooooo cute together haha

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    They would make a CUTE couple!
    even though there is a 4-5 year age difference…

  • randa

    they are too cute!!

    I agree they would make the cutiest couple!

  • vanessajonas

    they should ddate.. i agree

  • heatherfromengland

    they’d make a cute couple

  • lauren

    Yes! they would be a cute couple!

  • Becky

    Theyre so cute. I love them :D

  • Krissy

    awwww ^-^
    selena & david!
    they make such a cute couple:)
    Who cares about age…delena are wicked awesome together!

    that’s the new wizards movie?
    i was kinda expecting, something drastic and entertaining…like, they wiz world and the human world emerge into one..and cause both sides ..and some secrets are revealed about their true identities..idk…something like that=/

    but whatever new movie there making now, i’ll support that as well :D
    i can’t wait!!!!


  • gossipgirl

    are they dating now?

  • mileyfan4ever

    oh… some south american place?
    why dont u came to argentina? :(
    Argentina IS a south american place!
    whatever, i agree, they should date! =D

  • elizabeth marinas

    david and selena make a cute couple yeah who cares about there age it’s if you like the person right?

  • la

    I want pictures please and thank you. Get on that David kthnx.

  • cc27

    They make a good couple lol :)They look good 2gther XD too bad he has a gf i think ‘o’ lol

  • sana

    I LOVE selena
    I LOVE David

    so.. I would love them even more TOGETHER!

    Move over nick jonas.. :p

  • jenny. canada

    i don’t think they should because they look more like brother and sister

  • mishyB

    they remind me of >>Mark Anthony && J.LO (Jennifer Lopez)<<

  • emily

    OMG i love them! they would be the cutest couple!

    if they date i would be all smilez 4ever! i love both of them 2 so its perfect!


  • Melissa

    they should so go out. but if they break up… that would ruin the show because they wouldn’t have the same chemistry!

    haha as long as she stays away from Nick, it’s all good (even though they never were official)

  • jgjg

    wow I never knew they were making a Wizard movie.But thats good cuz she didn’t seem as lucky as Demi.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ohhhhhhhhh do I see a couple in their future? haha now I have suspicions about “Nelena”

  • MJ

    #22, WTF did you mean she’s not as lucky as Demi. Selena’s carreer is as sturdy, as, if not sturdier, than Demi’s. So far Demi’s movie Camp Rock failed and her series is still struggling. Selena’s show, Wizards, had just recently broke Disney Channel records with it’s new ep on Monday. Don’t forget Selena’s album is coming soon. All of these and other upcoming events will just make Selena a bigger star.

  • ADAM

    Are there any pics of their dinner date? I’d love to see them.

  • 7 o Clock

    WoW, Selena looks SO CLOSE TO PERFECT in this pic. Somehow, she and David look better as a couple than her and Nick. Selena seems like a sweet and quiet girl needs a more strong and outgoing guy like David. Nick is just as quiet as her lol. Man I’m going CRAZY waiting for this Wizards movie.

  • Meepzy

    Wow, I’m not a fan of Selena or this guy or their stupid show, but they make a really cute couple.

  • Rain

    The show is nowhere near stupid #27. It’s actually the best show out of the other crappy Disney Channel shows recently. But they do make a good couple.

  • Panayiota

    i want david and selena to go out they look likee such a good couplee…



  • Annelisee loverss milezz
    beautiful, handsome, they should date!
    watch our version of the spoof and pass it on to your friends!
    xoxoxox :D

  • Nita

    they should date..they would be a cute couple..!!

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s pretty and he’s cute!
    they would be a really cute couple!
    love’ya selena!

  • Emmaxx

    They are soo cute together !xxx
    Much better than nick&sel.. =]

  • Hez

    Funny how the age difference between Miley and Justin is apparently a *huge* deal..

    Totally agreeing though, they do look so cute togetherr<3

  • Blake

    agree they’re be cute

  • nel

    OK the age difference btw. these two is only like 3 years. Not a big deal at all.

    There’s close to 5 years difference between Miley and Justin which wouldn’t be a big deal if Miley wasn’t still 15 when she started with Justin.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    ah exciting!!!
    i love selena:] and david..and that show.

  • Jasmine

    Nice to see co-stars spending time w/ each other. (:

    Ooh, I didn’t know there was a Wizards movie. Can’t wait for that! Does anyone know when it’ll come out? In the summer, maybe?

  • ADAM

    To #38, the movie is supposed to come out in August.

  • Yaira

    does anyone know in what part of Puerto Rico are they filming???? I wanna know I live in PR and want to meet them!!

  • Lindsay

    I really think they should date too… They’re really cute together
    (in my opinion) But they can date whoever they want :)

  • janny

    So cute !!!!….

  • janny

    I love them ..David + Selena = Dalena

  • angie

    selena + david r so cool! R there more pics of them?

  • http://enternet shaclahmadindong

    wow i thought they were brother and sisters o well i wish to see them im person but in pic they look like cute couples well good luck selena and david lata

  • http://enternet shaclahmadindong

    cute as i know so far wish to c in person good luck on it selena and david lata

  • http://enternet cutie

    good couple very cute together so wish u good luck selens and david lata i hope it all works out cuz i also love the song expially the band one WOW lol kool love it i know the whole song i really hope it goes sweel between this whole dating rout lata

  • http://enternet cutie

    i hope u work this whole dating thing i love ur song ur vedios LOL LUV IT !!!!!! well lata

  • bubbly

    ~i dont think they should go out cuz have u seen their pics they r just pitiful i ea she should just go out with drew seely kow that a match maker!!!!!!:)~

    ~omg i thik n stead of drew seely she should go out with NICK JONAS………………….thats what i think ~

    ~+~+~+~+~ i think they should just go out f they wated too but they shouldnt cuz i mean they already went out 4 lyk evr lyk o n her myspace therezz pix of them maki out but soe of there pix r cute well soe of the they should just do wat they want but i thik should just go out wiff dreww seely her love fro cinnderalla storie uz u dot wanna ruin the show wth lyk ex bboyfried/grlfrend rivalry if yo hh noe wat i eanz

  • Anonymousguy08

    I don’t know how aware you might be of this, Panayiota, but David Henrie’s real-life girlfriend is Lucy Hale.