Taylor Swift Covers Rolling Stone

Taylor Swift Covers Rolling Stone

Country cutie Taylor Swift‘s blonde locks seem to float around her as she covers the March 2009 issue of Rolling Stone.

The 19-year-old Nashville princess was followed by RS‘s Vanessa Grigoriadis last month in Los Angeles.

Vanessa shared about Taylor, “For whatever reason she’s never felt a need to rebel from those values and that’s cool. I think she’s really focused on making her music and being, and she’s so involved in the songwriting and the technical aspects of it and just accessing her feelings like that. She really is that girl in the tiny little bedroom at home writing songs about the things she hopes and dreams and feels.”

The March 2009 issue of Rolling Stone is out on stands NEXT WEEK.

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Photos: Peggy Sirota
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  • heatherfromengland

    shes so pretty :D
    taylor is incredible

  • cc27

    Awsome xD

  • sarah

    She’s sooo ugly. I hate the cover, they should of picked better. If she had no make up she would look like a mouse.hahahahaha

  • carol

    Ohhh you’re so beautiful taylooor!
    S2′ love you! ♥

  • carol

    Love you ♥

  • yo mama

    i agree TOTALLY with #3…just saying.

    her with straight hair?? ewwh.

  • bania

    i dont like when she wears too much make up. She has natural beauty. With curly or straight hair she looks great. But i dont like very much the photo in the cover

  • Sar

    I like her in general but I don’t like the cover picture that much.

  • me

    She is gorgeous :].
    I love all of these pictures.

  • sara-amw

    she is horrible! she looks like a barbie, shes ugly, GOD, SHE IS SO UGLY


    I am a fan of taylor but i hate the cover and the pictures

  • eMILY

    she’s so pretty! and for all of you who don’t like the cover, you have to remember that this is Rolling Stone magazine not Seventeen. Their not going to have her on the cover just smiling really pretty, they tried something unique =) <3

  • Sarah

    she’s so pretty! and for all of you who don’t like the cover, you have to remember that this is Rolling Stone magazine not Seventeen. Their not going to have her on the cover just smiling really pretty, they tried something unique =) <3

  • http://justjaredjr.com lalalalaa

    you have the same comment as 12 so why did you change your name???

  • liz

    Oh Sarah, like you know Rolling Stone. God what a sellout magazine. I cannot believe this. SHE CAN’T SING. OR WRITE SONGS. This is ridiculous.

  • http://justjaredjr.com lalalalaa

    at least she isnt wearing underwear for a cover shoot for publicity!! (cough) camilla belle!!

  • saudia

    her hair looks so frizzy on the cover, they couldnt pic a better picture ?? she looks AMAZING with straight hair, just for special occasions .. love her!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Oh this is obvious now shes on the Rolling Stones cover? haha :P just when you think people moved on about that. Oh btw shes FUGLY.

  • nelenaxoxo

    i love taylor i dont know why some people hate her for dating joe i mean you all take joe’s side because I bet u love how he looks but i think Taylor is not the blame its just that THE JB guys r players (AND I LOVE THEM SERIOUSLY!) it hurts me saying this but thats the truth and I think joe is the main one… Taylor is young and i think i wouldve done the same thing she did i bet alot of you girl would too so please stop the hate..
    Taylor your amazing love you!

  • Annabel

    She’s a cute girl, but these pictures do not flatter her AT ALL. Anyway, I wonder what she’ll talk about in the interview.

  • rawrambo

    that girl is SO damn photogenic and takes amazing pictures, and they had to pick THAT ONE for the COVER?!?!

    it reeeeeeeeeeally doesnt do Taylor justice. at all.

  • Laura

    i agree with #21 they could have picked a better photo.
    i <3 taylor

  • mima

    i think taylor is STUNNING absolutely beautiful inside and out, but this cover unfortunately just doesn’t do her justice.

  • me.

    hmm.. they could’ve pick another picture of her for the cover. but w/e. [almost] everyone knows she’s beautiful. (:

  • http://jjj miley

    stunning as always! great cover and smile!
    keep rockin’ taylor!

  • omg

    seeing the awesome taylor everywhere is great- but im starting to worry! as much as i love seeing taylor on magazines, and pictures of her at all these events etc…i wonder if she has any time for herself! i hope shes not too stressed!


    She is so ugly! Horrible eyes, too much make up, country music hair style. Totally fugly.

  • Jasmine

    She looks different here.

  • abby

    I love taylors music and i think she is gorgeous but these are not good pictures of her.

  • gabrielle

    i love taylor swift.

  • Denisse

    She’s amazing and beautiful
    but these pictures don’t make her justice.

    I love Tay.


    TAYLOR USALLY LOOKS GREAT BUT SHE LOOKS REALLY BAD IN THIS PICTURE>_< she almost always looks great but this is the 1% of the time when she doesnt

>>>>>>> staging1