Twist March 2009 -- FIRST LOOK!

Twist March 2009 -- FIRST LOOK!

It’s all about the love!

Check out what’s inside Twist‘s “Love Behind The Scenes” March Issue — from inside Zac Efron‘s new flick, 17 Again, to what keeps the Jonas Brothers up at night!

Here are some of the issue’s hottest stories:
— Is Taylor Lautner a good kisser?
— Selena Gomez‘s Rules For Dating
— Lucas Till dishes on Hannah Montana: The Movie!
— Demi Lovato decodes her handwriting
— Debby Ryan‘s body image booster

Be sure to pick up your copy – on stands TODAY!

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  • lol

    Lol lately Selena’s pics are always bigger than Miley’s on magazine covers. lol I love them both though. Selena’s the best out of the 3 Disney girls though

  • JĂ©ssica Costa

    Cool, I’l love it õ/

  • lola

    i just hate it that miley’s on the cover!!!!!

  • Veselka

    I love all of them

  • cc27

    omg i need this!! :)

  • CaptinCrunchRocks


    anyway Love Miley,Demi,&jb but it needs more Taylor Swift!

  • athena

    Glad they’re plugging 17 Again! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Take selena away, yuck

  • lily

    OMG Taylor init !!!!!

    <3 Him
    n i think he is a gr8 kisser lol =]

  • lily

    well i hope anywayz hehe

  • Billythekid

    To CaptinCrunchRocks,

    Your first line took the words right out of my mouth. Always the chicks who are comparing who is the best etc. Anyhow for all those Miley haters out there, dont worry you will have plenty of opportunity to vent over the next 2 months as we see her book, album and movie release, with lots of mag cover, tv etc etc.

    Miley is certainly laying low these days. Very little out and about. Probably nothing to do with her miscue in England. She has had flubs before, but probably more to do with all the media dumping on her over that photo. Then the twitter crap and it adds up to not the best February for her. March and April will shine for her. The album will probably debut #1 (unless its up against some monster album I have heard about yet), the movie certainly #1 and the book will do well. And her “The Climb” will certainly be #1 at radio disney, and probably at least chart on mainstream radio (no predictions there). Can it get any better?

  • katie

    man, that cover depresses me. it’s like the golden era of disney stars (miley, zac, the rest of the hsm kids) is coming to a close. i know they have to get out of disney soon to become legitimate artists, but now we’re going to be stuck with sonny with a chance instead of hannah montana and camp rock instead of high school musical. hoo-bloody-ray. :/

  • JustGonnaSay

    I rather have Zac as the biggest pic.<3 he’s hotter than the jb. seriously what is so hot about them?

  • so gaga over this

    does anyone one notice theres not much Jonas on this?
    the last issue i remember there was something on the cover
    saying that ‘twist’ magazine is the best Jonas mag.


  • mickey beeee

    aahh.. i need more zac efron on the cover.. i dont give a crap about taylor l OR JB!!.. I WANT ZACCCHARYY!!!! EFRON!!!

  • Sar

    I totally agree Katie #12

  • Miss Lautner

    Whoooop Taylor

    <3 Taylor
    Team Taylor/Jacob

    Cant Wait To See Him In “NewMoon”

  • vanessajonas

    this magazine is crapp.. most of the articles are fakee.. i trust more in popstar:)

  • Mia

    To bad i live in holland:(

  • leah

    ohhh taylor, show your kiss hability on me!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    More JB & Miley
    and a WHOLE LOT LESS
    of Selena Gomez
    whats the use in her anyway?

  • nicole

    omg.. this cover is gayy!!! i want zac efron :D he is the SEX in everything!!

  • Ty

    Anyone who’s a Miley fan hates Selena lol. Too bad they can’t seem to get it in their head that Selena is about to take over everything. Miley fans should deal with Selena’s upcoming fame and not wine about it. I mean the people who were upset in 2006 when Miley first started to take over didn’t wine.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Keep dreamin “Ty” Selena isnt talented so I dont see to much “upcoming fame”. Sorry

  • Ty

    See, now I know you’re a talentless Miley fan. Isn’t my theory true or what :).

  • Josh

    Lol #23 dude that’s hilarious. Nick Jonas’ girlfriend your pathetic. Don’t get mad at Selena cause you wanna be Nick Jonas’ girlfriend but that positions already taken by her lol. Besides, Selena is not only talented but she’s smokin’ hot. I don’t blame girls like you for being jealous.

  • Emicka

    Lol yeah. stfu #24

  • mhay

    Zac Efron and vanessa hudgens are the new young Hollywood.
    Go Zanessa.

  • me.

    these kinda of mags (twist, tb, bop, popstar) are pathetic. they always move from one artist to another. ie, i know jb is big. but do they really need to put them on the cover (and the biggest picture) EVERY month?! :/
    c’mon… i miss the hsm cast.

  • Stardreamer

    Does it say on robert pattinson “Kristen is the reason???” :O

  • Jasmine

    Haven’t read a gossip magazine in FOREVER. :)
    Looks good as always.

  • Ami

    Demiiiiiii rocksssss
    She’s the best out of the 3 Disney gals
    Her show is awesome

  • Ami

    And I love how they’re starting to talk about Sterling Knight as one of the “hot new guys” haha
    He’s adorable and I want them to start putting posters of him in mags

    But yea I don’t really get this magazine
    I trust more in popstar, bop, tigerbeat, & j-14

  • sweetbutterflies

    katie is totally right, guys. Zac, Vanessa, Ashley, the rest of the HSM cast and Miley totally bombed Disney Channel into fame again and it’s sad that they now have to go under for other stars. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Miley and Hannah Montana, but it’s impossible to ignore it. Same for HSM, though I am proud to be a fan of that.

    But on the other side, I’m actually happy for them that their graces of covers of magazines like Twist, Popstar, Bop, Tigerbeat and J-14 start to slowly die down. It only points out that they’re ready to charm another public than the tweens and teens: the older ones.

>>>>>>> staging1