Zac Efron Busts A Move

Zac Efron Busts A Move

Zac Efron gets down on the gym floor with a few cheerleaders in this new preview for the upcoming flick, 17 Again.

The 21-year-old actor stars as the younger version of Mike O’Donnell, a role he shares with Friends alum Matthew Perry. Zac shared about the film, “I would describe 17 Again as an adventure of self discovery. It’s a classic story of how you should appreciate what you have — especially family.

17 Again opens in theaters on April 17th.

Zac Efron – “17 Again” New Clips
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  • zanessa4everr

    hahaha i CANT wait til this movie comes out! im stoked! it looks hilarious!

  • lOVEhsm

    So funny!
    Can’t wait!!!
    April 17th!!!

    Love JJJ!

  • marie

    hahaha so funny!
    Cant wait to watch it!!

  • L.L.L.

    Oh I can’t wait for this movie to come out!!! Zac is so freakin hot!!

  • super fan ashley

    I love Zac, he is so funny.

    I can’t wait for that movie!!!!!! It is going to be awesome!

  • aw

    Looks good. I’m excited for him, hope it will do well.

  • pop86

    I love Zac. He’s so freakin funny and hot.

  • JenniferHeartsTom

    Zac efron you are one hot guy!! I want you .Haha.
    The trailler was funny
    Can’t waiit for the movie
    ILoveZacEfron <3

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    MMMMM !!!!!!

    at :16, omg. His hair…I LOVE IT. He’s really hott in the movie. And that dance ? Whoooo !! Sexy !! lol..I think Vanessa was there when he did that dance. Can’t wait to watch it !! Love you Zachary Efron♥

  • chichi

    Is his character supposed to be gay or something?

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    I can’t wait to see 17again.

  • Shannon

    haha im so gonna watch this if the preview gave me some laughs that’s a good sign and a whole movie with Zac and his sexi self im there!

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    Zac will do great in this movie.

  • lai

    I LOVE YOU ZACHARY!!!!!!!!!

  • natasha


  • Taymccarthay

    hahahhahah the part where he’s dancing, jeez!
    and then he looks at the crowed like; yes, i’m the sh*t.
    haahah:) i love zac.

    i really hope this movie does well!

  • nancy

    Sound like another lousy movie that is not an original idea and is destined to stink. Efron is not that good and he will soon fade away.

  • ashlee

    #17 nancy, you really have a low opinion of yourself. rememba, kid, what ya say about others is how you feel about yourself. sorry you consider yourself a “cheap little tart.” do you live in a world where girls “trap” guys and have babies? you speaking from experience?

    and you are a movie critic, too. wow!!!! wishful thinking that you don’t want him to succeed. but the dude has gotten rave reviews from producers, directors and fellow actors. sorry, but i’ll take their word over a bitter, unknown nobody like you.

  • kami

    i think those are the mc hammer dance moves that zac was talking about. that is such a funny scene. can’t wait to see this movie.

  • nicole

    oommgg… wen he was dancing.. that ssooo stopped my heart!!!! that was so sexyy!!!!<33 :D wow!! and then he RIPPED HIS PANTS OFF!! yummmyy!!! omg.. now i really cant wait for this movie to come out!!<3333

  • melissa. *

    omg. I can’t wait for this movie to come out! (: <3

  • mhay

    i going to watch it.

  • bay

    Good luck Zac!!!!!!!!!!

  • Athenais

    choregraphy is terrible ….

    I think that when Vanessa was coming to see Zac on the set she assist at the scene ….

  • Athenais

    the choregraphy si terrible

    Maybe when Vanessa visited Zac on the set she assists at the scene …

  • rosielee9

    Must admit this looks like it could be a good film to go and see so me and my daughter will be their, I love Matthew Perry he was always my favourite in Friends so I’m lookingforward to seeing him, and Zac looks like he did good to I’ve a feeling that he could do well with comedy as well as serious.

    Looks like a good family film to go out and watch.

  • sda

    oh gosh, this looks so much fun! :)
    i can’t wait!
    i really hope it comes out in the UK.

    zac is really talented

  • mima

    my gawd i cannot wait till this is released!! love me some zac and this looks hillarious!! xxx

  • http://jjj miley

    the movie looks amazing! can’t wait to see it!
    zac is super funny and handsome! go zanessa!

  • mech

    OMG that’s sooooooo funny! cant’ wait to see iiiit! i love her voice when the girls said: Yeah, don’t respect ME. zac: that’s another dad problems.. hhahahah LOL

  • Louise

    I love that clip about Kevin Federline..and the cheerleading scenes….sooo funny! I’ve been waiting for this to come out for yonks!!

  • Eugenia

    haha aa

  • angela


  • http://o Rhea

    Zac is such a funny guy. He is just a natural comic. He showed that in RC and now here. Love he dance, classic stuff. Efron is amazing!!

  • http://o lexi

    #24 erm no she won’t have. The film was produced by Adam shankman who is a choreographer, the dance moves are meant to be funny and from the 80′s era so that’s why they are weird and hilarious.

    Zac is awesome..the movie looks incredibly good. Love Leslie and Matt too! Love the light sabar bit!!

  • http://o Will

    wow his moves are something else. Gotta love how he doesn’t take himself seriously. The guys a natural, he is extremely funny. He embodies matthew so well, the mannerisms and the attitude of an older guy. Good job Zac. The movie looks great!

  • http://o Mindy

    gahh I love him!

  • lisa :]

    i love zac!

  • tree

    Great preview, I will absolutely see this movie. I can’t wait. Zac does a great job from what I can see in the preview.




    Zac your really funny i can’t wait to see the movie.

  • JustGonnaSay

    chici, even if he’s a gay character*not!* girls in this movies thought he’s yummy if he’s an apple….and better as human ;)


    Love JJJ!

  • Karen

    Adam Shankman said in an interview how this movie allows Zac to show all kinds of acting skills which appears to be true. There looks like there are hilarious as well as serious moments. Plus, we get to see Zac doing dance moves again which is pretty great because even though he says he is not a dancer, once he gets those moves down he really looks great doing them. With Shankman being a choreographer you just knew he would have to have something like that thrown in. However, Shankman produced this movie, not directed it.

    On another note, Jared, why isn’t this on the regular board? We have all kinds of other younger people featured on that board and Zac once again is shoved onto this board. It’s fine for this to also be on this board but hey, it should also be on JJ. It is about a new movie release and it is not geared at just the tween and teen audience. You put Zac on the main board when he was out jogging without his shirt—it got over 300 comments–but you can’t put something that is truly news worthy there?

  • Karen

    BTW, in addition to my previous post, this is a guy who the academy of arts and sciences knows and feels is worthy to be invited to appear and possibly to perform at the Oscars, why isn’t he worth to be on the main board, Jared?

  • http://o Mindy

    so true Karen. Well said!!

    To whoever said the character is gay. No he is not. Read the synopsis. Mike is a 37 year old dad of two who turns back into his 17 year old self…and realizes that he does love his wife and kids. So yeah, not gay!!

    Again …this looks amazing!!

  • Gre

    I see the video in spanish.

    It was so funny.


  • ilovezacefron.


    & ZAC’S DANCE!!! AHHH. SOOO SEXYYYY :) <33333

  • zac efron is so amazing.

    zac is FUNNY!! i really cant wait for this movie. i will probb see it atleast 4 times like i did with HSM3.

    ah i want to meet zac SOOOOO badly.

  • zane

    Hey guys, I bought the HSM3 DVD and the deleted scenes were so beautiful. The bloopers are all fun esp the scene of ZAc and Vanessa when they were dancing in the roof and Zac asking Van for the prom. It is worth to buy!

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