Asher Book & Kay Panabaker: We're Gonna Live Forever

Asher Book & Kay Panabaker: We're Gonna Live Forever

Fame stars Asher Book and Kay Panabaker keep close as they tell Entertainment Tonight all about their upcoming flick.

Kay, 18, shares with the news show, “People still know the song today. You ask anybody and it’s ‘Fame, we’re gonna live forever.’ That’s what everyone says.”

Asher, from popular band V Factory said, “We definitely have to live up to the expectations because everyone has high standards for what this movie should be. But what I think is good about this is that we’re not trying to redo it again. It’s all new and it’s more a reinvention.”

Fame also stars Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Kherington Payne, Naturi Naughton and original Fame star, Debbie Allen. Fame hits theaters in September.

Kay Panabaker & Asher Book – All About ‘Fame’ – Entertainment Tonight, 02/18
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  • fanatic

    I LOVE KAY AND DENIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANABAKER FOREVA

  • bb

    I love Fame!!!!!!! Kay rocks, I love her, and Fame doesn’t star Anna Marie Perez and Kherington Payne, Naturi Naughton, they co-star. The main stars are Kay Pannabaker, Asher Brook and Debbie Allen.

  • bb

    Fame was so big back them, it was huge….

  • mrsjoejonas

    I can’t wait asher book is so deliciousssss.

  • lisa :]

    i’m a fan of kay :]
    i can’t wait for fame.

  • lisa :]

    asher looks pretty cute as well :]

  • lolo

    Who is Asher?????? I know and love Kay but who the hell is this asher guy, whats b factory thing.

  • caroline

    Oh my gosh. This girl does NOT age! Glad she’s doing films and having a nice public persona!

  • Kristopher,

    @ # 7. lolo.
    Its Asher Book, hes in a BoyBand Called VFACTORY..not B you TART. lmao.

    If you dont know something Look it up and if you dont care enough to do that then dont ask about it lol.

  • lolo

    kristopher, i dont care and nor will i ever care about a nobody band, just jared is trying to promote. so get over it…

  • V factory socal

    I wouldn’t call V Factory a “nobody band”, they are in the early stages and are slowly but surly going to get big.

  • Alexa

    If you don’t know who V Factory is, then check them out at

  • Jasmine

    haven’t heard from kay in a while.
    thanks for updating, jared. (x

  • Mandi

    I can’t wait for this, I think these 2 would make a cute couple off-screen :)

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    He’s hot!!!!! I agree she doesn’t look her age at all!!!!!

  • lipsie glozz

    Asher is so yummy! I almost faint when i first saw him on tv..I’m so goin gaga over him..Can’t wait 2 watch fame.. :p

  • mykamick

    Will watch it… New breed of talents….

>>>>>>> staging1