Demi Lovato Crushes on Jake Gyllenhaal

Demi Lovato Crushes on Jake Gyllenhaal

Demi Lovato gets up close and personal with and dishes on her celeb crushes, Sonny With a Chance and cookie dough ice cream. Check out what the 16-year-old had to day:

On her celebrity crush: “I’m gonna pick an easy one and go with Jake Gyllenhaal. Or John Mayer. But he’s more an inspiration than a celebrity crush. I’d rather work with him than date him, because it would be weird — he’s a lot older than me.”

On her guilty pleasures: “Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough ice cream — what I do is I only eat the cookie dough out of the ice cream.”

On a typical day off with friends: “We do like really stupidly normal things. Selena [Gomez] and I are not even that cool [to play the Wii]. We’re such nerds!”

On her music likes and dislikes: “I used to listen to metal when I was in junior high but now I listen to more mellow stuff now. Like John McLaughlin, John Forman and John Mayer.”

On Sonny co-star Sterling Knight: “His character [Chad Dylan Cooper] is a smooth talker, but Sonny is smarter than that. I think that he’s attracted to how much smarter she is than him. They definitely butt heads, but I think they also really like each other.”

On Princess Protection Program: “Selena and I argue quite a bit in the movie because out characters lifestyles are so different. Put a princess and a tomboy together, make them live together, of course they’re going to butt heads.”

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  • pink

    first!!!!!!!!!!! i love demi!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulina

    oh wow , demi has a crush on jake ! :) thats kinda cute :)

  • A

    My lil sister loves her, I’m not a fan but jon foreman is freaking awesome. She’s knows some good music.

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  • brenda

    demi is so amazing and i love it when she talks about selena they have the best freindship ever <3333333

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i love demi:]!!!

    she is such a good role model and is so talented.
    i cant wait for princess protection program!!

  • Laura

    i <3 demi !!!
    she’s so adorable and talented :)

  • Angie

    she’s really girly now, and she is much prettier.

  • kt

    *Jon McLaughlin
    * Jon Foreman

  • Jasmine

    she’s so sweet and pretty!

  • assyhole

    I love Demi’s giggle/laugh! XD

  • Veronica

    *******JON McLaughlin

  • djd

    Her smile is really creepy…no human being should be able to smile like that…

  • kate

    she is the only disney star that i respect, because she is the only one with any talent.
    she would be so much cooler if she wasn’t with disney.

  • Jake

    Selena’s prettier.

  • Ami

    I love Demi so much she’s so awesome and extremely talented
    Haha so adorable love the giggle

  • Ami

    And whoever thinks that selena is prettier than her is out of their mind no offense lol

  • Larry

    #17, Idk about pretty but Selena is definitely waaay hotter than Demi. Still, I like both girls. They seem more real than girls like Miley and such. I believe Selena and Demi will go VERY far. In the near future, Demi will probably win a Grammy and I’m sure Selena will win an Oscar.

  • Tawny

    I’m betting on more success coming from Selena though. Idk but something tells me that Selena will make it further. Demi has talent and all and will make it big, but I just feel she won’t be as successful as Selena.

  • Tawny

    Duh! Cause Selena is waaay more awesome!

  • San

    Yeah, I do like selena more

  • XP!!

    I love Demi but I do have to agree that Selena is INSANELY pretty. It’s like to the point of impossible pretty! Not only that, but she can act really well too. Geez! Demi is not really good at acting. Her show Sonny kinda bombed ):. The ratings for the most recent ep. did not even get nearly as much as Wizards ratings, and they both aired next to each other. Demi is a good singer and should stick to that.

  • Bobbb

    Of course Demi will go far #19. i love both of these girls but she definately has the potential, they will go further than Miley Cyrus. I starting to think the Jonas Brothers are mostly famous because of their looks. They are great guys but i think Demi and Selena will even be more sucessfull than them. Demi is way prettier than Selena. Selena’s looks are very common. Love Both of these girls.

  • del

    wow, mclaughlin, foreman and mayer…great selection demi! didn’t expect that. this girl’s got good taste in music.

  • Chomp

    #23, actually Selena is the most prettiest girl on Disney Channel. Her face isn’t really common at all. and Demi is only pretty when she doesn’t smile too hard. Other than that, these girls are def. better looking than Miley. Miley just has the body. But the thing is, Selena is pretty but also has the same body as Miley. So Selena gets the best of both worlds HAHA. I’m glad to see Demi changing her style. This look fits her more than those scary bangs and hardmetal look. Cant wait for PPP. (But I CAN definitely wait for Camp Rock 2, it should not be made at all)

  • Lisa

    Selena is just better

  • melissamassacre

    demi ponessss all. <3

  • DJ

    Gosh! Why must everything be a competition?!?! I don’t think Selena or Demi are better or worse than each other, they are just different. Plus, they both love each other! That’s what’s important, stop trying to tear down something so beautiful!!!!!!

  • piinkyprinxcess

    that´s one inusual laugh but still so adorable ^^
    today i watched all the episodes of sunny with a chance
    the show is cool
    different sence of humor from ather disney shows but it´s funny

    LOLZ the cups were empty (just publicity)
    Demi likes John McLaughlin and reading… we have some things in common :)

  • catherine

    Hip hip hooray for JON FOREMAN!! Like others have pointed out it’s J-O-N. With no H. So please correct it. Thanks :)

  • duh duh duh

    i love demi voices than selena voices but i like selena style

    anyway i can’t wait to watching camp rock2 ,,

    and i want cole sprouse come to indonesia

  • http://twitter amy

    aaaaagggggghhhhhh demi lovato loves jake

>>>>>>> staging1