Miley Cyrus Teaches 'HoeDown Throwdown'

Miley Cyrus Teaches 'HoeDown Throwdown'

Miley Cyrus will be teaching all the right moves to her new song, “HoeDown Throwdown” THIS Friday, February 20th on Disney Channel.

The 16-year-old actress, along with choreographer Jamal Simms, will be breaking down all the steps to the hip-hop country line dance in an exclusive dance session throughout the night. At the end of the evening, viewers can put all the steps together and do their own dance to “HoeDown Throwdown.”

The HoeDown ThrowDown ShowDown begins on Friday, February 20th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Miley Cyrus & Jamal Simms – Preview the Dance on Movie Surfers

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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really cute! i can’t wait for the movie! go miley and hannah!
    xoxo keep rockin’!!!!

    -first! oh my god!-

  • cc27

    Great :) I can’t wait till this is out ! xD

  • sweetbella

    that looks like fun :)


    I LOVE HER!!!

  • Lucy

    I have learnt it now!

  • miley hater

    hey. the song fits the girl very well. what can i say.

  • layla

    cool. so now not only do we know that the stupidest song ever made (hoedown throwdown) is going to be in the movie, but we know that in the end she’ll decide to let the world know who the real girl is behind hannah and perform as herself. okay, way to go disney for giving away the ending.

  • Jasmine

    can’t wait until the movie.

  • joecool

    #7 The only thing stupid here is you, if you think that was the ending.
    She is Miley Stewart at a charity event to save a meadow.Nothing is revealed in this video she can sing as Miley Stewart how do you think she became Hannah Montana!!!

    The song is great!! LOVE FOR MILEY!!

  • Billythekid

    To Miley Hater (#6)

    I dont know what you can say, but I know what you can do. Get the picture?

    To Layla (#7)

    Like it really matters what the ending may or may not be in this film. I will tell you guys (mainly girls -sorry joe) right now that even if the so-called professional reviewers give this film 1 or 2 out of 10, it will not significantly effect the ultimate number of people who will be seeing this film. In fact I fully expect it to receive no better than a fair rating (5 out of 10). Nor revealing in little clips like those mentioned above will effect that number of people seeing it. Its a film that will be well viewed simply because its the Hannah Montana film.

    Hey, I would like nothing more than the film to be well received by movie critics, but can anyone mention the last time a general disney film that didnt involve animation did well with reviewers? I think the last disney film that actually faired well in ratings was the Bridge to Terabithia film. HSM3 did not do well with the critics, though it still did good box office.

  • Katie

    i love her she’s so down to earth & just all round a nice person!
    can’t wait for the movie =]

  • layla

    just so you know, i wasn’t hating on miley. i think that the song sucks, not that she does. so take a chill pill. jesus christ.

  • kaitlyn

    lisen layla (#7) i really don’ t care about your opiniton and billy i could hardliy under stand yours! SO BACK OFF!! thank tou!

  • djd

    I’m confused….is she wearing a wig….

  • mykamick

    Others may not like Miley’s songs… The fact that her song/s is a bighit / topping in the chart/ bigtime/ intillegent composers… nothing can dispute it… Go Miley!!!

  • retah

    I already have the steps down….. woot ….woot.

    Such a Miley geek I am, but I do not care. I like that song and the dance is cute. Ha, I could see people dancing to it in the movie theatre during HM: The Movie.

    Pop it…lock it… polka dot it………. :)

  • Megan

    i lovee mileyy sooo much! cannot wait till the movie! gunna be amazing!!

  • http://htt//etw emily

    i cant wait for the HM movie it gonna be fun and its gonna Rocks miley is cool and beatifull and she has a Great Voice i love the way miley fanssssssssss are always there for her no matter waht the pp and haters say about her her fansssssssssss are always there by her side and i love the way miley fansssss are standing up to haters her fanssssssss are not giveing haters the chance to hate anly more that what iam talking about. her fansssssss rule and Rocks Go team miley.


    I THINK THIS SONG IS GREAT OH NO IM TALKING IN BIG LETTERS OH WELL I LOVE HER SONGS BUT NOT HER HER VOICE IS BEUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dudelove123

    i love miley cyrus <3 <3<3<3<3

  • http://dance Courtney lover

    Hey I’m Courtney like Hannah Montana and she’s awesome too.I also like the Jonas Brothers cause there hott.Miley Cyrus you also rock too no matter you don’t go on this website at less you have thousand of fans around you care and love you,but I’m you biggest fan ever.:D

    Courtney :D

  • http://Justjaredjr. Courtney lover

    Hey I’m Courtney miley you rock no matter what you can do it everyday!:D

    Peace out!

  • sajfdngasdljfkgnadgkljandg;kja

    da song nd dance iz kewl!!!! luv it nd luv u miley!!!!!!

  • bng

    omg!! i luv dis song and da dance!!!!! luv yea miley

  • bngdjskhjsdKhgz;dghz;djkhnazd;

    kewl song nd dance!!!!!!!!!!! luv yea miley!!

  • bngdjskhjsdKhgz;dghz;djkhnazd;

    luv yea song nd dance!!!

  • bng

    luv yea ssong nd dance!

  • Maggie Bejleri

    Omg hannah/ miley you are the best. but i have a question! how am i sopposed to eneter this contest if i have a permently damaged arm..i look lyk a reatrded person becasue of it …only when i dance.and thats my passion

  • autumn

    Hannah I think the hoedown showdown is ur best song and dance ever it it so greatn I really love it and I can not wait ’till ur movie I might even be the first person in line.

    sincerley,1 of ur biggest fans

  • hottie datery

    miley hater i think u r very rude so bak off if u do not wanna be nice i think that u can be very nice if u try so try and the name mileyhater will not help with u bein nice so change it

    now change that attitude of urs becauise were i am from we do not take that i am bein nice

  • hailee

    i love this dance!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://igoogle Jaqi

    I LOVE the song hoedown showdown it is one of your bests song you ever did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. i can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~jaqi :)

  • Donna

    you are the best teacher for the hoedown throwdown breakdown miley because now i know how to do the hoedown throwdown breakdown
    Donna xoxo

  • Donna

    hi miley your a great teacher at the hoedown throwdown breakdown dancinng and i know that because i am a champ at it now

  • http://pikluk jennifer mueller

    Hannah and Miley are awsome!!! I cant wait to see her newest movie. I already know the hoedown throwdown!!!

  • Britt-britt

    i dont like her that much but this hodown showdown it the only song i like of hers

  • http://nothing i hate hanah montana

    wow i dont rele like hannah montana tht much but ik u guys should be nicer to her thts rele mean to say tht the ending is tht u dont know what the ending is and neither do u so back off iloveyou MILEY

  • katie

    @miley hater:

    why do u hate her shes an awsom person some times ur just going to have to like some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie


    Billy i can’t even under stand yours sorry work on it!!!!

  • katie

    wooooow who ever keeps being mean to miley noc it off becuse ur so mean she is a GOOD PERSON !!! if u really get into her!!!

  • ashleigh

    to Layla #12

    i think it is a great song and its obviously Miley’s movie so of course that song will be in the movie cause she and probably her father as well wrote that song.
    and there is no one that should hate you for hating Miley (even though i know u don’t im just proving my point). And I’m not saying this to be mean.

    to retah #16
    i think its great that you don’t care bout being a Miley geek there the type of people i like.

    to Emily #18
    nice to see your encouraging all her haters and even some fans im eleven and im a big fan!!!


  • emma

    vote 4 miley 4 hottie and everything !!

  • http://MILEYLOVE mina

    ivré days i’here the col songs hanah montana a love you so much

  • http://MILEYLOVE mina

    ilove you miley and ilove your movie he is the best movie ivér

  • http://google brooke

    i love you one of my friends hate you

  • http://mileycyrushodothdo ijdfghDHDHGUGFBDGuiguUSBGusdgb

    hi miley can you give me a website to hoedown throwdown
    omg give me your number

  • http://mileycyrushodothdo ijdfghDHDHGUGFBDGuiguUSBGusdgb

    lol you r me fav. fan

  • http://mileycyrushodothdo ijdfghDHDHGUGFBDGuiguUSBGusdgb

    hi my fav. fan

>>>>>>> staging1