Twilight Has Secrets -- Ssshh!

Twilight Has Secrets -- Ssshh!
  • The 7 Secrets of Twilight
  • My Chemical Romance says no to New Moon
  • Taylor Momsen goes to the Anna Sui Fashion show
  • Dolly Parton was cut from Hannah Montana: The Movie
  • Miley Cyrus loves her pajama pants
  • Kristen Stewart covers Seventeen Mexico
  • Entertainment Weekly‘s Mike Auseillo is nominating Brittany Snow for the role of Lily Van der Woodsen in the Gossip Girl spinoff.
  • Veronica MarsKristen Bell and Ryan Hansen will be reuniting on the small screen with VM creator Rob Thomas‘s new Starz series, Party Down.
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  • ana

    i love twilight

  • hannah


  • Miss Lautner

    i dont get it ?

    but i love twilight anywayz

    Team Taylor/Jacob x

  • nathalia

    i looove twilight

  • Miss Lautner

    Ahhhh i get it now bout 7 secrets !!!!

  • Annabel

    I love My Chemical Romance. I’m so glad that *finally* someone isn’t jumping on the Twilight bandwagon. I read the first book before it became the “cool” thing to do, and I didn’t care for it all. So imagine my surprise when it became so popular that it was made into a movie. I just don’t see the appeal.

  • zanessa 4ever

    i love twilight!!! but the books are better than movie!
    stephenie, you’re great!

  • jaime


  • Jasmine

    I agree with Annabel.

  • http://Yahoo mariah

    and all you chick and dudes that dont like it can just put a sock in it and KEEP your comments to yourself…..

  • djd

    NEWSFLASH! No one gives a crap what my chemical romace thinks! Monkeys fly!

  • basketca

    Nooooo, MCR, whyyyy ??? You will be the only good thing in that bad special effects – terrible script – Dakota bit** Fanning – movieee !!! Oh, maybe that is why they don’t want to sing in New Moon, because we all know it will be cr**.

    Sincerely, I liked the books, and I know they cannot do a movie just exactly like the book, but that movie was horrible. A slow start, a too fast ending. I think they didn’t even pay the people from the special effects, cause they were TOO BAD. C’mon, you’ve seen King Kong, Iron Man etc. ?? THAT are special-effects, not the Twilight sh** stuff.

    Instead of Twilight they will sing in Watchmen. You know why ?? Because Watchmen, at least, I’m sure that would be considered a “film”.

  • twilight luver

    who the heck is heidi?! I have read the books so many times-never heard of her

  • cHAndiiE.ü

    i l0ve alicE she is vEry prEtty..

>>>>>>> staging1