Demi Lovato - 'Lo Que Soy' Music Video!

Demi Lovato - 'Lo Que Soy' Music Video!

Demi Lovato belts it out at a baby grand piano in her new music video for “Lo Que Soy,” the Spanish version of “This is Me.”

The 16-year-old starlet filmed the vid earlier last month. This is Demi‘s first Spanish speaking song.

Demi was most recently seen going out to dinner at Koi with good friend Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi’s new video?

Demi Lovato – “Lo Que Soy”

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  • http://- sarah

    cute she’s so talented! 1st

  • Karina

    Soo perfect !

    She speak spanish very well, really good Demi !! =)

    Love her !

  • Davinadarling


  • Rachel

    i like it.
    it sounds sweet if you dont think so hard on the lyrics.

  • L.A. girl!!

    she is so annoying! hate her!

  • haydee

    aahh i loved it
    it was amazing!!1
    love u demi!!!

  • Poketuti

    ok, her voice is awesome, but her spanish isn’t 100% because I know Spanish and sometimes I don’t understand what she says, but it’s ok, still excellent

  • ali

    ew.. she cant sing in english and now she does in spanish? wth?? lol this girl is crazy..i dont like her
    but lets admit that she sings better in spanish than in english


  • nany micucci

    I adore that video.. demi is amazing..

    i admit she had a hard time at few words.. i mean i speak spanish and i noticed it.. but its really cute. :)

    besides the song is waaay amazing..
    so yes kuddos to demii :D


  • Miley

    She has a really good voice but the spanish is way off. I mean if you listen to just her voice it’s the melody but her spanish needs a little bit more work. But what do you expect she dosen’t know how to nautrally speak spanish. Her first language is english so it’s understandable.

  • giu

    AWESOME! Demi rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allyy

    Screw the haters.

    Demi rocks, wether singing in english or spanish.

    I don’t see you haters singing in 2 languages, and being good at it!

    No, you’re just hating on someone who can!

    GO DEMI!!! <333

  • Treetop

    Demi! Your Latin American fans love you! Just wanted to let you know how talented you are, when is your world tour?!?

  • tia

    ummmm is it just me or does that look NOTHING like her.???

    throughtout the whole vid she looks like a weirder vanessa hudgens

  • tia

    but she does have an amazing voice. there is no denying that.

  • veronica

    Demi… amé el video, apareces hermosa, eres maravillosa de verdad, te admiro muchisimo, tienes una voz excelente, creo que eres una de las mejores cantantes que he escuchado, tienes una preciosa voz *-*!
    Creeme que estoy muy feliz por que tu nos regalaste a todos los de habla hispana una hermosa cancion, estoy muy feliz por eso, no todos lo hacen, gracias :’), te amamos !
    Desde Chile, te deseo lo mejor del mundo :)

  • Caro

    Awesome she is great i like some songs and your voice for my thing is greattt! :)


    I LOVE IT! [:

  • Keyla


  • listen to mayday parade

    she is so manufactured.. when she sings live she just screams, its annoying.. but her manufactured voice is pretty good.. not that this version does anything more me..

    also her bum chin is almost not there in this video.. they sure do load on the makeup on her considering she is only 16…

  • cc27

    OMG!! MY LANGUAGE!! It sounds better :) haha in spanish i love herr!! I love it better in spanish too :)

  • mariana

    i love demi. she is a great singer in english and in spanish. demi you rock

  • Laura

    totally agree with #14 it looks nothing like her throughout the whole video, the makeup artists really caked on the makeup. but the song was really nice though, im italian so i dont know if she was pronouncing anything right, but it sounded really good.

  • Demi I♥U

    Omg, I love the video (L). She song perfectlly in all languages xd

  • Janeyyy

    OMG… she sounds SOOO good like this… Demi can really sing. woooow this just amazes me. I mean you haven’t seen Miley Cyrus do a spanish video or the Jonas Brothers doing spanish videos… =] WOW…. she has.. Great Job Demi !!!!!!!!!! =]

  • smeagol

    lover her and it was okey i ean the spanish wasnt 100% great like how se sang it but it was still pretty good :)

  • lexi

    even in spanish she sounds beautiful! i love demi

  • Cameron

    What?! She looks freakin’ hot in this vid. I’ve been waiting to see her look like this. This is how a girl should look like. Wow, Demi has changed…I and actually like it. Whoa shocked.

  • lovedjny

    they need Joe Jonas to come out and start singing in spanish rofl!!!

  • Cellphone

    Yeah, I have always, and I mean ALWAYS, thought Selena looks better than Demi, but this new video actually makes me think should looks as good as Selena. Demi should keep this make up artist cause she looks really good here.

  • jenny

    that was great!! but is she wearing contacts or something, cause there is something weird going on w/ her eyes. oh well! i really like the song in spanish!!

  • mara

    demi es la mejor.nunca la habia escuchado cantar esta cancion en español y me gusta mas porqe entiendo mejor la letra aparte ella maneja bastante bn el español.aguante demi!!!!


  • Karla ^^!

    Ok everytime I write here, I try to do the best I can to write in english, and OMG I have a lot of mistakes xD hehe so this time I am gonna write in spanish!

    Demi canta hermoso! me encanta la version en español aunque su español obviamente no es el mejor, dio su mayor esfuerzo y eso es lo que cuenta n_n y si le salio bien, aunque en algunas palabras se le salia un acento pero no se escuchaba mal! Estuvo super lindo me encanto =D aunque debo admitir que aunque yo hablo español, es mi idioma y todo, mas me gusta el ingles xD

    pff! I think even in spanish that is my language, I have mistakes ¬¬ lol

  • Danielle

    I don’t like her knuckles =l

  • cc27

    i agree with lovedjny joe needs to come and sing it too in spanish!! :)

  • eugh

    Demi rocks! ♥

  • Erin

    It sounds better in Spanish.
    She sounds really pretty in Spanish, I love this version better.

  • demifan

    love her :)

  • Zenab

    I speak spanish so, I can find some mistakes on her song but she does it very well, but I belive that she can does it better! Kisses from Venezuela!

  • jgjg

    She looks really different.I like her old style better.

  • suzette

    my first language is spanish and she CAN actually pronounce VERY good

  • Flora

    oh dude, her spanish sucks!! Her make-up looked really good, she should stick to lighter colours!

  • Marioenrique

    she looks really good… even though its not perfect, im glad she showing her mexican side…

  • isabel

    ok.. so her spanish may be fluid, but the annoying accent is still there, she needs to work on it!

  • Ms A

    Is Demi Spanish? Even so, she did a good job singing an unknown language !

  • kristen

    I CRIED.

  • Val

    Really nice for her first time, MY native languaje is spanish so like everybody said she had a hard time with a couple of words but HEY Its not bad at all!! Pretty Cool

  • Candace

    #28, I agree. This make Demi look her age, which is really good. Demi and Selena are truly breath-taking beautiful. Disney really hit the jackpot with these girls.

  • arantxa

    “Lo que soy ” means “What i am ”
    no “this is me ”

    i dont like her :(

  • kikigirl101

    I think Demi is really talented. Her voice is really good, her spanish isn’t that great though. But I can’t be too hard on her she doesn’t speak spanish but I can understand a lot of it but some parts don’t sound like spanish at all. But I can’t stop listening to it, her voice changes when she’s singing in Spanish and I really like it!

>>>>>>> staging1