Jennette McCurdy: Got Me With A Spoon!

Jennette McCurdy: Got Me With A Spoon!

Jennette McCurdy, Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota get giggly backstage on the set of True Jackson, VP.

Keke, 15, told us all about the episode. She shared, “We’re just laughing because we just did Jennette‘s episode of True Jackson, VP and she played one of the Pinks. Actually the lead Pink and one of the things that the Pinks say in a Valley girl voice, stereotypically is ‘Got me with a Spoon.’”

Check it out below!

Jennette McCurdy, Keke Palmer, & Ashley Argota – “True Jackson, VP” Set
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  • Danielle

    FIRST! Lol Nickelodeon girls are not as hot as Disney girls. Selena, Demi, and Miley look better than these girls.

  • Victoria

    love jennette :)

  • lATEEF

    Hey this is a Great
    But hey Jared
    It says Gag me with a Spoon
    Not got me with a spoon

    Keep up the good work.

  • Alexis

    Hey, I thought Valley Girls said “Gag me with a spoon”

  • el

    jennett’es smile annoys me.. not sure why..

  • jilli

    it’s totally gag me with a spoon, and got me with a spoon sounds so…well yeah.

  • crissy

    haha yeah its gag me with a spoon!
    and hey thats not nice

    they’re pretty as well :]

  • sydney

    it’s “gag” not “got”

  • john

    i can’t wait to watch this. its gonna be awesomee

  • lizzy

    I love when Jennette says, “He’s taking a dump! He’s taking a dump!!!” She’s so much cooler and funnier when she’s not trying so hard.

>>>>>>> staging1