Jonas Brothers + Fans = Mutual Love

Jonas Brothers + Fans = Mutual Love

The Jonas Brothers strike a pose on stage in another sneak peek of their new flick, The Jonas Brothers, 3D Concert Experience, from ET Online.

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — all stressed the fact that they’d be nothing without their fans.

Kevin shared, “The fans make this film come to life. From the outfits to the signs.”

Joe added, “Our fans are amazing. [One sign read] ‘We slept in the rain for 72 hours to meet you,’ that’s so cool.”

Nick chimed in as well. “It’s a mutual love between us and our fans. We really do appreciate each other.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience soundtrack THIS Saturday, February 21st @ 7PM ET/4PM PT on Radio Disney!

Sneak Peek at “The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience”

The Jonas Brothers – “Pushing Away”

The Jonas Brothers – “Afternoons on MTV” Preview
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  • http://- sarah

    1st yay thay awesome

  • lipsie glozz

    Can’t wait 4 the movie 2 come out! love u jb,esp joe.. :p

  • Harriet

    Joe added, “Our fans are amazing. [One sign read] ‘We slept in the rain for 72 hours to meet you,’ that’s so cool.”

    Duh! Sleeping in the rain is cool? What an idiot.

  • Ami

    I cannot wait to see this movie next Friday, I’m sooo excited!
    LOL I love the beginning of the 1st vid haha

  • Elise

    Here in Australia we don’t get to see the film till June – im so jealous! it looks awesome… i’ll prob buy it off before we even get to see it here :(

  • JoJO

    These guys are everything that Hanson did not want to be. SELLOUTS TO MAJOR CORPORATIONS!!! let’s see of JB will be able to maintain a career as musicians after disney decides their asses are too old and don’t want to promote them anymore.

  • JustGonnaSay

    ‘We slept in the rain for 72 hours to meet you,’

    Wow, they are so loyal!:O i think that is so sweet.

  • luverofjoejonas


  • Miley

    hahha ” No I’m sleeping”
    “OW Why’d you hit me man>???”

  • Emmaxx

    #3 i was thinking the same thing. : DD
    I don’t see anything cool sleeping in rain for 72 hours.. lol.
    & I like jonas brothers..

    Anyway.. Im so gonna see the movie ! It’s gonna rock!

  • Chibo

    I totally agree with 3..
    That is 1 of the most stupid things that the JB had ever said..

  • cc27

    Lol Joe was soo funny in the first video :) he was like ‘why’d u hit me man!?’ haha :) I love Jb Especially Joe Jonas :) And I feel this movie is gonna be great.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i met them a week ago today! and they all 3 complemented my poster and signed it..they are seriously the sweetest boys alive!
    i love them<3

  • Krissy


    Honestly..i can NOT wait for the movie!
    it’s coming out next week- on wednesday & then the soundtrack this sunday!!!!
    it looks so amazing! better than anything else before, that i’ve seen them do! yeeeeeeeeee,like i’m speechless right now :D so stoked- can’t wait!!!
    these guys are the best—- seriously there my life <3
    everything that they have done, for nearly 3 years- keeps getting more and more insane & intense!!! so awesome :)

    “Our fans are amazing. [One sign read] ‘We slept in the rain for 72 hours to meet you,’ that’s so cool.”
    - OF COURSE we would do anything to meet you!
    but yet again…. they wouldn’t know that- they know we are pretty crazy and wild— but doing something extreme… haha! :P
    anything for you nick, joe & kev is all good ^-^

    the beginning of the vid was hilarious!
    poor boys don’t get enough sleep throughout the whole day..
    4: 30 in the morning!!! that’s like epic!!!!
    but they do it for love…
    which makes me love them even more!!!!

    keep rocking!

  • rocksii

    who are they again?

  • LoveJB4evr25

    I can’t wait i’ll be the first one to see this movie I’m the biggesr fan ever.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Me + Nick Jonas = NEVER ENDING LOVE <3
    haha I wish
    LOVE JB 4

  • cc27

    OMG! Rocksii doesnt know who the Jonas brothers are!! wow . .. Thats weird lol :)

  • shae

    big rob: joe
    joe: go away man.
    big rob: lets go
    joe:no im sleeping
    big rob: get up lets go
    joe: dude im sleeping…dont u hit me man!!
    lolz so cute

>>>>>>> staging1