Jonas Brothers: Live Chat Tomorrow!

Jonas Brothers: Live Chat Tomorrow!

The Jonas Brothers are having a live chat TOMORROW – Saturday, February 21st @ 11AM PT/2PM ET!

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — write in their MySpace, “We are so excited about our LIVE web chat tomorrow, February 21st at 11:00 am PST! We will be talking with our FanFamily members who are hosting house parties and also announcing some more exciting news on how to make next week the biggest fan event ever! We already have over 10,000 house party sign ups. You guys rock! Check out FanFamily Experience to get more info on how to host a fun and safe house party. Talk with you soon!”

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  • Anonymous

    . . . Again?

  • lisa :]

    love them <3

  • Kaitlin

    Yay! Can’t wait! xD

  • duddeee:]

    didnt they just do a live chat like a couple weeks ago??

  • Mariaj

    i seriously cant wait til the live chat.
    i missed them the other times lol.
    I cant find any cinema near me thats going to show the jbs movie im going to have to call about 4 different theaters to see if there going to have it.
    hopefully they well.
    Cant wait till the movie =]

  • queen bee

    B O R I N G !

    There’s more people in the world besides the three Jonas kids Jared. Come on.

    They REALLY need a break. I mean they are on EVERYTHING! What’s next? JB panties?! JB toothbrush?! JB tampons brand?! LMAO, really guys relax a bit.

  • smeagol

    aahahahaha that was funny

  • smeagol

    i guess they’re just trying to promote their movie comming ou soon

  • cc27

    AGAIN!!? WOW THAT QUICK!! :) YAY!!! lol

  • queen bee

    I know, but it’s too much. One day I’ll wake up and I’ll have JB robots making my breakfast!?! LOL

  • yo mama

    lmfao – JB tampon brand!

    what’s sad is that people would spend their dollas on it, hahahah.

  • me

    any jonas brothers fans in LA….the jonas brothers are going to be on jimmy kimmel on the 23rd. Just wanted to let people know because these go quickly. Get your free tickets here:,Jimmy-Kimmel-Live,1.html

  • It’s me from school

    Shoot why are you whining about jb,there’s already hannah Montana toothbrushes,panties,bras,and anykind of thing you put on your body

  • JustGonnaSay

    its already saturday here.

  • idontknow

    another hat I’m gonna miss!!
    its like they do this on purpose lmaoo!!

    I can’t wait for the movie!!!!
    I’ll probly go see it 3 times haha

  • alex

    hey is this like their previous chats or is it that fan family thing? and im in Australia so if its 11:00 am Saturday in LA its 5:00 am here on Sunday so r they doing it LA time? and what website is it on? like how do i see it? please some one? some help would be much appreciated??

  • jlotiki

    its too bad its going to be 3am on Sunday here in the Phlippines… I can’t possibly wake up on 2am because I have a Fellowship to attend in the morning… :( too bad

  • heart in jonas

    i might not get to watch it cry cry

  • BORN2love_JONAS

    I CANT BE AWAKE IN 8 am.. gosh.. can thay do that a little bit later??

  • nicholaslover

    what u talking bout queen bee jobros r my everything yeah they r gunna come out with all those things and 4 ur info they already have jb toothbrush cuz i got a nick 1 so they r my everything…..

    omnj i cant wait its in like 50 mins eeeeeeep

  • momou!

    heeey were is tehy live chat?!?!?!? can’t find it!!!

  • alicee

    haha, that’s pathetic… they can’t even sing, all them songs are the same…

  • joeil4u

    i wonder why did they do a live chat again
    i mean,it made my week better, and i cant wait, but i dont get why…anyway, its cool!

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    lmfao – JB tampon brand

    Lmao some obssesser would buy it but yeah it is a little to much take a break or something damn..!!!

  • Madelyn

    Joe had another amazing hat

  • luis

    ok now… Im Luis from GUATEMALA!! I have been doing a huge effort to bring to the JoBros to my Country… I dont know If they are going to be here or not… PLEASE JUST JARED JR!! Tell them to come to Guatemala!! That would be really great… I always comment you and see you…. Please JJJ TELL TO THE JONAS BROTHERS TO COME TO GUATEMALA!!


  • jesSniick

    ehyyy cool chat mega happyy!!!!! wiiiii

  • kate

    “Check out FanFamily Experience to get more info on how to host a fun and safe house party”

    that HAD to have been kevin who typed that one.

  • juless1

    ^ i know, i read that and i was like wtf. wow.

  • queen bee

    #13 I KNOW that there’s like everything hannah montana, and it’s absolutely torturating, that’s why i said they should take a break, it’s TOO MUCH!

    #20 = BLEH
    REALLY you would buy a tampon with some jonas in it?!??!?!
    COME OONNN!!!!

    I can imagine all those obsessed and completely blind fans saying “OMG YESSS JB TAMPONS!! NOW I CAN HAVE THEM INSIDE OF MEE!!! EVEN IF IT’S JUST A TAMPON, THEY’RE INSIDE OF MEEEE!! OOMMGG YEESS!”

    OMFG that’s absolutely discusting… lol
    whatever, really JB…

    TAKE A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kmila

    hello jonas i love you

  • lola

    they are going to be at the academy awards.

  • http://blah joe jonas

    whos on rite now im here to see my fans i like this gril on this chatroom

  • kayla

    lol @ queen bee…
    they already have a toothbrush, just sayin xD

    the chat was so funnnnny

  • LaiLA .. from saudi arabia

    i love jonas brothers ,,, sooooooooo muuuuuuuccchhh ..

    i wish to meet yooooooouuuu

  • http://yahoo olivia

    joe jonas is very cute

  • Josh

    Im kinda tired so im gona just say this i am not much of a fan but i do like your music its pretty good i havent seen your movies but i want to ok well i got to go=)

  • joe Jonas Fan

    Heeeey xD
    Najaaaaaaa ok wo ist Joe jonas? (SHANE GRAY) ??? XD
    Wenner hier ist ist er natührlich ein Fake XDDDDD

  • http://justjareddjr Quenn_BITCH!

    hey joe!
    i love u
    plz u have tour right at many place but plz come to my city!
    i love u!!!
    the concert i will pay but u must come to my citty (KUCHING SARAWAK)
    i will never forget u!
    dear me:DD

  • anne michelle

    hello joe jonas

  • kimmy

    i saw this cute video on you tube and think every one should see it I LOV
    JOE the best must see

  • http://peru guilliana

    jonas te amo son los mejores qu bueno qu bienn a peru los esperamos bengan los queremos

  • brianna

    i love u very much and joe is cute.

  • heart in jonas brothers

    i realy like the jonas brothers and want to chat with them soon

  • heart in jonas brothers

    i want to meet or chat wit the jonas brothers soon i realy like them

  • joeilu

    joe i want to chat with u please come

  • samantha


    samantha elizabeth jones
    lindenhurst, illinois
    hey jones brothers,

    i dunno if i’ll get on this fan site, but i hope to get in contact w/u guys for the live chat tomoorrow. how can i let u guys know my mother passed away last night at 2:00 am very unexpectedly? i don’t wanna bring anybody down. uv you guys lots hope to see u guys anywhere soon.
    peace & luv,

  • willow

    lindenhurst, illinois

    hey everyone! just thought i’d let everyone know my mother passed away on wednesday at 2:00 am in Kenosha, wisconsin she was 77years young. her name was patricia seales & i miss her very much. i know this is a jo-bro’s site. i saw nick jonas on regis and kelly…live this morning. he was co-hosting w/ kelly ripa & he was AWESOME but he didn’t sing. i wonder why he didn’t sing? well i heard joe jonas say him & his brothers were thinking about breaking up in two months!!! say it isn’t so!!!! please stop these nasty rumours of break-ups, or could it be true?!!! someone please let me know!!!
    if anyone wishes to offer condolances to my family, feel free & thank you. love you guys lots.
    peace & luv,
    lindenhurst, ill.

  • mrs.quiara jonas

    u are so sexy and hot and bea_utiful.WILL U MARRY ME NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS.REPLY ON TIS WEBSITE.