Miley Cyrus: Hoedown Throwdown Breakdown!

Miley Cyrus: Hoedown Throwdown Breakdown!

Miley Cyrus and her Hannah Montana: The Movie choreographer Jamal Sims are ready and waiting to teach you the steps to “Hoedown Throwdown,” premiering tonight, Friday, February 20, during The Suite Life on Deck.

The 16-year-old starlet breaks down the moves to the catchy country-hip-hop tune from her upcoming flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie, which hits theaters April 10th.

It all starts TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Miley Cyrus – Hoedown Throwdown Breakdown, 02/20
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  • Karina



    FIRSTT !!

  • cc27

    Wow! :) This Dance was hard to me lol :) Mileys outfit was pretty :) . I can’t wait till the movie xD

  • Jaewon


  • Chris

    OMG, iLove how they made it look so simple:) iWanna learn it though!

  • Val

    Wow thats seem pretty difficult I will try it anyway and thats a really Catchy song hehe XD

  • DIsneyrigamarole

    I just learned that dance like 4 hours ago. I finally just mastered it! :D Ha ha.

  • Angelica

    I want to try it! They make it look easy.

  • swe3t23

    hahah……..nice dance……


    wow that was hard! lol


    I LOVE HER!!!

  • Miley

    I got lost about 30 seconds in to the dance!! LOL!
    It’s hard! I will always wonder how she could do that and sing.

  • 251458


  • 251458


  • Babyvfanforever

    I love Miley & this song !
    Miley & the song’s so awesome :D

  • caitlin

    haha i lost it after the first three moves!
    i always get so confused with left and rights watching them do these things…

  • joecool

    awesome!!just awesome how can anybodody not love this girl!!


  • Megan

    awesome dance! i will learn it before the movie….i hope! <3

  • retah

    This dance is crazy. A little hard at first but once you get it and add your own flair, it is great. I HOPE that when this scene come on in the movie, people start dancing. I will so join in.

  • Kat

    It is NOT as easy as how they show it.
    Haha, this is pretty catchy.

  • andrea

    i don’t hate her or anything but things song is really bad
    she is so much better with out the whole hannah montana thing its to childish going everywhere in a little wig

  • Natalie

    love this dance is hot! i learned it took me about 10 minutes…im gonna rock this dance during the movie when it comes out lol! i love miley but her dancing was a little off =)

  • mileyfan

    Miley is amazing!

  • lurvmiley~~~

    wowwwww!! miley is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • someone!

    i love this dance and the song….very catchy!!!! XD

  • Margaret

    1.35 LOVELY (x

  • omaima

    she rrly cant dance dont u think

  • TIzzmebby

    WTF people. This dance is not hard.
    Myself and my 17 year old sister(me being 15) got it in like what 2 attempts.
    Great dance though! Love ya Miley!

  • anika

    I love the dance and the song very Catchy!

  • piinkyprinxcess

    catchy song

  • Ashlee

    bahahaha this is LAME!
    miley sucks.
    and she is gaining weight

  • tinkhabhel

    not really that hard…
    the song is catchy…

  • lauren

    this dance looks awsum when put it all together fast

  • http://hoedownthrowdown gracy beaty

    the danc is cool and miley makes it more fun to watch and learn and i cant wait to watch the movie.

  • http://hoedownthrowdown gracy

    the danc is cool and miley makes it more fun to watch and learn and i cant wait to watch the movie.

  • http://hoedownthrowdown miley

    miley is cool i guess but she can set a good example of the little kids and by the way the dance was cool

  • Maggie

    Omg im the biggest MIley fann..I love her music

  • miley is good

    WTF is up with you guys she is awesome but she doesnt have to were a wig to be hot

  • raegan

    i love that dance i know by heart

  • Donna

    hi miley your moves are so cool and I have already learned all of them

  • Donna

    well im better than you and i have the same name

  • asia

    this song is awesome!very catchy! i luv you miley!!! keep on rockin’!!!!!!!

  • beth

    i get confused at the hip hop it lol

  • mileyluver


  • stephen

    miley is sooo hot i love her iiiiiiiiiiii love miley

  • http://msn mILEYfAN

    WOW!!! Its ok to be me coz im the biggest Fan of Miley Cyrus IN UNIVERSE.I wonder how she feels to be a very famous one

  • sara

    ohhh!! i find somewone jalous from hannah hahahaha.
    ohhh! she’ the beeeeeeeest beeeeeeeest

  • http://yahoo Emmak

    that is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabb

    :] =]

  • shannon


  • aMELIA

    I hate Miley but i love the dance and the song is so catchy!(:

  • http://hotmail poo stewart

    she is ausommmm

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