New Moon Artwork Revealed

New Moon Artwork Revealed

Staying true to the first Twilight film, the title for the sequel, New Moon has been revealed to MTV.

The Twilight Saga’s New Moon will reunite Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone and welcome in some new names — like Jane, rumored to be played by Dakota Fanning. The flick will premiere in November.

TELL JJJ: What do you think of the New Moon logo?

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  • Diana

    eh! it’s only temporary. they’ll make a better one later on.

  • Harriet

    It looks boring. I hope the film though will not be as dragging as the first one. Lucky they have Rob.

  • riana

    yea i mean the movie did drag on a bit but it was still good! Edward is hot- rob isnt that hot anymore tho :(

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …Hm, they better come up with something better than that. The design reminds me of another movie…and hopefully the second will be better than the first…MORE TAYLOR LAUNTER♥ !!

  • lipsie glozz

    I think the logo is kinda okay,but it doen’t make me any less excited bout the movie..I dig edward’s hair in twilight..But,there’s 1 question lingering on my mind-now that rob got a crew cut,how will he portray edward in new moon?will he wear a wig or something? :)

  • Ammarah

    omg kool!! i liked tha twilight original better! they shud change it!! twilight saga ROCKS!!!! :)

  • courtney

    I likke it!!
    and reply to lipsie glozz, his hair has grown really fast and it’s back to the length he had it for twilight (:

  • =))))

    who gives about the LOGO? it’s all about the movie!!

  • jaime

    it looks alright. they’re probably gonna end up changing it later
    twilight!, but more importantly, rob <3

  • Diana

    Rob’s hair grew back! I saw pictures!

  • TLT

    the logo is not so important like how the movie are gonna end up like :D

  • Dianne

    looking forward for this film….

    I love TWILIGHT…I am so in love in the love story of Bella and Edward…

  • dafadf

    the movies are going by so quick. they’re trying to produce fast so fans won’t lose interest. they act like twilight is the best stuff that ever happened. the saga sucks. waste of 400 or more pieces of paper and just to describe edward and bella’s ‘love’.

  • Kiss

    Love Twilight but I hope the second is better,
    love Rob.

  • Wendy

    I am waitting for New Moon!!!

    Rob is very hot!!!

  • anonymous

    it looks exactly the same as the book, but a billion times boring-err.

  • lani


  • Apple*

    Well … This movie is becoming one of the most stupid things. I mean … Twilight becomes a hugeeeeee movie because of Robert & Kristen . It was huge , but , seriously , not really a good adaptation. They made a lot of money , they’re still doing a lot of money , but … It wasn’t and it’s still not a good movie.
    I read the book a long time before the movie , and when I saw the movie it was like I saw something else. The whole thing was about Edward and Bella , Bella and Edward and … God , that’s all . I know that the book it about their relationship , but , there’s not only that. What about Alice & Bella’s relationship ? What about Bella’s relationships with the other? They disappeared.
    I am not going to extend over the subject. I know that, it’s only an adaptation, and that we cannot make everything. But , Catherine should have think about the next movies and the importance of some details.
    All this to say that,I am not really excited about New Moon. If it again has to end in a bungled film, where we spend 10 minutes to see Edward and Bella trying to kiss , that doesn’t interest me at all.

    Plus : How could they make a good movie so fast ? It’s impossible . They’re gonna make it in … What ? 6 months ? That’s all … I don’t think that you can make a masterpiece in 6 months. Too bad … the Twilight Saga deserves to be a masterpiece …

    PS : The Artwork looks like the Twilight one . I hope they’re gonna do something different and new .

  • JustGonnaSay

    on the first movie Kristen is a little stiff, always opening and closing her mouth, looking hesitate.
    i hope she’s better.
    my mom slept in the cinema watching twilight…

    so do i…

  • savannah

    I’m not that thrilled about it, I reallly enjoy the books and my imagination is better than the movie. So I think i’ll stick with that ;]

  • jom

    i love twilight hope new moon will be better though!!! hope it can reach my expectation

  • ashley

    it comes out on my birthday yeah! i love taylor lautner he is so dreamy and hot

  • Kelli

    this is amazing, im so excited for it !:D ..

  • Coii

    OMG!!! i love it!!! LOL totally agree with #8!! arrr stop talking bad about Kristen & Rob!!! they acted as they were asked! I LOVE TWILIGHT and soon loving NEW MOON too! and all the rest of the saga!

    TEAM KStew & RPattz FOREVER!! <3<3<3

  • Erin

    If you wanna know if the movie will do good, why don’t you watch “The Golden Compass” cause the director of that is directing “New Moon”.

    I can’t wait for it though MORE TAYLOR and it better be more Taylor than Rob. I expect more Taylor than Rob considering this is Bella AND Jacob’s book. Not Bella AND Edward that was the first one.

    Can’t wait hopefully the date will stay the same :]

  • Coii

    and #15….Who’s Mom would be watching a movie for teenagers as “twilight”?

  • jenny. canada

    the logo is ok but they can definilty do a better one. I luv Twilight and I don’t really care about the logo!!!!

  • thais

    ooh i love rob!!
    brazil loves you, rob!

  • Anoymnous

    they forgot taylor lautners name

  • elenee

    its original.
    not flashy.
    i like it.
    November 20th?
    a day before Twilight orginally came out?
    I guess they’re gonna have like a date where everything will be finished by.
    im excited haha.

  • stella

    oh finally!
    i can’t wait to see the movie! I’m sure it will be awesome!!!
    (: an i like this. it’s really simple and easy….it really doesn’t have to be flashy at all!!!
    and they will work on it….i think….

  • Stefanie

    Love it is perfect specially the title the twilight saga amazing can’t wait for more news and the movie

  • Jessie

    it’s awesome <3
    but actually i think twilight and breaking dawn are the best :)

  • Natalie

    umm Jared, i think you should add Taylor’s name in there considering he has a much bigger role than the Cullens in this movie.. just saying…

    anyways, i don’t get why they need to slap “the twilight saga” in front of it.. seriously, this movie will be advertised as the sequel to twilight, there’s no point stating the obvious

    and i don’t like the orangey color, they should’ve stuck with the blue

    I loved the first movie but i agree with #18 about the other characters.. especially the alice/bella relationship considering it follows into the second one… if bella reacts in the movie the way she did in the book, it will look awkward now lol like “heyyy omg i’m so happy to see you.. eventhough i barely said two words to you in the first movie!!” hahaha

    oh well.. i have faith in Chris Weitz!! i loved about a boy! and he seems to be working super hard on NM :)

  • vanessa

    The Logo is alright, it could be better. But im sure the movie will be great. Well not as great as the book of course.. but I still can not wait for it to come out ! :) There will be more Jacob in New Moon then Twilight.. so thats good :D

  • Kat

    Forgot Taylor Lautner, who is essential to New Moon. Like someone pointed out on a Twilight fansite, why is there a crescent moon? New moon is when there is NO moon.. (I don’t know if anyone here pointed it out already) I just found it kind of odd.

  • lalalalaa

    hope its better than the first one bc the first one was a joke!!

  • carmenn

    i cant wait,
    i dont know how much we are going to wait to check out in spain..(LL)

  • anizzz

    owesome ! i like it, but just like NEW MOON, anymore…
    I hope it is related more to the book.. xoxo

  • Harrypotterfan

    I really liked the books, but they were kind of ruined for me by someone… So even if I think of the books, I go mad. I still like the story and stuff, but not as much as I used to…
    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of the logo, but they’ve got time to make a new one if they need to. It’s tough because they want it to look the same as Twilight’s logo, but its hard because its not like Harry Potter where the title is the same every time. But still..
    Twilight rocks (in some ways)

  • Miss Lautner

    OMG i love it
    but hope it well be better
    hopfully add a moon or summat lol

    Cant Wait for New Monn !

    Team Taylor/Rob !!!! <3 Them both !

  • jilli

    Although I don’t like their choice for Janes character(it should totally be Ana Sophia Robb(sp)) but I can’t wait!

  • Fanpire92

    # 34: In fact, Jared, I am quite surprised you haven’t mentioned Taylor who’s still one of the main characters of this second “Twilight” chapter, but let’s not make a big deal of it. In addition, the “twilight saga” thing should be removed. However, Natalie, the orangey color does not bother me, which is reminiscent of… the new moon’s color.

    # 18:

    I totally agree with you. The book “Twilight” is more than amazing, it left the most of us Twilight fans breathless, speechless. I knew it was going to be hard to recreate this atmosphere on the big screen but the film is nevertheless disappointing. Edward and Bella are the main characters of the story for sure, but Catherine Hardwicke should have stressed the Cullen’s relationship and especially the one that units Alice and Bella … When you’ve never read the book, the film probably looks like a masterpiece. Otherwise … And I don’t want the movie to be sloppy either. I’d rather wait a bit longer, then watch a great movie. But I trust Chris Weitz, he knows he’s gotta lot of things to prove, and he takes into account our view, in any way. Let’s cross fingers!

  • Keenerkids

    Hey #26 I’m a Mom that is in love with the Twilight series. Not necessarily the movie but the books! I don’t see it as a teen movie at all. In my opinion, some of the really younger teens are ruining it for all the fans AND actors alike.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    ahh so exciteddd:)
    love twilight!
    new moon was boring though:? hope the movie is better than the book.

  • fanpire92

    Oh, and I noticed something: when you read the whole saga for the first time, you immediately find “New Mon” boring, unconsciously mostly because Edward’s gone. But when you read all the books a few times later again, you suddenly think it’s WAY more interesting, you see Bella and Jacob’s relationship in another way. Haven’t done the experience yet? TRUST ME AND DO IT. YOU’RE GONNA UNDERSTANT WHAT I’M SAYIN. In spite of everything, I do admit that “New Moon” might not be the best novel of the series for some reasons, but still…

  • futureCullen

    tbh the artwork is kinda boring they could have used the book cover or summing it could have been better but cant waiit :)
    l dont know what they will do to get the Rob fans happy coz hes hardly in the book just the start and near the end :(
    but that means more Taylor!!!
    Kristen will b perfect in this movie coz bella has to be always depressed and always look like she wishes she cud just die and tbh in the most intervies lve seen Kristen looked like she didnt want to be there so perfect
    cant waiit!!!!
    does any1 know if they are going to do all the books?? hope so

  • arantxa

    Wee :)
    No Dakota Please :(
    she is too famous to be in New Moon
    Sorry :S

  • cHAndiiE.ü

    i l0vE twilight so much..
    but..I’m a bit disapp0inted because
    there arE so many sweEt m0ments of Bella and Edward
    that they didn’t include.. :C
    i h0pe that this nEw m0on will not be the samE as what twilight had been..that thEy will not cUt all the swEet m0ments..ü
    the logo?
    it’s finE..haha :D

  • ana

    i love the logo!!! i cant wait to the premiere of new moon!! im so excited.

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