Olesya Rulin: Rainy in Texas

Olesya Rulin: Rainy in Texas
  • Olesya Rulin is filming a new movie in Texas
  • Hilary Duff makes a difference
  • Anne Hathaway will sing and dance with Zac Efron at the Oscars
  • Robert Pattinson‘s Edward hair is back
  • Reminder that the premiere of The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience soundtrack THIS Saturday, February 21st @ 7PM ET/4PM PT on Radio Disney
  • Want to go to a private V Factory concert? The concert is on Thursday, March 5 @ 7PM at S.I.R. Studios in Hollywood. All you have to do is email vfactoryrsvp@wbr.com and you’re in!
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  • zashley

    omg, zac at the oscars will be SO HOT

  • JustGonnaSay


  • JustGonnaSay

    whoa! Zac and Anne? wow! Never thought of dat! must be awesome!!!

  • Peggy

    Hugh Jackman said on Australian Current Affair that the stars of HSM3 and the stars of Mama MIa will perform in a number directed by Baz Lurhman.

    He never mention Anne dancing with Zac or anyone else.

  • JustGonnaSay

    whoops, i mistaken. :P or is JJ mistaken? Anne will sing and dance with Zac?:@

  • jo

    Ashley Tisdale is also going to be in that event with Leeza Gibbons

  • Chocolate amber

    Yay, Olesya is working on a project. Hope to see more reports on her JJJ

  • Peggy

    No one is saying Anne is dancing with Zac except here. I guess JJ assumes if your in the same room with Zac you must be doing something with him.

    Hugh left the impression that the Mama MIa and HSM3 are performing together.


    Search Hugh Jackman and then find the link that says Current Affair underneath it and go to around 3:00 minutes ..


  • JustGonnaSay

    peggy i know that. i even posted the mistake comment before i found ur comment. i cant do anything. this is not utube. utube can remove comment but here cant.


  • JustGonnaSay

    peggy i know that. i even posted the mistake comment before i found ur comment. i cant do anything. this is not utube. utube can remove comment but here cant.


  • Peggy

    Time for a new server where things can be edited LOL. Sorry

  • http://WWw.Myspace.com/zanessa_supporter17giulia zanessa 4ever

    zac and anne will sing together???????????
    and vanessa??????????

    i’ll kill me if zac will sing with another woman and not with vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://WWw.Myspace.com/zanessa_supporter17giulia zanessa 4ever

    i read your comment… I really hope that’s not true and JJ wrote a false thing!!! zac and vanessa have to sing together!!! if they’ll sing together, that will be the first time!
    I really hope zanessa will sing together!!!!!!!!

    go zanessa!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

  • Lucy

    WHAT! What about vanessa oh god my head a melting at the thought of zac and Anne how can this be. I want vanessa! Not Anne that will ruin the show :(

  • L.A. girl!!

    zac and vanessa 4ever!!!!!

  • keri

    something must be wrong. Zac doesn’t even know Anne (I think) and could she even sing? I hope JJ made a mistake.

  • Rosa

    that would be the silliest thing to EVER happen !!
    zac with anne would be like dancing with his MOM !!
    hope this is NEVER true ..

  • http://www.yahoo.com ashleytisdales BIGGEST FAN !

    OMG zac and anne CANT WAIT to see THAt lol
    (if its true) :P

  • ashfan

    you guys need to relax…..
    anne is only 5 years older than Zac….
    beside Zac did sing with some other girls before..
    you can’t expect her to sing with Vanessa the rest of his life….

    so far, I believe they will sing together though ( zac and nessa )…
    other sources confirmed that…

  • Rosa

    5 years isn’t an “ONLY” ..
    plus .. anne looks way much older than that ..
    plus plus .. there is no harmony that resembles the one between V and Z ..
    why would zac need to sing with someone else if V can do it much better?
    hope it is just a dumb rumor ..
    coz it is way to ridiculous to be true !!

  • Peggy

    Oh for heavens sake!!!! Go back and read my post.

  • Peggy
  • [other] sam

    zanessa are singing at the oscars….
    did any hsm3 songs get into the category in the end