Taylor Swift: 13 is My Lucky Number

Taylor Swift: 13 is My Lucky Number

Chart topper Taylor Swift has been busy in London this past week, promoting her sophomore album, Fearless.

The 19-year-old musician caught her breath and popped in on her MySpace. She started off by quoting lyrics from Dr. Hook‘s song “On The Cover Of Rolling Stone”: “Now it’s all designed to blow our minds. But our minds won’t really be blown. Like the blow that’ll get you when you get your picture. On the cover of the Rolling Stone.”

Taylor continued , “I’m so excited, I can’t even stand it. It’s on news stands now, and I haven’t seen it yet because I’m in London, but I just can’t believe I get to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Wow. This is crazy.”

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“It’s been a fun couple of weeks.. We played at the San Antonio rodeo, and that was a total blast. We hadn’t gotten to play a full show (like a two hour show) in a few months, so everyone in the band was going crazy all day. All week, even, it was just “I need to play a show. I need to play a show.” Then we got to San Antonio, and we were all walking around the arena before meet and greet. I was walking back to the dressing room, when I passed Caitlin (fiddle extraordinaire) in the hall. She was wearing these silver, reflective, almost blinding leggings under her skirt. That’s the sort of thing we all tease each other about, so as soon as I got back to the dressing room, before I turned the corner, I yelled Caitlin looks like a space stripper!’ I turn the corner, and standing in my dressing room is…. George Strait and his wife Norma. I literally was so mortified, I fell to the floor and my face was BRIGHT red. We all burst out laughing and hung out for about an hour. I don’t think anything has ever surprised me as much, and I honestly never thought I’d get to say that George Strait came to watch one of my shows.

“Alright, now I’m going to prove my ’13′ theory even more with a few things that have happened lately. I know I’m always going on about 13 being my lucky number, but this is really… coincidental. So, this is the 13th week of Fearless being out. In the 13th week of my album being out, ‘Love Story’ went number ONE on pop radio!! Not only that, but this week, the album went back to number one on the Billboard 200 (which I never expected it would do). Also in the 13th week, my Rolling Stone cover came out. This is probably one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, and it’s the 13th week of my album being out! It may have something to do with luck, but I’ll always know that it has EVERYTHING to do with you guys going out there and fighting for me and making my life what it is now.

“I’ve been in London for the last week. I love it here! When I got here, I didn’t expect anyone to know who I was because I’m pretty much starting all over here and my album isn’t even out until March 9… But everywhere I’ve gone, there have been SO many fans outside waiting with signs and flowers! I can’t believe it! It was the same going to the Brits last night.. The red carpet was so much fun, and there were so many fans outside with CDs and pictures and signs. So cool, you guys. The Brits were amazing, what a cool night. We spent the day in Scotland doing radio and acoustic shows, then Manchester. That was basically the prettiest drive ever. Now I’m on the way back to London from Manchester on a double decker tour bus. My band and I are like little kids, because we haven’t ever seen one of these before. But now we’ve settled down and are all crowded together in the back lounge, watching one of our Eagles live concert DVDs. I love you, I’ll video blog soon! lovelovelove -T-”

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  • Tatiana Salazar

    she is Amazing.. a great role model to look up too ..she is soo nornal && very down to earth.. Everything Amazing thats happening to her she deserves..She an amazing person and Girl !! CONGRATS ON EVERTHING !!!!

  • Fran

    she’s amazing! And her blogs are always sooo funny to read! Not to mention her amazing voice and her amazing songs! She just is amazing :P

  • luverofjoejonas

    i love her so much!!!

  • http://www.mileyraycyrus.com.ar mileyfan4ever

    Taylor’s amazing!
    I loooove her! & her blogs on myspace r always entertainment!
    plus, her songs are the best songs of the entire world=)

  • http://jjj miley

    amazing girl! really talented! love her!

  • ERiKa

    LOVE HER!!!<3

  • K

    Ah she is amazing! I got the issue of Rolling Stone and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the article is great too! Congrats to here for all her success, can’t wait to see her this summer on tour!

  • Rochel

    LUV HER.

  • MoJo

    Cograts Taylor!! I have her cd… so amazing!! Oh, and 13 is my favorite number too!! Unlucky for some peoples- great for me!!! And if my sister wins tournaments, it’ll be her 13th win!!! (her team is **undefeated**)

  • gggggggggg

    EHMAWGAWD!!! 13 is my lucky number too! Being 13 was the best year of my life, and I graduate in 2013 and I am different than most and 13 is a very unlucky number so that is my reasoning but I’ve never heard of anyone else you had 13 as their lucky number! That is so amazing!

  • Ami

    Haha 13 has always been my lucky and fav number

    I never heard of anyone else havin that as their lucky number before cuz usually everyone’s thinkin it’s unlucky

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