The MTV Jonas Brothers Experience

The MTV Jonas Brothers Experience

Join the Jonas Brothers in watching their biggest fans compete for a trip to the worldwide premiere of their new movie, The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, in a new special airing Monday on MTV.

The musical trio — Nick, Kevin and Joe — are joined by Afternoons with MTV hostess Adrienne Bailon in New York City as their fans compete in singing, dancing and JB trivia to win the coveted trip.

JJJ was lucky enough to be there at the taping. The JoBros caused an earthquake!

Tune in Monday, February 23 @ 6PM ET/PT on MTV!

Sneak Peek at The Jonas Brothers Experience on MTV
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  • Viky

    Can’t wait for the movie!!

  • Juanick

    I can’t wait!!! they’re awesome

  • sarah

    when are yo putting the interview??

  • JustGonnaSay

    its just another concert.

  • savannah

    I don’t get why people obsess over people because their ‘famous’. I mean, I like them but there just regular people that just happen to sing. I don’t see anything unique about them.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    those lucky girlsssss!!!
    but on the bright side i met them a week ago exactly today<3
    its going to be amazing..and #5 we obsess over them bc they arent just singers..they are great role models, hilarious, and have amazing style..and they sing anddd act..and if youve ever been to their concert you would know how fun it is to watch those boys perform..its really something.
    anddd if you ever met them you would understand they are so sweet and love every single fan out there.

    7 dayssssssss!!!!!

  • hanni

    I LOVE ADRIENNE AND JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • savannah

    Like I said, #6. I don’t see anything unique about them.

  • tara

    omg omg omg :) iwanna meet them :) cant wait

  • cc27

    OMG! Joe Jonas :) Nick Jonas :) Kevin Jonas :) Their all so very awsome XD

  • smeagol

    ahaha that girl was weird but funny lol

  • AJ

    One week from today! This is going to be the slowest week ever, I can totally feel it.

  • B

    I love adrienne and jobros!!! adrienne looks so pretty!!!

  • Mili

    savannah I’M WITH YOU, i really don’t get it neither, they are just 3 SIMPLE boys, nothing EXITING, that can sing, I mean, there is one or two songs that I like, but nothing more, and for the acting, they (at least that’s what I know, because I’m not too much into them) onlly did Camp rock, that let me tell you, it sucks… But I think that this is matters for little girls, I’m 18 almost 19 so I know what I’m talking about… And I don’t find any of them SUPER SEXY, to see them everyday, even if I don’t like the songs, they are just normal boys, that are enjoying their 5 minutes of fame…let them be…they’ll be over in a few years/months…

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    god its not a f*cking movie its a concert, thats all it is. ITS NOT A ACTUAL MOVIE!

    and these little wannabes are crap. its funny that they had to make sure there was a shirtless bit in it though just to get girls to really want to see it.


    it’s spelled EXCITING not EXITING
    I can’t wait for next week!

  • anna

    blahh ..

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    YES I cant wait for this movie I was at the actual taping in Aneheim CA so hopefully I’m in the movie they got me by myself so I dont know. I also entered this sweepstakes so hopefully a 1 in a 1000,000 chance would come by. But anyways I love JB 4 ever and #5 I’m not mad or offended on what you said I agree with you but there is no problem if people obsess over them I’m just saying.

  • christine jonas :D

    I was there when they filmed this :D
    I can’t wait.
    I lovelovelovelove them<3

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