Hannah Montana Gets A Boyfriend!

Hannah Montana Gets A Boyfriend!

Miley Cyrus cozies up to guest star Mark Hapka in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode, “Cheat It,” Hannah (Cyrus) pretends to be the girlfriend of a fellow celeb Austin Rain (Hapka) as a publicity stunt. But in reality, they can’t stand each other. When she learns Jackson (Jason Earles) is planning to cheat on a test and in order to point out what he’s doing is wrong, she must first come clean about Hannah and Austin Rain’s white lie.

“Cheat It” airs Sunday, March 15 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ Hannah Montana stills inside…

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Photos: Dean Hendler/Disney Channel
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  • http://- sarah

    cute lol 1st

  • Alli

    Publicity stunt? Hm. Sounds kind of like Zanessa.

    (and I don’t CARE what hate comments back to me any Zanessa Brats have to say, they’re irrelevant.)

  • Karina

    Pretty !! 2nd

  • laura

    the 3rd season getting better and better,cant waiiiiitt

  • Victoria

    oh cant wait!
    love HM <3

  • 251458


  • Mary

    love this show <3

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Sabreen

    Number 2, your a fu*king a*s with all do respect u dont know the midst of the truth behind any relationship so shut the f*ck and go get urself something else to do, i stooped to the devils level by reacting to your arrogant comment but its okay

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    zanessa is not a publisty stunt! coz if they were they would have broken up by now, coz hsm is ova. also if it was a publisty stunt they would hav not kept it a secret 4 so long!!

  • http://www.sophiecyrus.com sophie cyrus

    Dresses are so cute!

  • anna

    looks great cant wait !

  • remy

    what are those things on jackson’s arms…

  • http://www.sassyqarla.com qarla

    Haha… Miley is so cute with that dress huh!

  • :)

    Hannah Montana is awesome

  • JustGonnaSay

    coool! number 2. no comment. i dont even care bout zanessa.

  • Oh she is soooo pretty
    Looks amazing :D
    Love this show, probably I will see this in youtube (because in my country the season 2 is starting -.-)

  • http://... Daiga

    hannah montana and zac efron wow!

  • http://http://www.draugiem.lv/friend/?1057460&aid=18877951 Daiga

    hannah montana and zac efron is cool wow!;**********

  • Blake

    I know kinda like Zanessa

  • M.pad

    love hannah cant wait haha

  • Christine

    Alli @ 02/21/2009 at 7:26 pm

    Aww, it’s so cute that you tweleve year olds are STILL in denail, despite the fact that everyone with a brain knows it would be impossible to keep a publicity stunt convincing for over three years. Maybe when you’re older you’ll understand little girl. But I doubt it. People like you stay stupid right into adulthood

  • hannah

    To number 2 from the point of view of a neutral party: you obviously do care, otherwise you wuldnt have felt the need to attract attention to ur self by bringing up zanessa in a post that has nothing to do with them. And now that we all know what an idiot u r, i feel like u shuld also know that zanessa fans probably find u irrelevant too. Ur not anymore special than all the other people who say the same thing. Dont flatter urself.

    As for this episode, I feel like it’s been done too many times. I used to like hannah when it was just miley, lily, and Oliver getting into trouble. Now it’s all gimmicks.

  • cynthia

    #2 shut up !! you don’t know anything about the relationship of zanessa b.t.w can’t wait 4 the episode.!

  • mika davies

    hannah montana i love you i have everthing that you sell

  • sanae.

    umm is it just me or does it look like Jason Earles has Tattoos on his arms? I don’t care if he does, I’m just want to know.. [:

  • naee.

    Jason Earles does not have tattoos. If you actually READ this post you’d know about the episode and as to why he has those writings on his arm.

    “When she learns Jackson (Jason Earles) is planning to cheat on a test and in order to point out what he’s doing is wrong, she must first come clean about Hannah and Austin Rain’s white lie.”

    Meaning that the writing is the answers to the test, no duh.

  • Ashlee

    miley’s acting is getting bad.
    this show used to be good, but now its going down hill

  • http://justjaredjr.com ashleytfan

    Hm. I agree with #2. It does sound like Zanessa. :)

  • jimmy

    Attention! Miley is first to arrive at Oscar red carpet just now.

  • luv4Jonas

    OMG! I can’t believe she has a BF! He is so cute!!! I wish they didn’t fight cuz he should be her BF for a while!!! His name is Mark Hapka in real life! I looked him up. He also does Ghosts Whisperer. I think he’s sexier than the Jonas and that takes ALOT for me to say!! Hi AUSTIN RAIN!!!!!

    ; )

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    YAY Hannah Montana!
    but why does she always have the
    ugly dudes playing her bfs?
    No offence I loooooooooooooooooove Miley
    but I’m just wondering.

  • luv4Jonas

    Are you saying that because you like Nick Jonas #31? You REALLY think Austin Rain is ugly??? Your INSANE! He’s the hottest one thats been on the show yet!!! I love the Jonas Brothers too but you have to give it to Austin for being SEX-YYYYYYY!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Sorry #32 and no I didnt say that because I LOOOOOOVE Nick Jonas. I’m just not crazy about Austin Rain like you. No offence and honestly I dont think hes ugly hes ok but to me hes not the best looking guy. Hope you understand!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    And his name isnt really Austin Rain
    its actually Mark Hapka.

  • http://WWW.AIM.COM tilakassie76

    omg i can’t wait for the eposide i love the thrid sesoin it the bomb miley still rocks nd i love her even if she does nything bad!!! =)
    biggest fan eva

  • amy hapka

    yep, mark hapka is hot, he also is my brother, love you mark!!!

  • amy hapka

    mark hapka is hot #33, he is my brother and him and the jonas brothers are two different, my daughter(marks niece is in love with the jonas but if she had to choose etween the jonas and her uncle mark, its going to be her uncle marky. . no offense to them, she still loves them 100 percent. . so if ya dont think my brother isnt that great looking then dont be looking at him. . he has alot other fans that love him.

  • scratdaddy

    mark hapka is the man….. end of story.

  • danielle

    Yo. number 31, Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend.
    Mark Hapka is the hottest guy that miley has ever had the privledge of dating. you should be jealous that such a hot guy is willing to play her boyfriend.

    i love you mark.
    and you to amy!!
    i pick him over the jonas brothers any day!

    <3 Danielle

  • http://justjordanjr fgh

    i havent seen the web site but im sure its great. i have a boy friend but my parents dont know. so please dont send me an email cos its my mothers email.

  • cansu

    hi hannah

  • http://meme hi

    i love miley and hannah

  • http://hannahmontana christopher

    look miley we talk about this having a boyfriend is wrong
    and i love you miley i trust you and i love you am ready do

  • Katie major

    Austin Rain u r not as hot as Justin Bieber but u r still super super super super super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Sincerly Katie!!:)
    P.S Justin is enfinity cuter

  • http://nina nina

    c est quoi se bide

  • http://hana hana

    hana montana wwwwwwwwwwwwww

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